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The sun glistened through the bedroom window, pouring warm golden sunshine all over the orange walls, casting the room in a sparkling glow. Simon was stretched out atop Clary's daybed, his feet dangling over the edge, toes scraping the paint-stained carpet. Behind his oval glasses, his dark brown eyes squinted at the screen of his hand-held video game as his thumbs circled quickly, pushing buttons and zapping opponents. Buzzing and beeping noises pinged out of the small speakers, filling the silent void that had settled in the room.

Clary lifted her fiery hair off her neck, checking each angle of her reflection with pursed lips, her red curls piling up into an elegant, volumized ponytail. She ducked her chin and batted her thick, black eyelashes at the reflective glass, giggling as she heard the familiar sound of failure echoing from the speakers of her boyfriend's Nintendo DS. She watched him quizzically as he cursed quietly, his long brown hair falling into his dark eyes. "These graphics suck!" he yelled at the video game, glaring daggers into the small screen.

She smiled at him when he caught her gaze in the mirror. "Simon," she reprimanded, raising her pale eyebrows, trying to look stern, "just because you lose doesn't mean you can blame the pretty pictures." He growled and tossed his game aside, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her onto his lap. She squealed like a young girl as his teeth caught her earlobe, his tongue grazing her skin. "I have to get ready!" she protested. His arms only held onto her tighter. She struggled against his hold, knowing she could break it easily, but not wanting to destroy his manly pride. She squirmed and fought, laughing the whole time and telling him how incredibly stupid he was.

After a few minutes of wrestling with him, she pinched the skin on his arms tightly, until the pressure of his grip around her retreated. "Ow," he groaned, rubbing the bright pink fingerprints on his forearms. Clary blew him a kiss from where she was repositioned in front of her white, stained vanity. Simon rolled his eyes and laced his fingers behind his head, leaning against the wooden headboard of the daybed, wrinkling the soft purple quilt with his weight. "I don't see why you have to go to orientation," he grumbled, eyes searching the floor where his video game had landed. Clary watched him as she picked up the tube of sunscreen and poured a glob of pearly-white sunscreen into her pale palm. "You're not living in the dorms anyway."

Clary snorted, rubbing the sunscreen around on her fingertips. "Si," she said as she gently massaged the sunscreen onto her pale, freckled face, "I'm going to check out the buildings, the classes, and the campus." She was using her come-on-you-idiot voice. She sat onto the bed next to him, letting the sunscreen soak into her bare arms, careful not to let them touch her shimmering, golden tank top. Simon moved to put his arm around her, but she moved away. "You'll get sunscreen on you, and then you'll have a weird tan line, like that one from fifth grade."

Simon rolled his eyes and tossed her a shut up look. "If you're just going to look in buildings, why do you have so much sunscreen on?" She slapped him on the arm, smiling ruefully at the echoing smacking sound it made. "Abusive much?" he asked, standing up from the bed and pulling a key ring out of his pocket and twirling it around on his index finger. "Ready now?" Clary nodded and grabbed her frayed messenger bag, containing her wallet, sketchpad, and pencils. Simon followed her out the door and to Eric's bright orange van he had allowed them to use for the day. Simon sprinted down the sidewalk and hopped into the driver's seat, rolling down the window with the old-fashioned hand crank.

"Want some candy, little girl?" he asked, raising his voice an octave and eyeing Clary hungrily. Clary flipped her hair in a snobby way, turning her nose up toward the air as she walked down the concrete sidewalk.

"I'm not that cheap, buddy," she told him as she slid into the passenger seat opposite Simon, making sure to avoid the spring poking through the gray fabric. Simon plugged the key into the ignition and turned it, the engine sputtering as it struggled to turn over. "Are you sure this is safe?" Clary asked, staring warily at the hood, waiting for smoke to roll out in dark gray puffs. Simon smiled as the van started, backing swiftly out of the driveway and onto the streets of New York City.

"About 80% sure." His grin widened at Clary's groan. He pulled onto the highway as Clary stared at the scenery, passing by in a blur of colors. St. Xavier's was about forty-five minutes away from where Clary lived. Clary had never dreamed she'd be going to college so close to home, but St. Xavier's had an amazing art program and had offered Clary a full volleyball scholarship, amazed by her skills on the court. She had accepted immediately, knowing there wouldn't be a better offer. They pulled up behind a small black car, dust caking the shiny, black exterior. Out of the corner of her green eye, Clary saw Simon glance at her and then look back at the car. A sharp honk pierced the air, causing Clary to cringe back against the seat. She looked out the windshield and saw a hand sticking out of the rolled window of the black car, flipping Simon the bird as he switched lanes and sped away.

