Sorry it's been awhile since my last chapter, I've been super busy with school lately, but here it is! The long awaited (probably not) island.


"LAND AHOY!" Phoenix yelled from the bow.

"Will you keep your voice down?" Kraken asked, turning the wheel, heading for a mass of land in the distance.

"Is that a lighthouse?" Max asked, pointing to a large cylindrical silhouette positioned just off the land mass. When the spotlight swung around and illuminated the water around them, Max's question was answered.

Kraken kept the wheel steady as Roc came up from the depths of the ship. Everyone gathered on the deck, preparing to depart. The moon hung just over the horizon, illuminating the island. Little pinpricks of light indicated there were buildings all across the island.

"Home sweet home." Phoenix said aloud, making Roc and Kraken smile.

The boat grew closer and fifteen minutes later, they pulled up to a short dock. Phoenix jumped off and landed heavily on the dock. Roc threw her a line and she tied off the line.

The Flock jumped off of the boat, and followed Phoenix to the main island.

"I know it doesn't look like much now, since it's kind of, ya'know, dark, but we've tried our best to make this place a home to everyone."

"How many people are here?" Max asked.

"About thirty of us, but we have a constant rescue operation." Kraken replied, coming up behind them.

"WAIT!" Phoe suddenly exclaimed, and whirled around, scanning all of the people. "Oh bloody hell! We left Hydra on the mainland! This is not going to go over well…"

Kraken sighed. "We are so screwed…"

"Do we have anyone on the mainland?" Phoenix asked Roc, who nodded.

"Who?" she asked.

He glared at her.

"Oops, sorry. Um… Oh right! Fenris is coming back tomorrow right? Send out a signal, tell him to pick up Hydra on his way back." Roc nodded and headed off towards one of the buildings in the distance.

Phoenix gestured to the Flock, beckoning them forward towards the main island.

"I have a couple questions." Max said.

"Ask away." Phoenix replied, leading them on a grass covered path towards a stone castle-like building.

"How come we haven't heard about this place before?" Max asked.

"To be honest, your whole Flock is like… A box of kittens… But the box is made out of dynamite… And all the kittens are genetically mutated…"

"I don't follow…" Fang said.

Kraken spoke up from behind them. "She said that you guys are being watched by the Whitecoats too closely, remember, I already told Max about it."

"And why are we kittens?" Nudge asked.

"… I don't know, box of kittens is always a good metaphor… Where was I?"

"Whitecoats." Gazzy prompted.

"Oh, yeah." Phoenix thought for a few seconds. "So, basically, every person on the island has orders not to go anywhere near you. We can't risk being compromised. Some of us more than others…"

Fang walked a little faster so he could walk next to Phoenix. "I have a question."


"When we first met you, you said you could 'legally kill whoever gets in your way'."

Phoenix smiled. "Legally? I meant IL- legally. The prefix really does make all the difference."

The whole Flock stared at her.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" she asked sarcastically. "Oh, hey, we're here. So, basically this is the dorm-house-thing. There are rooms on the bottom floor for guests, AKA, you. Kraken, show them the way, will you? I really need to go set something on fire."

Phoenix disappeared into the night, kind of like a pyro, female, ginger, Batman. Kraken opened the heavy wooden door to the dorms and led them inside.


Hey, so I hoped you liked it, I know, this was kind of a random chapter. I literally had no idea where to go from them arriving on the island, so I kind of just made it up as I went along.