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Deep in the cold gloomy streets of England. Terror could be found as monster's from tales mother's tell their children go bump in the night. However it was another night for Hellsing. Alucard and Seras were in a rat trap of an building taking down an endless sea of ghouls. "Great." Alucard said as he stabs the vampire in the heart with his hand. A twisted smile of delight and pleasure runs across his face, no matter how many times he does this it will never get old, but what was a vampire hunter to do? Blood files over the walls as the vampire turns to nothing but dust. "Puke vampire. All this for nothing. I didn't even have a bit of fun before killing him." Disappointed and disgusted evidence in his voice to find the vampire in the corner of the room, kneeling down with his arms over his head like a small child afraid of the Boogeyman under his bed and what really get Alucard pissed was the fact the vampire was crying. Crying? Anything but that. What a waste of time. "Police girl!" he barks.

"Yes Master?" answers Seras running to his aid.

"Lets go! Don't slow me down." He orders walking fast out the building

"Yes Master" Reply's Seras as she runs behind him.

Alucard exits the building faced with his Master Sir Integra. She stood there with a cigar in her mouth, arms crossed and eyes closed; Walter by her side. Her face is calm as she takes a long drag from the cigar. She opens her eyes coming into focus on her Servant. "Well?" she asks with the cigar still in her mouth.

"Mission complete. Target has been silenced".

"Hmm", now looking at Seras .

"Yes Sir"

"I see. Well then let's move the clean-up crew will be here in minutes." Sir Integra orders, walking away to her car as Walter opens the back door for her than they drive off.

Seras takes a breath."Another night well done ha, Master?" looking at her Master standing beside her to only see him looking up at the moon.

"It is truly a wonderful night, Police girl." His reply confuses her because it wasn't what she expected.

"My name is Seras Victoria, Master!" Reminding him of her name for he never called her it. Even though he knew her real given name he just didn't feel like saying it. It was to late too fight about her name for when she looked again her Master vanished right before her eyes. "Master?" almost like a whisper leaves her lips as she glared up at the night sky.

Back at the Hellsing Head Quarters down in the dungeon sat Alucard in his chair with a glass of wine in his hand, an open bottle on the desk and another empty glass, faced down. He sat there with his eyes closed resting, dreaming of the past. Not of wars and those he killed. No, he dreamed of something else, the same dream of a lost that changed his life forever. He was in his castle many, many years ago when the world was ruled by Kings and Queens. Running though the great halls of his old castle in Transylvania yelling out someones name. The name of a woman "Elisabetta!" He cried searching from room to room. "My love, Where are you?" He called again he could hear her voice echoing off the walls calling him as if she was looking for him as well. He runs outside towards a great cliff just above the roaring sea, he found her standing at the cliff with a distance look in her eyes, her long jet black hair blows in the wind. He sighs, happy to have found her. He moves closer calling out her name, but she doesn't turn or answer him. He calls louder hoping she did not hear him yet still no answer. He watches her looking down at a piece of paper in her hand for a moment, a letter perhaps. She glares at it for a while than lets it go in the wind. She looks up with tears in her eyes. "My Prince is dead, all is lost without him. May God unit us in heaven", and with that she leans over the cliff, falling too her death in the roaring sea. Alucard reaches out his hand to stop her "NO!" he cries with a loud voice, it's too late...

Alucard's eyes shut open. He's in shock as blood tears falls from his eyes. He breaths deeply to regain himself when, he is calm he leans back in the chair, the glass of wine still in his hand. He holds his face with his other hand. "If only I've been there to stop her. If only..." he whispers his hand shaking, more blood tears falls from his eyes when he moves his hand. "Elisa...betta" he says slowly while taking a breath. Suddenly he is fulled with rage and hate. "Why didn't you wait for me! WHY?" he yells, slamming the glass of wine in his hand on the floor and knocking the desk over as the wine bottle and glass make a loud crashing sound echoing though the dungeon walls. He slides from the chair and falls too his knees with a soft thump, his hands cover his face as he lowers his head on the ground. "Why now! Why these bad memories after so many years?" he questions crying in the dark alone. Sometimes he could remember all the wonderful times they sent together. The way he hold her, her smell, her lovely green eyes that long dark hair, those lips. He couldn't take his eyes off her, she was the most beautiful woman in all the empire of Romania and now she's gone forever a past buried and forgotten in the oceans of time. After so many years the same dream has hunted him for days now, he thought it was nothing at first for he would often dream of the past. However it was 'her' that plagued him in his sleep. What does it mean?

