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Chapter 3

The sun seeped into the girl's dormitory as Violet stretched and slowly woke up. She looked over at her friend sleeping in her bed. Walking over slowly she crept up to her bed, ready to wake her up.

"WAKE UP!" She yelled at the top of her voice, smirking when Elizabeth rolled over to glare at her.

"It's too early," she grumbled.

"No it isn't, its 7 o'clock, that's not early!"

"Yes it is!"

"Oh well! Either way you still need to get up, we have lessons and I really don't want to find all the food gone at the Great Hall, like yesterday!"

"Fine, I'll get up, just let me get ready!"

Twenty minutes later, the two girls were walking to the Great Hall.

This routine went on for weeks. Each day Violet would wake Elizabeth up at seven. They would then walk down to the Great Hall.

In that time they grew to know each other very well. They both knew the other almost as well as they knew themselves. Both of them had had friendship problems, Violet, as people felt threatened and intimidated by her strong personality. People saw her as a threat and a freak in their society. From a young age she was an outcast, her almost constant changing appearance, meant people were confused by her. She also had a short temper, which stopped anyone from getting close to her.

Elizabeth was a polar opposite, she was too quiet. People forgot her easily. She never attracted any positive attention. The only people who had even looked at her twice were those who made her life a living hell. She was normally very quiet and kept to herself. But at times she was very defensive, making her seem like a good target to those around her.

Elizabeth stared out of the classroom window. Her long brown hair hanging down by her face as she day dreamed, not listening to Professor Binns drone on about the goblin wars and there effects on the modern day wizarding world. Her life had changed so much since the beginning of the year. Not only was she happy, for once in her life. But she had friends.

This was all due to one girl Violet. She had helped her, almost changed her.


"Look, I'm not suggesting you skinny dip in the Black Lake, all I'm suggesting is some make up or something!"

"It's still breaking the rules!"

"The professors don't care, they have other things to worry about. I mean make-up is nothing compared to what James and Fred get up to!"

"I don't want another detention; I'm still annoyed with you for getting us in another detention for us being out after curfew! It wasn't my fault you decided that you were hungry and wanted something from the house elves!"

"I apologised for that. It didn't matter, Hagrid didn't care, we just walked around the forbidden forest for a while. Loosen up a bit. Have fun, YOLO!"

"Don't say YOLO. You know for well it's stupid. It makes no sense. If you look at the second wizarding war you'll realise that it was won due to that saying not being true or relevant to anything!"

"Please, I won't put much on."


*End Flashback*

Despite their almost constant arguing the two were almost inseparable. They were in all the same classes and spent all their time together. It wasn't just them in the group though, since Elizabeth's first detention, the new had got out about her punching someone and suddenly she seemed far more popular than she had before. People who had never looked at her twice seemed to suddenly want to be friends with her.

Violet loved all the attention from her class mates. Before she had seemed like a trouble maker that everyone wanted to avoid. Her defensive attitude had made people want to pick on her, while now people were realising that she was not always like that, but instead could actually be a laugh to be with. She had a brilliant of sense of humour, meaning that people had got along with her very well with her once they had got over her ever changing appearance.

Since the arrival of Violet, Elizabeth had almost become a different person. She became more confident with who she was. Her hair was no longer tied back to hide the curls, but down letting the curls run free. She wasn't afraid to stand up for herself against bullies or anyone who had previously tried to make her life a living hell.

For Violet her life had changed since arriving at Hogwarts. No longer was she the weird outsider who was just known for making trouble. She was able to almost blend in with the crowds here. It wasn't unusual for people to get detentions, it was a fact that you would get at least one while you were there. She was now able to sit down with a group of friends and have a laugh. Trips to the nearest town, in her current case, Hogsmeade were no longer her just sitting in a pub or café, drinking whatever she could afford.

It was leading up to Halloween when the two girls realised just how much their lives had changed. Elizabeth was actually looking forward to this occasion for once. She wouldn't be forced to attend the feast for the food, but actually was going with her friend to have a good time. This was because of the crazy girl, whom she now knew as her best friend, Violet. Elizabeth was not allowed to hide in her room, shying away from occasions like these, and only coming out of the dormitory for food. This time she was actually going to be celebrating it, along with the rest of the school.

For Violet, this was her first Halloween. Normally big feasts like these would have been a great time for her to some how find her way into trouble and end up in detention, missing the food. But this time it was different, with Elizabeth keeping her from annoying Filch all the time, she was able to go to feasts and enjoy them.

For them, it was the mark of their new friendship, one that would last forever.

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