I spent my whole life trying to avoid pissing the bastard off so I could get strong enough to kill him. And then even that wasn't enough.

Vegeta's POV

"Vegeta...Why do you struggle?"


"No, you don't."

"Yes I do."

The brat was starring at us and so were the Namek and the monk. Suddenly Kakarot burst threw, only to get ki binded to ground by Frezia before any one could move. We are so screwed. Then I remembered something...Frezia has a 'thing' for Saiyins. I felt disgusted. The only reason Kakarot, his brat, and I were alive at this moment was because Frezia wanted us for sex slaves. Fuck. He blasted the Namek and the monk out of existence. FUCK! was what we were ALL thinking. The kid actually said it.


"We know." Kakarot and I said together.

"What?" Frezia asked innocently. Way to innocent for my taste. He wanted something and that something was the last 3 beings in the universe with Saiyin blood.

I used my mind abilities to talk to Kakarot and his brat. They deserved to know.

/Kakarot? Brat?/

/VEGETA!/ They thought together.

/If you want to know what the hell Frezia is planning you'll shut up and listen./



/Frezia has a 'Thing' for Saiyins. In simpler terms, he wants to make us his sex slaves./

/FUCK!/ They thought together.

I shook my head. Breaking the connection. They looked at me like 'We have more questions'. I don't give a shit. I felt the bastard grab my arm.

"Vegeta..." He purred. He Ki binded my arms behind my back and slipped a Ki collar around my neck. A rope of Ki connected the collar to his hand. I was perfectly screwed. Then it was the brat's turn. Frezia tied the rope to one of the trees and with a...

"Be a good prince."

He left me tied like a dog to get the boy. Damn. The boy backed away slowly, growling. Frezia chuckled.

"Little monkeys think they're so intimidating."



"son of a bitch." He mumbled so low only I heard it. Frezia grabbed him and lifted him off the ground and whispered.

"You would make a great gift for my older brother." And knocked him out. Kakarot was so intent on breaking his bonds he almost didn't notice.

"Your wasting your time Kakarot. That won't work." I told him.

"It's better than doing nothing." He answered.