Far away from England deep in the earth there laid an under ground cellar. Most have been over a hundred years old. The walls were made of stone as rats and inserts run the place. Spider weds big and old surrounded the cell. However, there in the mist under years of dust surrounded by darkness sat a coffin made of stone. Inside the coffin eyes begin opening from the person inside, bearing it's sharp teeth, it breathed out and in deeply. The eyes were as flashlights of green in the dark. The coffin opened slowly as rats and inserts run too the other side of the cell. The coffin top opened wider as a name was breathed from the person inside as it sat up, the name echoed the walls of the cell "Hell...Sing" out into the air reaching distances even though the person did not yell. For only a true vampire could hear the call of another awaking after years of rest.

Alucard's eyes opened wide as he heard the call, he smiled knowing that a vampire has risen from their years of rest. He couldn't wait to meet the vampire.

The rain fall hard in London that day not even the sun could get though the thick gray clouds. The Hellsing mansion stood tall and proud in the countryside with all it's greatness. The rain hit the windows making a continues tipping sound, after hearing for a while the sound would become smoothing. Sir Integra sat in her office writing down reports, the sound of papers moving about as Walter was in the kitchen making tea; it was almost Sir Integra's tea time as Seras was in the target room with the Wild Geese and their leader Pip, laughing and joking around while they tell each other their adventures; she wanted to practice her aim and make sure she was really for any next mission they would have. Alucard he was in his coffin sleeping dreaming, but it was different than the other one from last night; he saw his beloved coming to him instead with open arms, one of his sweet memories of when he was human. Suddenly, he awaken from something in the mansion; he could hear everything from the mice in the walls to the humans and Seras in the target room. From the outside he could feel the presents of a vampire. He also heard the call from his Master's room with one of the head guards outside.

"Yes. What is it?" Integra answering the phone.

"Sir, there is someone outside the gate. We keep telling the person to leave but she won't, Sir".

"Who is it?"

"I don't know it's a woman? What would you have us to do?"

"Wait for my command. I'll be down in a minute."

She walked out her office with Walter soon by her side and, Alucard not too far behind hiding in the shadow's. She came towards the door of the mansion and far off was the main gate and, there the woman stood. In a run down dress, long black hair covering her face. From afar she looked like a homeless person begging for money, but something was wrong the woman seemed distanced as if a ghost, a lost soul. Walter stood beside Integra as she walked out into the rain with an umbrella over her in his hand; the guards on the inside of the gate stood with guns pointing too the woman. However, she payed them no mind and continued standing there; it felt as if she knew Integra somehow and it give her a chill. Integra walked towards the gate and looked at the woman though the bars, she couldn't see her face because it was covered from the woman's long hair, the woman do not speak at first but waited for Integra. Integra said nothing but watched her square in the face like a Texan showdown, the woman moved closer too Integra and gently pulled out a letter that seemed which seemed too have faded away over years. The letter wrote Hellsing in big letters and was sealed in a red burn with the Hellsing symbol on it. Only a Hellsing could have given that symbol. Integra took the letter and the woman nodded. She opened the letter and it wrote...

Dear, Hellsing

If you are reading this than you must have found my other vampire. If she has awaken do not be alarmed for she will do no harm to you. I promise, as Alucard has done no harm to his Master. This woman is different therefore do not take her looks for granted, she is dear to me and I have keep her away for protection; she's another one of my successes as a vampire hunter as Alucard is.

Be sure that you give her to Alucard. He will take good care of her and will tell you everything that you need to know. I made a promise years ago too bring her back. Now she's his once more.

You are her Master now as well . Good luck Hellsing and remember... "In the name of God impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen."

Keep the Faith, Dr. Abraham Van Hellsing

Integra hands shook after reading the letter.

"This... is a letter from thee Van Hellsing". She softly reply's her eyes focused on the letter.

"What? It couldn't be!" Walter said with disbelief in his shaking voice.

