Boop bada boop. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I just love Generator Rex and I love Holiday and Six and I just love Holiday in general.

I wanted to do something with White. And with flashbacks. Or yknow what this idea just came to me and I decided to write it. Because I have no self-control for writing bad fics.

I think I'll include this in Science and Faith. It kind of fits. It's during the flashback, between scenes.


Science and Faith

Episode: Promises, Promises

"I hate this war..." Holiday sighed, slowly walking away from Agent Six. He watched her leave for a moment before turning around and heading back to his room.

A familiar voice stopped him. "Hey partner, how's the kid?"

"What're you doing in the medical ward? I thought you hated germs."

"Made an exception today," White said, pushing himself off the wall. "Something I should know?"

"Just another day at the office."

White grabbed his forearm and pulled Six towards him. "You can trust me," he said sternly.

"I know," Six answered, tugging his arm away and continuing on the path towards his room.

White glared at Six leaving, then turned to glare at the door. He'd seen enough to know that whatever Six and that frustrating scientist Holiday were up to, was behind that door. He could just open it up and see for himself, but he didn't know enough about it to do anything.

He assumed it was that kid he saw Six with earlier. What was so special about this kid that his partner would keep it a secret? Especially a secret from him. He knew Six wasn't the talkative type, but they were...friends, of some sort. White considered them friends, anyway. He was positive Six did, too.

But if Six wasn't going to talk to him, fine. He'd heard about Holiday from other agents and random Providence workers...she was very naiive, very prudish, and not afraid to speak her mind. He'd have no trouble getting her to talk. Plus, he could get back at Six for not talking to him, first. White would have fun with this, then get serious.

Holiday couldn't help but whistle a bit while she was walking slowly back to her room. She was ridiculously happy. Agent Six, huh? He had obviously known who she was...and though she'd never met him before; being the only person in green on the entire base really made a guy stand out. She put her hands together behind her back and wondered why they'd never spoken earlier, considering their similar goals.

She'd had some bad experiences with "hired guns" before. The doctor had no intention of apologizing to Six for her initial treatment of him and his coworkers, considering she was actively against what they did and nothing would change that. Especially guy, he seemed friendly with Six. She had no idea who he was.

Turning the corner, she stopped suddenly when she had a real speak (think?) -of-the-devil moment.

There he was. That friend of Six's who seemed uncomfortably excited about capturing and killing EVOs. She didn't like him already. Holiday continued walking, pretending not to have noticed him.

He looked up at her as she walked by. "Dr. Holiday, right? Name's White..." his voice trailed off as she passed him with barely a nod of her head. He frowned. "Not the talkative type when it's not Six, huh?"

She stopped at that and turned around to glare at him condescendingly. "Can I help you with something, Mr. White?"

His hands drew into his front pockets and he leaned against the wall casually. "Hmph. Though you don't deserve my help...I just came to warn you about Six."

Well that definitely caught her attention. She fully turned to him. "Excuse me?"

White had to hide his smirk. She was too easy. "Yeah. Y'know...Agent Six, the guy you've been spending a lot of time with lately."

It took her only half a second, but her face flushed and she glared at the older man. "If you're implying what I think you are, you can stop right there. There's nothing like that going on between us."

White sighed and shook his head, confusing Holiday. "Yeah, I figured you'd say that."

She was still confused. "What?"

White pushed himself off the wall and walked a few steps towards her. "Y'see...Six has kind of a...history, with women." He smirked at Holiday's widened eyes. For a girl with her looks...she really was a prude. "As in...when he sees something he wants...he'll do almost anything to get it. Including making up stories or complex lies..."

Her cheeks red, eyes glaring at the floor, and goosebumps forming on her arms...Holiday was furious. She didn't want to believe White...but she'd dealt with this sort of thing once or twice back in high school. Men were ridiculous. Did they really only think about sex?

She paused. Six seemed so genuine though. She honestly believed him. And Rex! He'd found Rex and brought the kid to her. She glared back up at White. "Well, he's not this time! Whatever his motives may be...I know he's not lying to me."

White had to hide an even larger smirk now. She fell right for his trap. "What? Did he show you proof? ...and of what?" Maybe he could've been a little more subtle. Oh, well, she didn't seem to dwell on it.

She should've hesitated and thought about what she was doing. What she was saying. But White was making her irrationally angry and she just wanted to prove him wrong! "He brought Rex to me! Rex may be an EVO, but he can also cure EVOs! It's an amazing ability and I know Six couldn't've have faked that!" she huffed.

White raised an eyebrow. Six was...working with an EVO? Curing EVOs? He wanted to scoff. Six was going soft. Holiday's "bleeding heart" must've rubbed off. He walked closer to the doctor and put on his best poker face. "That's huge news. We should definitely let Dr. Fell know about this."

Her eyes brightened. She had very low expectations for his man...but if his mind was changed that easily, maybe there was hope for him yet! " think?"

He smiled subtly. "Absolutely. I saw him only a couple of minutes ago by the EVO cages. He's probably still there if we head over now." He started walking towards the area.

Holiday followed him tentatively. "Um...o-okay." Though Six had told her not to say anything...White's mind had been changed very easily. Perhaps Agent Six was just overly pessimistic.

As they arrived, White stopped just outside of the talking chimp's cage. Holiday looked down at the simian, who was currently fast asleep. She looked up and around for Fell.

"I guess he left," she said quietly.

White turned around and glared at her, sending a chill down Holiday's spine.

"Um...are you alri-" Her question was cut off by White grabbing her wrist violently. "-Hey! What are you-?"

He proceeded to open Bobo's cage, startling the monkey awake, and roughly threw her inside. Bobo just stared in fear of what was going on.

"Have fun playing with the monkey, Holiday," White laughed, locking the cage up again. "I'm sure you two can chat on the same intelligence level."

Holiday stared up at the soldier in front of her. She'd been tricked! Horribly, horribly tricked by this wretched asshole of a man! "You-you...! Let me out of here!" She grabbed at the bars and shook them. "None of that was true, was it?" He'd actually almost convinced her that Six was some womanizing playboy. She should've known better. And of course, now she had to admit to herself that Agent Six was very, very right. Not pessimistic; realistic. She hated this war so much.

White smirked and chuckled again. "No, no it wasn't. Well, except for Six wanting to get in your pants, but that's not my problem." He stormed away in the direction of the room she and Six had placed Rex in.

Holiday ignored what White said (though she couldn't hide her slight blush, she knew White was just trying to piss her off even more) and tried her best to peek outside the cage and see if she could escape.

She really couldn't stand the smell of chimp and she could feel the monkey giving her a once-over. She shook the bars again and started yelling at random.

There's my totally inappropriate and obviously-didn't-actually-happen interpretation of how White got Holiday to talk. Because I'm the only one who wants to see White manipulate Holiday XD