Alright, Lovelies, a little birdie told me we reached 21 reviews. CONGRATULATIONS, we've reached the end. It's time to say goodbye to Perfect Life, Perfect Spike Jace and Clary, but not without a glimpse into their future first! It's four little short moments in their future that I hope you enjoy. Maybe if you are good enough and review, I will give you more oneshots in the future, but for now...enjoy!

Jace stood at the altar, craning his neck to catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride as each couple of the procession entered the sanctuary. He was nervous, to say the least. He had no doubt in his mind that this is what he wanted, that this was everything he'd ever hoped and dreamed for, that Clary was the only one for him, but he was worried that Clary wouldn't feel the same, that she would never glide through the doors and accept him as her husband. That she would stand him up in front of his closest friends and family and leave him broken forever.

He scanned the sea of teary-eyed and proud faces, nodding once at Maryse as she lifted a tissue to her nose. She watched her reach out and clutch Jocelyn's hand, happy that they'd become close after Clary's disappearance. He was also glad that Clary had forgiven her mother, who had only meant to protect her little girl from the ugliness of her true father. Jace's heart broke at the memories of Clary lying still in the cold basement, of the flat line on her heart monitor. He shoved those thoughts aside, relishing in the excitement and hope of today.

The doors open again, but Jace's heart sank when only Isabelle and Alec entered, the maid of honor and best man. They looked so similar it was hard to believe they were not twins. Their black hair was the same color, their skin tanned to the same hue, limbs long and graceful, the only contrast Alec's blue eyes and Izzy's dark ones. Isabelle offered him a smile as she took her position to the left of the altar. Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" sounded from the church organ and there was a rustle as everyone rose from their seats. Jace wiggled his toes in his shoes to keep from visibly shaking. He could feel a bead of sweat collecting on his neck and was grateful when Alec shifted and discreetly brushed it away. Jace's heart leapt into his throat as the doors parted as wide as they could, and Clary stepped into the open, her arm woven through Luke's. Jace momentarily registered the look on Luke's face, one that was meant to say screw this up and I'll kill you but was softened by tears forming in the corners before landing directly on his beloved. Her appearance did not disappoint. Her fiery hair was woven intricately into a braided halo, adorned with pale yellow flowers. Her green eyes were accentuated by brown eyeliner, and her dress hugged her hips, sparkling in the low light of the church. Suddenly, she was too far away from him. He wanted her right here, pressed up against him, not even the barrier of clothes between them. She was moving to slow, just out of reach. Slowly, she crept closer, until finally Izzy was holding her bouquet and her hands were in his.

Their eyes connected, gold melting into green like so many times before. Each time his heart beat a little faster. Each time he fell in love again. He smiled at her, his insecurities melting away when her lips pulled up into a genuine grin, her eyes filled with complete love and devotion. Jace barely remembered exchanging their rings, except that Clary fumbled slightly to get his onto his large fingers. Without any warning, the priest finally said the words Jace had been waiting to hear since he'd met Clary. "You may kiss the bride." And oh Lord, he did.


Clary sank her toes into the warm sand, letting the sunshine wash over her body as Jace toted the bags to the little beach cabin they would be staying in for the next two weeks, courtesy of Maryse and Robert. "Jace!" she yelled as she saw a dolphin leap in the distance. Ten minutes here, and Hawaii was already magical. She squealed as strong arms wrapped around her waist, and teeth nipped seductively at her neck.

"What was that, Mrs. Herondale?" Jace breathed into her ear. Her heart fluttered at her new name. She'd only had it for three days, but it felt like it belonged to her, like she was always meant to be Jace's wife. She giggled, and she felt Jace pout against her skin. "I wanted to hear you scream my name again." This earned him a shove and a laugh as Clary tried to glare him down with disapproving eyes.

"Mr. Herondale, we've only just arrived. Can't you have any other thought than me screaming your name?" Jace smirked and Clary realized she'd just made a very big mistake.

"Oh, I have plenty of other thoughts," he murmured, placing his hands on her hips and pressing their bodies together. "I have thoughts of you in the bed, in the shower, in the ocean." He kissed her heavily on the lips, and Clary began to feel herself melting into him just as he pulled away. "And I intend to share every single one of them with you." He winked as he sashayed away, leaving Clary breathlessly staring at his retreating figure. She bit her lip, excited and yearning for Jace. So she didn't the only obvious thing to do in this situation. She screamed his name.


