As the bright moon shone over England, as Liza walked towards a bell tower that was in fact an abandon church. Once the church was at it's prime, standing wide and tall, so the people of England would know there was a place of peace to heal their wounded hearts. Now, it stood before Liza as a haunted soulless ally to the shadows walking these ghostly streets. The church in all its appearance reminded her of the one within her homeland. The church bells could be heard from the valley too the mountains; to let all Romanians know it was time for believers too come and worship.

With that in mind this seemed the safest place to lay her head and rest. The wind blew once again as she quicken her steps towards the church. Holding on to her arms while she tried to keep as much warmth as possible. The dress she wore was good for walking around the mansion but not for the weather outside. Walking up the steps her heart fell seeing the chains upon the doors.

"Closed?" She said to herself puzzled. How could it be closed? This was a place of worship.

Tears as red as blood started to fill her eyes as she remembered what she was; a vampire, a creature of darkness. She couldn't walk on holy ground, abandoned or not. She maybe a monster but as a girl risen in a God fearing home she won't dare. She sat on the steps feeling defeated. She was so cold and hungry, her stomach didn't growl but it felt like it was eating itself from the inside. All she wanted was a home cooked meal and a warm fire to sit by. Maybe she should have never left that place. What was it called again…Hell…sing? No matter how many times she thought about it that name still sounded strange. Speaking of strange this land was strange. The houses, streets and those big things with wheels under them all in different shapes and color; what happened to the horses? How did people get from one place to another? She sure hoped they didn't walk for that would be troublesome.

Maybe this was what it was like for her Uncle. As a child her dear loving Uncle would travel the world. He would come and tell them of stories and adventures he had. He was an explorer; living his dream to find out what lied beyond the rocky mountains of Romania. He told her of lands covered in sand as the eye could see under the hot sun, wet steamy green jungles, homes on mountain tops, cites with building so tall they almost touch the sky and places with the ocean so close you could get lost just watching it. He talked of their different tongues, clothes and races with skin from dark to light and the many kinds of food he tasted. He loved food. He told stories of war and love mostly fairly tales since her brothers and she were little at the time. Secretly at night he would tell scary stories of monsters and witches. Her mother forbid it because she feared the children would have nightmares, so he would wait until dark; when mother and father were in bed and tell them.

Those where the golden years of her childhood. Sitting by the fire as her Uncle went on and on about stories and legends he's heard traveling the world. One of the stories she remembered was of the undead taking children or young women to suck out their soul. She was sure he said children to scare them even more. But she was a child than so she thought like a child and was frightened of the stories yet she grew into a young educated lady and didn't believe in such stories any more.

"Nosferatu." They were called in her native tongue.

A tale that came from her very own homeland. She remembered how her father would place a sliver cross under her pillow and her mother telling her to say prayers before bed. She's never seen one but her homeland had their tales.

The cold wind blew mightily making Liza crawl in a ball. She had to get in or she'll freeze to death. Rising up on weak knees she stood in front of the chained doors. Maybe if she pushed hard the chains would break they seemed old enough to loosen.

She pushed hard leaning her body into it until suddenly the chains cracked and broke off as the doors flew wide open letting the cold air in. Surprised at how easy that was she gazed at her hands in wonder. This could have taken forever but she broke them off with no problem.

"What have I become?"

Walking inside she pushed the doors closed once more with a loud thurm. She turned around to the lifeless church. Spider webs ran across the walls as dust covered the floor and filled the air. There were rows and rows of benches on each side; the bright moon shined though the glass windows bought a haunting gray light in, the place didn't smell bad too for an abandon church just of dirt and mildew. Step by step she walked towards the altar were a huge wooden cross with Jesus on it stood with nails in his hands and feet. The silence somehow felt frightening, yet peaceful at the same time. She looked up seeing a chandelier without candles in them, and a chipped painting on the ceiling of a blue sky with baby angels.