On the retreating car's back windshield, Clary saw that someone had written Honk if you're horny in the brown dust. She giggled as cars began to honk all over the freeway, rhythmically, some short and staccato, some just laying on their horn. Clary erupted into fits of laughter as the divided highway became a honking orchestra. Simon reached over and clasped his fingers around Clary's frail ones, loving the sound of her laugh.

He and Clary had been friends since they were young, bonding over video games and manga, literally living at a place that sold comics, since Clary's father Luke owned a book store. She'd been his friend even after the awkward stage where everything seemed too big for his body, after the glasses, after the braces and retainer. She'd been his friend through thick and thin, and when he asked her out, he'd vowed to be hers, too. "Simon, you're going to miss the exit!" Clary squealed, pulling him out of his thoughts. He ignored the chorus of horns as he haphazardly shifted lanes, hitting the onramp with little time to spare. He heard Clary exhale a breath beside him.

"So," Simon said, trying to calm Clary's nerve and fill the gap of silence, "what goes on at this orientation?" Clary grimaced slightly.

"You learn where to go, about your classes. It's going to be boring." Simon shuddered, hoping he didn't have to tag along.

"I'm just your ride there, right?" Clary nodded, her gaze returning calmly out the window.

"Yeah, Mom and Dad will bring my stuff for the move tonight," she mumbled. "Red one!" she yelled immediately after, her fist connecting with Simon's arm as a red Volkswagen bug pulled up beside the orange van.

"Wait, move?" Simon squeaked out, his arm stinging from her amazing right hook. Clary nodded, unfazed by her announcement. "Why didn't you tell me you were moving in today?" He realized he had raises his voice and focused his eyes back on the road, counting his breathing.

"Because I knew you'd react like this," she stated calmly, her fingers absently playing with a lock of her red hair. "You're so afraid of change, so afraid of the mystery of the future, that I knew you'd flip out." Simon's thick, caterpillar eyebrows knit together in thought.

"So, when, exactly, were you going to tell me?" Hurt flashed through his eyes, followed by anger, and Clary side, dropping her hands onto the seat and staring at the road.

"In three days, when we moved you into NYU." Simon's face fell into a frown as he hit an off ramp, in route to St. Xavier's college. "I'm sorry. I just wanted this day to be—" she looked thoughtfully at the clear, blue sky. "…peaceful," she settled on as a word to describe her perfect going-away day. She felt a stab in her chest as Simon's jaw tensed. He had so much trouble letting her go, always wanting to protect her from everything. "Si, I need to do this on my own. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself." Simon pulled into the parking lot of St. Xavier's filled with bubbly college students bustling about, whether to summer classes, orientation, or dorm rooms.

"Whatever," he said throwing the car in park and glaring at the windshield, waiting for Clary to leave. She grabbed the shoulder strap of her messenger bag and hopped out, waving to Simon as he sped away, dodging pedestrians in his haste. Her hand fell limply to her side when she realized he hadn't returned her wave. He could be so difficult sometimes. She looked at the braided straps of her flip flops as she headed to the student information office, avoiding the gaze of many people, offering small hello's to anyone who spoke to her. She shoved through the glass door to the office, the tingling of bells filling her ears.

"Well, hello, darling," A woman with jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes looked up at her from behind the desk. A smile spread across Clary's face.

"Maryse," she breathed, recognizing her mother's old friend. The woman stood up, extending her hand to Clary. She had on a black power suit and bright red stilettos, causing her to tower over Clary's five foot and two inches of height.

"Clarissa Fairchild," she smiled as Clary took her hand. "How's Jocelyn," she asked, appraising Clary's freckled face and bright red locks with a small nod of approval.

"She's happy," Clary said dreamily, thinking of her mother and father.

"Good, good," Maryse murmured. She rifled through some files on her desk, placing a thick manila envelope in Clary's small hands. Clary opened it and pulled out a map, watching as Maryse pointed to where Clary's classes would be and how to get to the places. "Got it?" she asked at the end, slightly out of breath from all the explaining.