Jace let himself into the townhouse he and Clary had bought when the draft had brought him to the Green Bay Packers. He was exhausted from his heavy off-season training, and he couldn't wait to snuggle up with Clary. Maybe he'd ask her to rub his sore muscles. Or a little more than his muscles. Whichever. He was milling around with those thoughts when he wandered into the kitchen, absently opening the fridge and pouring himself a glass of milk. He lifted it to his lips when a scream caused him to drop the glass and take off running toward his and Clary's bedroom. He made it up the stairs in record speed, finding his wife of two years on the floor curled over something in her hands.

"What's wrong, Testarossa? Are you hurt?" He immediately wrapped her in his arms and saw that she was smiling. "Oh my gosh, Clary. You scared me!" She laughed probably choking back a remark about how big scary Jace Herondale had been scared, and he joined in. "So, since there wasn't a serial killer in our home, what brought on the scream?" Silently, she handed him the object in her hands. It was a little stick with a plus sign on it. "I don't understand. Is this some new technology from work? What does it do?" He began shaking it up and down.

"Oh Jace," she sighed, suppressing a giggle. "I'm pregnant." Jace's eyes grew wide, and a smile stretched out across his face. They'd been trying for a year and a half and had almost given up.

"For real?" Clary nodded, and his mouth devoured hers. He pulled away and looked at the stick a little disgustedly. "Uh, Clary…" he put the stick on the floor and raked his fingers across the carpet. "That wasn't the end you peed on…was it?"


"Damn it, Jace!" She screamed against the pain. "You pinky promised me no more hospitals!" She breathed heavily and let her head drop back against the pillow, her chest heaving up and down.

"But I do love the way you look in the gowns. It gives me a nice view of your—" Clary's slap cut off his sentence, so instead he finished with a chuckle. "I know I promised, honey," he whispered, brushing his lips across the knuckles, white from strain, clenched tightly around his own aching hand. "But this one falls on both of us." She groaned, her eyes growing wide and then squeezing shut as the doctor coached her to push again. Jace wiped a bead of sweat from her face. They'd been at this for three hours. "He's a stubborn one, isn't he?"

"Just like his father," Clary growled between clenched teeth, her grip on his hand tightening even more, causing Jace to bite back a yelp. He knew his pain didn't even amount to what she was feeling. He risked a look down toward the foot of the bed, but immediately turned away. Something about two medical people staring up Clary's dress was slightly embarrassing to him. Clary didn't seem to see it that way though as she continued to follow their orders as if they weren't staring into the most private part of her body. Her eyes sought Jace's again, and he could tell she was exhausted. "You can do it, Testarossa," he encouraged. "Did you hear the doctor? One more push and our baby will be here." That seemed to give Clary the motivation she needed as she grunted with exertion. Her frail and swollen body heaved off the bed and then sank back onto the sheets as she sighed in relief. A loud cry shattered the silence in the room.

"Congratulations," the nurse, an older lady with smile lines by her eyes, said, wrapping the squirming bundle in a little blanket after clipping the cord. "You are the proud parents of a baby girl." Jace's face broke out into a grin as he gazed down at Clary, her exhausted face pulling up into a smile.

"You did it, love," he murmured, kissing her lips despite the audience. She'd pried her fingers from his and reached out toward her child, tears streaming down her face as she looked at her golden-eyed daughter. "She has you're red hair. I shall call her Testarossa Jr."

"That is not the name we are putting on the birth certificate!" Clary called at the nurse who was about to ask her how that was spelled.

"Alrighty," the nurse said with a small laugh of relief. One could only imagine the names that some children received. "What is her name?"

Clary smiled up at Jace and said, "Celine Marie Herondale." His mother's name brought tears to his eyes as he reached down toward his daughter, her fingers curling automatically around his big one. He couldn't think of anything else more perfect than his little family.

"I love you," he said, leaning down to kiss Clary's lips. "And I love you, Celine Marie," he added, pressing a kiss to her teeny tiny nose. All of high school, Jace had only imagined football. Football or death as his father would have said. He'd grown up thinking that all that was in his future would be football, and the scars on his skin showed that his father believed that also. But standing in the hospital room, with his beautiful wife and perfect daughter, Jace couldn't believe how wrong he'd been. Football had never been his true future. It had been a guide to his current future, where he was now. Family—that was his true future, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

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