Walking down the altar something flashed within her mind, like a memory buried under a mountain of ice and snow. It sent a warm feeling to the tip of her fingers and toes all the way to her heart. Suddenly, like magic the church started to change right before her eyes. Bright candles surrounded the church in a golden light and the smell of honey and vanilla with a hint of flowers filled the air, figures on the benches formed as shadows at first until they started to gain shape and color. All of their faces turned to her that made her insides bubble in fear. Flowers from her homeland of all colors bloomed all around making her gaze in wonder. Ahead she could see a man standing in front of the altar in a black robe with a bible in hand. Then there were women on the left side standing in a line, dressed in red with flowers in hand and men on the right with their hands folded behind him in royal uniforms.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw her mother sitting in the first row with her six brothers from oldest to youngest behind her. Her mother had tears in her eyes yet she didn't seem sad but happy. She felt a weight on her arm and turned next to her only to see her father holding her arm though his, she gazed at him as he smiled back. His green eyes twinkled in the candlelight.

"I'm so proud of you. My sweet little girl you're so beautiful", he whispered.

"Father." She said looking at him with her mouth open. She couldn't believe it. Her mind was in riddles as a soft melody played in the background.

He continued to walk her down the altar slowly. Moving forward a man caught her eye that she hadn't seen before. He turned to her as his jet black hair reached his shoulders, his goatee small under his thin lips. His eyes were a bright spearing blue; dark and hallow but fill of warmth she couldn't explain. He smiled under his thick mustache at her making her knees go weak and her face turn hot, she smiled in return as he gazed down at her.

Liza looked down at herself. To her surprise she was dressed in a white dress made if silk and soft as cotton; it shined in golden light with sliver and red designs around the hem. The dress was beautiful as it flowed behind her, it came to her that she was in a wedding with red and white flowers in hand. Looking at her groom, he was dressed in a uniform like a man of honor with the royal seal on the breastplate of the dragon.

Liza's eyes watered with tears at such a perfect moment. Everyone she knew was at the wedding, her parents, brothers, cousins, aunts, and her dear Uncle. Her childhood friends were the bridesmaids; loved ones and friends of the family were sitting on the benches with smiles. Liza smiled to herself gazing at the people she knew and loved around her. Her eyes returned to the handsome groom, as he reached out his white-gloved hand towards her waiting at the altar when her father and she came to a stop.

Liza in a moment of happiness so great that it warmed her body and soul leaving the loneliness in her heart gone, reached her hand out to touch his.

"Elisabetta." He said lovingly.

Then everything vanished.

Before her eyes everything fainted into darkness as the church become cold and haunting once more. She stood there with her hand out as if he would reappear again. But he didn't. The chill of the air sent chills all over her body. She wrapped her arms around herself. Sadness came like a roaring flood as it took over and filled her with loneliness.

"Was it a dream?" She asked herself. "It felt real. I should remember if I was married or not. Yet I can't. Why can't I remember anything? What's wrong with me? And w…who was that man? Is he my husband?

The empty church gave no answer to her questions. To her right she saw a half closed door leading to a stairwell. As she came to the doorway she looked up the spinal roll steps up to the bell tower.

"Hello? Hello?"

No answer was heard but the sound of the night wind. Feeling that this was the safest place to go she walked up the old wooden stairs to the bell tower.


A fog arose on the streets of England like a nightmare coming out of a child's dream. A creature came with crimson eyes and shiny sharp teeth as the full moon shone upon them out of the mist. Knee high boots leading up to black suit pants and jacket, compete with a white shirt and red tie covered in a long red coat. Alucard stepped out looking up at the moon light sky. He smiled to himself as the symbol on his white gloves glowed red but for a moment.

"What a beautiful night", he whispered.

He walked down the dead streets as not a sound could be heard but the clicking of his boots. He would stop a while to smell the air for Liza's scent. She wasn't gone for long therefore her smell still must linger in the air. The thought of her made him worry suddenly. What if something happened to her? What if she feed on someone; on a night like this no one would be running to anyone's aid.

'Why should I care?' He thought bluntly. 'She doesn't even remember me. My wife, my love, my one true angel with but one kiss from her lips could warm my cold heart has forgotten me'. Alucard grow angry thinking of it.

He cursed himself for all these years serving the Hellsing family and for what? For his love to forget him; the purest thing that his blood stained hands ever touched and that didn't draw back in fear. She was strong, so very strong to look him in the eye and touch him and love him. Bliss it was. Pure bliss.

Maybe he was looking things the wrong way. As a human she won't hurt a soul. But now as a vampire she will have to learn that death is her friend. For she's no longer among the living, but the dead. Working for the Hellsing Organization isn't fun and games. People's lives were dependent on them, whether they knew of them or not, to do their job so the living did not cross paths with the creatures of the night. Murders and thieves were one thing, if they were human, but a crazy killing-without-cause freak is another.