"It is and this woman is a vampire of Hellsing as Alucard."

Walter' eyes widen 'A letter from thee Van Hellsing himself and was even in his hand writing' he thought. Walter looked to the guards and singled for the gate too be opened. As the gate opened the woman slowly walked in and bowed too Integra. The vampire tried standing up again but she fall to the ground.'The creature was weak and tried she must have traveled long' thought Integra. Integra took a good look at her face, she was beautiful and young, probably in her early twenties. Yet the question remind 'Who was this woman? And why wasn't she never mentioned before?'.

"Take her inside!" Integra ordered

One of the guards carried her inside. The guard took her to a room in the basement and left. Only Integra stood inside as Walter and Seras waited outside, Seras as well as the Wild Geese heard about some woman outside and wanted to know who she was. Pip teased Seras saying 'maybe zhe waz prettier than her tan you' which earned him a slap in the face. Sir Integra wanted answers from this girl when she awaken. But first things first.

"Alucard!" She yelled, he had a lot of explaining to do and the best time was now.

He came like a phantom though the walls with a smile on his face, standing in front of his Master he took his hat off and bowed.

"Alucard who is this vampire?" He lifted his head up with confusion. She pointed behind him, he turned and what he saw made his dark evil heart almost burst. He didn't answer his Master as first because he was at a complete lost for words. He continued to look at the woman."Servant! I asked you a question?" She ordered which brought back he's attention.

"Do you believe in destiny?" Alucard started but couldn't finish. He kneel down next to the woman and took her hand in his; her hand was soft and cool too the touch and, she smelled like leaves and dust. He was so happy he almost smiled. "She's my Bride."

"What?" snapped Integra, "When? How long?" she added.

Alucard turned to her and smiled. "Why before I became what I am now Master". Integra calmed alitte 'Alucard had married this woman when he was human when ever that was' she thought. 'Yet that would mean she had be asleep for a long time maybe after or before Van Hellsing made Alucard his servant for the family of Hellsing'. Suddenly the woman's eyes opened as if sleeping beauty from a long rest. She looked towards whoever was holding her hand her dark green eyes coming into focus. Alucard gazed at her with hunger and pain written in his dark crimson eyes.

"Who are you?"

"My love." He breathed his words came out sweet and calm. "Oh. I've waited for this moment forever."

"Huh? I don't know what you are speaking off, Sir."

"Tell us your name?" interrupted Integra. Something was wrong here and she could tell that her Servant was not going to be happy.

The woman looked at her unsure if she was a woman or man but answered. "Elisabetta but please call me Liza" she smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Integra more softly. The girl did seem nice.

"I don't know. There was this over powering feeling that came over me to come here and, this name keep ringing in my head." She said unsure of herself. Alucard let her hand go and stood facing the wall with his head down. Something was not right with his beloved. She looked at him as if she didn't know him.

"...and you don't remember anything else?" Integra draw. She wanted too know more about the girl maybe something she saw or heard would signal a memory.

"No. Should I?" Said Elisabetta she was getting worried now. It seemed like a hole just dropped in on her memory somehow and this person with long blonde hair started asking her questions. Not only that but the man in the long red coat seemed upset about something as well. This place felt strange to her, 'Where was she? Was she even home for that matter?' she thought.

"Elisabetta, look at me." Finally the man spoke again from facing the wall. He looked like a child put on 'time-out'.

Elisabetta looked at him unsure, he turned around again he eyes a dark red. She was frighted for a moment but something in his eyes called out too her. She stared at them in wonder and without fear as he stared at her forest green eyes.

"Do you know who I am?"

She looked at him for a long moment. The room was so quiet a feather could drop and they would hear it. Integra watched wanting to know the answer as well. However the girl's face looked as if she was giving a lot of thought into the answer, her eyes roamed over Alucard from top too bottom. As last the girl looked to his eyes, her face blank.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I don't."

Integra lowered her head and shook it with a slow sigh coming from her lips. There it was the feeling that something would go wrong and, here was the reason why. Alucard however wanted to roll up in a little ball, climb to the highest mountain and scream, or live under a rock and not drink living blood for the rest of his immortal vampire life... with the fact that his love had forgotten him.

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