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Chapter one

Elizabeth stared out the window as the Hogwarts express drew to a stop outside Hogwarts. She remained seated until everyone had got of the train and the gathered all her stuff and shoved them in her suitcase, so the house elves could carry them to her dormitory.

She walked alone to the carriages not really caring about who she sat with. So far in her two years of Hogwarts not one single person had made any effort to talk to her, let alone be friends with her. How on earth was she meant to be a decent Hufflepuff if she had no friends to be loyal to, the sorting hat must be going mad.

She stepped into an empty carriage hoping that she would just be left alone like she normally was. She picked up her favourite muggle book, Brigit Jones Diary, a book that always had the power to cheer her up while she was upset. Out of the corner of her eye she saw three heads running towards her carriage.

"Hope you don't mind us joining you" said a pale boy with dark messy hair and glasses." It's just that all the other carriages were full"

"Its fine" Elizabeth said smiling sweetly before turning back to her book.

She sat their silent reading her book all the way to the castle, not listening or caring about what the other three passengers were talking about, they could have been laughing at her and she wouldn't have noticed, she had learnt to switch off to voices after all the insults she had received in her first year.


"Hmm, It will have to be HUFFLEPUFF" the sorting house roared

The Hufflepuff house cheered for their new arrival as Elizabeth walked nervously to the long table.

A small brown haired girl moved over so there was room to for Elizabeth to sit down.

"Hi" the brown haired girl said "I'm Anna, I'm the Hufflepuff prefect.

Anna then turned back to face a good looking brown haired boy on the Slytherin table, who Anna presumed to be Anna's boyfriend, and smiled at him, ending the brief conversation with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth ate alone that whole feast, it seemed all the other first year Hufflepuffs had met each other on the train and were already friends.

Elizabeth walked to lessons alone that whole year, since none of the other first years had made any effort to even talk to her; this unfortunately had made her an easy target for bullies. Even walking to lessons became a huge task as she could not even go down one single corridor without having pens and paper thrown at her, insults fired at her and curses fired at her.

By the Christmas holidays Elizabeth had already begged her mum to let her move schools and join Beauxbatons or join a regular muggle school but her mum refused saying "Just try and be kind to everyone, then they cant have reasons to hate you". So Elizabeth tried that but the bullying continued. In the end her only hope was to ignore everything and hope the bullies would get bored.

By her second year at Hogwarts, Elizabeth was happy with her own company, she spent most of her time in the library reading all the muggle books Hogwarts had brought after the second wizarding war.

End Flashback

Within a few minutes the carriages had come to the castle, the three other passengers rushed out quickly in order to get into the Great hall quickly before Peeves started playing pranks on all the students, well that was what Elizabeth assumed they were doing as many other students were climbing out of the carriages and she could hear one main word being said…Peeves.

Elizabeth stepped out the carriage clutching her book planning to use it as protection against Peeves but as she arrived in the castle she could see a tall purple haired girl dripping wet and shouting very loudly at Peeves

" You absolute idiot" the girl shouted, her hair going red at the tips, causing a most unfortunate clash in her hair colours " my robes are soaking"!

"Oh poor didums is the ickle firstie going to start crying" Peeves cackled.

The purple haired girl suddenly had dark black hair and looked thunderously at Peeves.


"So why are you with the firsties" Peeves asked looking slightly taken back at her reaction.

"Isn't it obvious" she said sarcastically "I need to be sorted in to a house"

Elizabeth walked away when she saw Professor Longbottom, the Deputy Head come out of his office to see what all the noise was about.

Elizabeth sat down in the great hall on the edge of the benches away from anyone else in her house. She knew that no-one would want to talk to her, they all had their own friends, she was alone.

She sat through the sorting daydreaming it wasn't until a tall purple haired girl came and sat next to her that she finally noticed that the sorting was over and everyone was eating.

"Hey, I'm Violet" the purple haired girl stated, holding out her hand for Elizabeth to shake.

"Elizabeth" she replied shaking her hand. "How come you've only just joined?"

Violet smirked, "I was expelled from my last school"

Elizabeth nearly chocked on the potato she was eating, "Expelled" she asked "What for"

"Well, I'm a metamorphmagus, so I can change my appearance, namely my hair colour, however Beauxbatons didn't like the colour it changed to in accordance to my emotions so they gave me two warnings and when they decided that my emotions were to vibrant, they expelled me, just like that!"

Elizabeth gasped "Surely they can't do that? I mean it's not really your fault"

"They needed someone to blame for the exuberant colours and they were my emotions"

The two girls continued to talk like that throughout the rest of the feast, only stopping to listen to the headmaster give his welcoming speech.

As Elizabeth lay in bed that night she knew her life has changed for the better, she had a friend.

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