Therefore, Alucard will wait for her. He will make her fall in love with him as he did many years ago while teaching her the ways of a Draculina. She is still his beloved Elisabetta within, and nothing would change that.

"I have you in my reach once again, Elisabetta and I will not let you go into the unknown alone. You are mine and I am yours. Together forever, my love."

As the wind blew he suddenly smelled her scent. It was weak but it was still there. He walked down the street each step with a propose. Her scent grew stronger until Alucard stopped dead in his tracks, gazing down onto the ground was small drops of blood. Her blood. He bend down on one knee to examine it closely. He took his long white gloved finger into the blood and draw it up to his eyes. He smiled. She had been here. But where? He lifted his head to the bright full moon as it shone over an abandoned church. From afar he could see the chains on the wooden door had been broken, as it hung loose on one of the knobs.

"Liza, you never change. Seeking shelter within a church from the night". He thought.

He headed towards the church. As he came to the door, he hesitated. What would he say to the girl? He hasn't seen her since she told him that she didn't know who he was. He sighed. This was becoming a problem, although he liked challenges, lived for them, it was the reason he loved his job but, he couldn't help feeling this wasn't how it was suppose to be. She was supposed to come to him like an angel with open arms and him to her like a lost soul thirsting for freedom. He would swim in her love and their days, more like nights, would be filled with joy, excitement and endless possibilities. She would become strong and deadly to any foe that stood in her path. Oh! He couldn't wait, couldn't wait to see how powerful she would become. The No Life King with his Queen will have freaks fall at their feet. Oh and the Police Girl could come along too if she put her feelings for drinking blood aside.

He opened the wooden door slowly as he put his head inside to see if she were here. Turning his head both ways he couldn't see a soul in sight. He walked inside while closing the door behind him. Her smell was strong but where was she? He stood there for a moment as he realized this church remind him of the one in their homeland. The one they were married in. It sent a warm feeling and a stab of pain too his heart. Out of all the places, she had to hide in a church that reminded him of the one they got married in. If he could put his hands on Fate, he would struggle it.

The first step he took made a loud creak sound.


Liza's head lifted up faster than the seeing eye, spin became strong like shone, eyes zeroed in searching for any sign of movement, and her ears swallowed the sounds around her. She couldn't place her finger on it but she could feel trouble was near. Was this how animals felt in the wild, seeking, listening and waiting for signs of prey or predator. She heard something without a doubt. Yet there was an invisible voice warning her to find out who dared too disturbed her or, wait and see if whomever it was to find somewhere else and leave. Whoever it was, she felt a flow of power and age come from them like rays of the sun, making her spin straight and her eyes to widen. She sat on the floor frozen waiting to make a run for it or, for the person to go away. After a while, the person didn't go away but walked closer within the church to the door downstairs leading to the bell tower. She didn't know how but she could fell and hear every move the person made.

She rose to her feet as she heard the door downstairs open.

"No. No, please go away." She said. The person's movements downstairs stopped as if hearing her reply. All was still as she stood there counting the seconds go by. The person moved again but this time up the stairs one step at a time in a calm slow pace. She snapped out of her frozen state as warning bells in her head told her to hide. 'Hide, hide, hide, hide', it kept saying. She looked around as the footsteps became closer up the stairs. In the distance she found a small hole, without thinking she rushed to it as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled though on her stomach. Her foot wasn't an inch in the hole as the door opened. Silently she pulled her knees to her chest with her back to the wall. The small hole within full view. The person walked inside closing the door behind them. Heavily footsteps came from the door towards the middle of the room.

"Come out, come out wherever you are. I know you're in here little one. There's no use in hiding from me."

Liza felt a chill run down her spin. My God she was scared. The power coming from this person oozed all over the room taking in every corner and his voice, she could tell it was a man now, carried around like it demanded attention. He was an eagle and her a worm. She was no match for someone like him.

"Come now girl, stop playing these games. I have better things to do than go looking for you. Are you afraid? Do you feel as if you've been bested? Have you given up the fight before it's even started, and now hide in fear? I guess I would hide too, a weakling like you could never take me on. But there is no reason to fear me, little vampire."

She gasped. 'Did he know? How did he know what she was?' He must have heard her for his steps moved closer to the small hole. She covered her mouth to stop the scream in her throat as she saw his shadow cased by the moon pass the hole.

