Sup guys! I haven't written a fic in a very long time. Or...well,posted one, at least. I had a really great fic that I wanted to finish before posting but I never finished it and I want to but now I can't remember everything that happened and it's so long and baahhh

ANYWAYS. Generator Rex. Awesome. Holiday and Six. Amazing. Love those two. So. SO. much.

This is going to be a series of post-episode oneshots. Yknow, like, what happened immediately after the episode ended. Only it'll all be Holix-y. Obviously not every episode will be included...and I'm not gonna go in any specific order, either. Whatever comes to mind XD

Also the title is a song. By uhh The Script, I believe.

So without further ado...

Science and Faith

Episode: Gravity

"Thanks. And Six..." her voice paused and anticipation filled his mind as he stayed completely still, unsure of what to say. "'s good to hear your voice."

He stayed still for a few seconds before turning around and walking out of the room, cool and collected as usual. He could hear the joyful chatter of the other Providence employees; they were so casual about how scared they'd been for Rex and Dr. Holiday. Six wasn't like that. He didn't feel he needed to be like that.

As the doors behind him closed, the agent stopped walking and stood for a second, letting everything soak in. Holiday and Rex had almost died, and he wouldn't have had anything to do about it. They almost died. Without them, where would be the hope for humanity? Those two knew more about EVOs and nanites than anyone else in the world (excluding maybe Van Kleiss, but he was a whole different story) and the nanite research community would be nowhere without their expertise. If they'd died up there today, everything he'd worked for in the past five years would've been completely in vain.

But they didn't die. They made it.

Relief washed over him suddenly and Six felt an explosion of energy that needed immediate release; he raised a fist and shot at the wall next to him, leaving a huge dent in the plaster and torn skin bloodying up his hand. He exhaled slowly and took back his hand, laying his other hand on top of the wounded knuckles. He needed that. But he needed to see Rex and Holiday more.

Not wanting to seem too eager, but not being able to control his anxiousness, Six waited in the docking bay as he saw the pickup jet heading towards Providence from the distance. He stayed silent and unmoving as some other employees gathered supplies and prepared any immediate medications that the scientists and young EVO might need.

As the jet settled onto the platform, Six was once again hit with that same thought from earlier: Rex and Holiday almost died. He shook his head. That didn't matter. They worked in a dangerous profession, Rex almost died an uncomfortably large amount of times.

Holiday, though...she's a doctor. Not a fighter. She almost died multiple times up on that space station. And he couldn't do anything to help her. She was safe only thanks to Rex.

As his thoughts drifted, he realized Rex and Holiday were currently walking off the jet, being badgered by other employees and waving them off with a simple, "We're fine."

He smirked. They were fine. No visible wounds on either of them. Rex really was an amazing kid. Six's smirks disappeared when he saw Holiday looking around quickly before her eyes landed on him. She gave him an amazingly captivating smile and he couldn't look away. In fact, he felt so drawn by it that he started walking over to her and Rex, and she stepped towards him as well.

They were face-to-face when Rex grabbed Six's hand and shook it hard. "I can't wait to tell Noah I was in SPACE! That was so awesome!" He rushed out of the room towards his own space, probably going to find his cell phone.

Holiday smirked at Rex's behavior, then looked up at Six.

He looked down and exhaled again. That energetic feeling was returning, but he didn't want to punch a wall this time. "It's...good to have you back," he said quietly.

Holiday made a small laughing sound and surprised Six by wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. She felt him stiffen in her arms and chuckled, not letting go simply because she didn't want to yet.

And Six almost felt his hands moving around her as well, but then he remembered where they were, that there were people around and (as far as he could tell) though they weren't staring, they were watching. He felt uncomfortable, but had no intentions of pushing her away. Not after all that.

She finally let go, keeping her hands resting at the top of his chest and staring at his tie rather than his face. "'s good to be back."

As she was about to walk away, Holiday's eyes found their way to Six's bandaged hand, and she quickly reached for it, much to his embarrassment. "Whoa..what happened?"

He tore his hand from her grasp and hid it back down at his side. "Nothing. Just an old wound from an EVO fight."

She raised an eyebrow, not remembering treating a wound on his hand, but had no reason not to believe him. She shrugged it off and started walking away when White's face appeared on a giant screen above their heads, scaring everyone in the room and even startling Six. Very slightly startling him, anyway.

"Six!" he glared down at the agent. "Why is there a hole in the hallway wall outside the control room?"

Six knew Holiday was raising an eyebrow at him suspiciously, and he uncomfortably loosened his tie. "I have no idea what you're talking about, White. Try someone else."

White glared even harder. "We have security footage, Six. I'm just going to ask you to fix it. Maybe patching up the huge hole in the wall will help you learn to control your anger! Am I clear?"

Six was horribly embarrassed, but refused to show it at all. He could hear Holiday walking back to him. "Crystal," he muttered monotonously. White disappeared from the screen, leaving Six to deal with Holiday's undoubted mockery. He scowled in preparation but didn't look at her.

She was surprised. It was pretty obvious what had happened, especially after White's announcement, but she wouldn't have expected Six to just...punch a hole in a wall. Because of her and Rex, no doubt. She put a hand on his shoulder and quickly leaned in, pecking him lightly on the cheek.

Six's eyes widened at the unexpected touch, but he didn't move a muscle, even after she walked away. Only after a minute of standing by himself did he start walking off to his office, hoping to finish off all the paperwork he needed to file away and keep himself ridiculously busy so as not to think about what just happened.

Note: I know Holiday actually is quite the fighter, but I think it was pretty obvious from Six's reaction to her epic shooting skills that he had no idea she could hold her own in a fight. Ahh...gotta love those bamf nerds.