Character Bios:

Name: Lenos (LEE-Knows)

Age: 38

Height: 5 foot 4

Weight: 267

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blackish/purple

Likes: Kakarot, beating up Donsok, and (Secretly) Reading

Dislikes: Being made fun of, being yelled at by Asheno, and people trying to take his Kakarot

Additional Comments: Lenos is the quiet strategist, always making sure to stay out of arguments, and trying his best not to piss off Asheno make him the smartest Saiyin left

Name: Kakarot

Age: 32

Height: 4 foot 7

Weight: 234

Hair: Black

Eyes: Onyx

Likes: Food, fighting, and (Like all Saiyins) fucking

Dislikes: Arguments, yelling, needles and (My personal favorite) Chichi with a frying pan

Additional Comments: Shy and very submissive. Protective and kind. These are the traits that make up this pure hearted warrior

Name: Donsok (DAWN-Sock)

Age: 42

Height: 5 foot 3

Weight: 245

Hair: Redish/Brown

Eyes: Black with red flakes

Likes: Screwing Vegeta, yeah that's about it (He's really pissy, perfect for our prince)

Dislikes:Comments on him being the oldest (Age wise) Super Saiyin and the weakest at the same time.

Additional Comments: Loud, rude, and annoying. This Saiyin would drive a saint to murdering either him or themselves. He's the brunt muscle, used mostly for intimidation

Name: Vegeta

Age: 37

Height: 4 foot 4

Weight: 225

Hair: Redish/ Black

Eyes: Onyx

Likes: Being a bitch (Temper wise, not like a Bitch bitch)

Dislikes: Being a bitch (Like when he was Frezia's bitch

Additional Comments: Overconfident, Royal, and a supreme bitch. That's about it that not everyone knows about our prince.

Name: Asheno

Age: 16

Height: 5 foot 3

Weight: 234

Hair: Deep midnight black

Eyes: Same as hair

Likes: Gohan (A little to much)

Dislikes: When anyone hurts HIS Gohan

Additional Comments: Obsessed and using ever ounce of his self-control not to force Gohan down everyday. One day I'm telling you he'll lose it.

Name: Gohan

Age: 8

Height: 2 foot 11

Weight: 43

Hair: Black

Eyes: Onyx

Likes: Playing and generally being a kid

Dislikes: When Asheno yells

Additional Comments: Scaredy cat, but he's got fire. Piss him off... and I hope you have good life insurance.