"Yes. I know what you are. For there are many creatures that go bump in the night. Why hide what you are? Embrace it. The night is young and the living lay asleep so come out and show another of your kind your face in the moonlight."

She didn't know what to think after that. He said 'another of your kind', was he like her too? Slowly Liza released her hand from her mouth, she moved her legs from her chest and slide them beside her. Maybe she could have a look and see if this person was scary or not. She lowered her face to the small hole while she rested on her arms. She turned her head to the side and with one eye she looked out the hole. She saw boots and the hem of a red coat. Red coat? Could it be that man from Hellsing? The one who asked if she knew him? He's a vampire?

Suddenly like he could read her mind his boots turned and faced the hole. She sat up quickly, as the man walked towards the hole. His boots, she could see, stood right outside of the opening. He stood there like he was waiting for her to come out. Well she wouldn't move an inch if he tried to hurt her.

"Oh, so there you are. A little mouse hiding in her hole. Now what can I do to make her come out? Hm. Should I reach in and grab her?

Liza's eyes widen at the statement. If he wanted her to come out she would do it herself; she won't have this man placing his hands on her without permission. In one last bit of hope she pulled all her courage together.

"Go away, or else I'll bite you!" She threatened quickly. All he did was laugh. 'Great idea' she thought, 'You wanted to threaten him and all you did was make him laugh'.

"You bite me, and I'll rip your teeth out of your head."

"Leave me alone. What do you want?"

"I want you to come out from hiding. I told you so. My Master is worried that you've gone off and killed someone. I want to make sure she worries no longer. Now come out, or I'll drag you out."

"You will do no such thing!"

"Have it your way."

With that the wood from the wall started to crumble and break as he hit it over and over. She pulled her hands over her head to stop the wood and brick from hurting her. She yelled as a white glowed hand broke though the wall. In her panic she crawled out the hole and right in between his legs. Seeing the door in the distance she moved her cold feet under her making a run for the door. The banging on the wall stopped behind her but she paid it no mind. A powerful hand reached around her upper arm and pulled her back with such force it left her breathless. She turned at the last minute to see she had come head first to a chest. Another hand grabbed her other arm holding her in place.

"Get off of me! Let me go!" She ordered with venom in every word.

"Ha! And what are you going to do? Bite me!" He laughed.

Somehow one of her arms got loose and without thinking with all the strength she had. She punched him. His head flew up as blood ran from his nose and mouth. Liza stopped struggling in shock, she wanted to hit him but she had no idea it would be such a strong blow. His head remained in the same spot as a sound rose from his chest. Laughter. He's laughing? He let her arm go without a second thought.

"Now that is what I've been waiting for. The little one has some guts. How about that?" He lowered his head to look at her with a smile so big it took up half his face, his red eyes glowing in the darkness. "Well girl you've got nerve, I like that. You'll need it in this line of work. The Hellsing Organization can't have dead weight hanging around. No. You'll do fine just fine, if you keep that fire in you."

" madman. You did this to see what I would do? Why?"

"I told you, you'll need it where we're going."

"Where is that?"

"Why the Hellsing Organization. The place you felt so freely to leave."

"…I can't go back. They give me blood."

"Of course. You're a vampire. As am I."

"'re like me?"

"Yes and I'll be the one teaching you everything to know how to be a proper vampire. Now lets go."

"Wait! Please, tell me where am I? How did I get here?"

"You're in a country called, England. Many years from the time you remember. This is the 21st century."


"All will be answered in time. Now come you've given The Angel of Death a fright."

"Angel of Death?"

"A nickname I give to Walter. The Butler."

"Oh. Walter." Her face grew hot with shame. She had forgotten about him. He was so nice to her and all she did was make him worry. "Alright I'll go with you. But first tell me your name."

Alucard was heading towards the door until her words stopped him. Oh how he wanted to tell her it was he, her beloved Vlad. But there was no time for that. She wasn't ready. Yet, he was glad that she defended herself it meant she wouldn't be running from danger. If he could get her to fight. But the time for that would soon come, and she was still scared inside of what she's become. He turned finally and looked at her with a grin, she was so beautiful, her eyes glowed a bright green and her long black hair blew in the low wind, her pale skin dressed in that black dress. He bowed with his hand on his heart and the other to his side.

"Alucard." He said

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