"I think so," Clary said unsurely, trying to remember if Life Drawing 101 was in building A or building F. Maryse's expression turned to one of displeasure, but then her eyes lit up.

"Ah, Isabelle, could you show Clary around?" Clary followed the woman's gaze, seeing a girl with straight black hair and bright blue eyes looking at her. She was wearing a light gray dress and black high heels that clicked against the tile of the office.

"Uh, sure, mom…" she said, motioning Clary over. "Hey, I'm Izzy." She pushed her way through the crowd of students and walked out into the sunny August day, her skin already tan from the previous summer months. "I'm Maryse's daughter." Clary's face lit up with recognition.

"Oh! You and I used to get Alec in trouble all the time!" Izzy laughed, looking up at the sky as Clary's mind filled with images of an eleven-year-old boy with short black hair and cutting blue eyes.

"So you're Clarissa, the one that's going to be living with Alec and me." Clary nodded, and Izzy's face cracked into a slow grin. "We are going to have so much fun," she said maliciously, planning pranks against Alec. The red-headed girl smiled in agreement, plotting her own tricks. "Well, Clary, what's your first class?" She asked, snatching the schedule from Clary's thick file. "Ah, Life Drawing 101, in building C." Clary laughed silently. This was going to be a long year if she kept getting her buildings mixed up. "Follow me!" Izzy called proudly, maneuvering the paved sidewalks easily and efficiently, as if she'd lived here all of her life. An hour later, the two girls sat on the ledge of a fountain in the courtyard, eating ice cream cones they had bought.

"This is a big campus," Clary commented, staring at the ivory-covered walls of the many brick buildings. Izzy mumbled something incoherently around a mouthful of mint chocolate chip. The sidewalks were built artistically around the gnarled trunks of thick oak trees and students wandered around aimlessly; looking at maps they couldn't seem to follow. "How do you know it so well?" Clary asked, knowing Izzy was the same age as herself. Isabelle swallowed a green glob of melted dairy and laughed quietly.

"I prank Alec a lot," was her only explanation. "Speak of the devil," she muttered as her older brother approached, smiling at a boy walking with him. The boy's hair was spiky and dyed about six different colors, ranging from orange, to green, to blue. His eyes were caked with fuchsia makeup and when he moved, he left a cloud of glitter.

"Izzy, darling, you look gorgeous," the boy said in a voice that made Clary's gay-dar go haywire. He looked the black-haired girl up and down, mumbling comments of approval. "And who is your equally as beautiful friend." He gestured toward Clary with a flourish, his painted lips twisted into a gigantic grin.

"This is Clary. Clary, this is Alec's boyfriend Magnus." Clary looked between Alec and Magnus, before finally reaching out to shake the sparkly one's hand. She hadn't known that Alec was gay, but then again, she hadn't seen the lightwoods in nearly ten years, since she was eight. "Clary's going to college here, too!" She cheered. "And she's living with us. Isn't that great, Alec?" Izzy and Magnus jumped up and down in a weird form of a happy dance while Alec sighed deeply, remembering Izzy and Clary as the devilish duo. Clary flashed him a wicked grin and licked a drip of her Superman ice cream off her finger.

"We have somewhere to be," Alec said, looking at his worn shoes. Magnus looked confused.

"Where would that be, dear?" he asked. Alec shot daggers at his boyfriend and dragged him away but a strand of pink hair.

"Anywhere but here." Izzy and Clary burst into giggles as Magnus struggled to get away from Alec, but Alec held firm, not letting Magnus go until they were all the way on the other end of the courtyard, when Isabelle waved them both off. The two girls finished their frozen snacks as the sun beat down on both of them.

"Let's go to the apartment!" Izzy broke the silence excitedly, running down a sidewalk that lead to what Clary assumed was the parking lot.

"But my 'rents are picking me up here." Clary said, watching Izzy unlock a flashy red Chevy Camaro. Clary's jaw dropped at the sight. She couldn't even begin to explain how much she wanted to ride in that car. "You know what? Let me call them," she said, punching the familiar numbers into her extremely dated cell phone. After leaving her mom a message that she'd be waiting at the apartment, she slid into the passenger seat of Izzy's car, staring at the horizon as Izzy sped off, driving them headfirst into the unknown future. me? Reviews are awesome, so be awesome and review! :D