For the Love of Fashion

A New Start

Kagome glanced down at her watch for the 5th time, her foot impatiently patting the tile floor..only 3:30. She checked her phone for any possible missed calls but nothing. She had been sitting in the same chair for almost an hour, staring at the same fushia coloured walls and at the same woman behind the front desk whose expression hadn't changed once. Other than all that, the place seemed really nice and she was screaming like a little kid inside. Ever since she was little, landing a job at "Shikon Fashion" was only a dream. A few weeks after graduation, she finally recieved the call she had been waiting for and that's how she ended up here.

"Higurashi...Kagome?" Kagome's eyes lit up when she heard her name. She quickly stood up, fixed her skirt, and headed over to the woman.

"This way." The woman said and Kagome followed her. She was a bit shorter than Kagome, maybe even a few years younger too. Her black hair looked like it had been vigorously straightened and she was completely dressed head to toe. A status of some sort?

"In here," she opened a big glass door for Kagome," he'll be with you in a minute." She closed it back and left Kagome in amazement.

"This office is huge!" Her voice seemed to echo a bit, a bit too big perhaps? She sat comfortably in a chair, right across from the big desk, which she assumed was the boss's.

Kagome glanced around, aweing at every aspect. The office was completely made out of glass, probably the fancy kind that is shatter-proof. A nice size aquarium covered one wall, while a complete mini kitchen covered the other. She had been sitting there maybe 15 minutes when the door opened.

"No, have him cancel that appointment and Jaken, please make sure the Russian shipment of jewlery arrives here at 7 tonight! I won't accept it any later!"

She heard the beep of his phone and felt his "signature piece" brush against her shoulder. She couldn't believe it! Sesshomaru Taisho! The famous designer of Shikon Fashion! Right here in front of her! She tried to act as normal and sophisticated as possible but a smile was wanting to pop through her sealed lips.

"You are.." he glanced down at the file in front of him and looked back up," Higurashi Kagome, I presume?"

"Hai!" She cheerfully smiled.

"Yes..So tell me, why do you want to work here?" His monotone voice asked.

Kagome glanced down and twiddled her thumbs. She didn't know he was going to ask a question like that. Since she recieved that call, she had been practicing what to say when asked questions such as "Where do you come from?" or even "How long has it been since graduation?" but no, it's a question like this.

"Kagome, can I call you that? I don't have all day to sit here and wait for you to answer such a simple minded question. There are other women who would kill for this are just one of those that have no business to be here. I have another appointment with a very important client in about 10 minutes and I need to get this done, do I make myself clear?"

Kagome nodded her head and opened her mouth," I've been dreaming of being able to work here since I purchased my first dress from your company. The style, choice of clothing, everything is a wonderful dream. If you hire me, I promise it will make you worth while. You won't regret it."

"Hmm.." he narrowed his eyes and leaned back in his black leather chair," you start tommorrow. I'll have Rin give you your first assignment to do."

Kagome almost screamed in excitement," Thank you so much Mr. Taisho! I won't let you down! I promise!" She hopped up from the chair she was sitting in and practically ran out of the office and into the elevator.

"I've got to call back home!" She reached in and pulled out her cellphone from her purse and dialed the number.

"Hello?" a very tired voice answered.
"Oh, Kagome! How did the interview go?"
"I got the job! You are now talking to one of the top designers of the world's assistant!"
"You are moving up, aren't you? How is the unpacking of the apartment going?"
"I have the kitchen/living/dining room bedroom is going to take a bit longer..Haha."
"That's great honey..Um, Kagome?"
"You know it's almost 6 in the morning here, right?"
"Huh? Oh! I completely forgot! Mama, I'm so sorry! It's almost 4PM here. I'll let you go back to sleep. Good morning!"
"Good night. I love you."
"Love you too."

Kagome closed her phone and stuffed it back in her purse. She walked out of the big office building and stood on the edge of the curb.
"Time to try and stop a taxi."

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't kept in touch for a while. I started out sick for the new year and a new semester started and I've been busy with that. I'm glad to be back and welcome to a new year! I hope all of you have been well.

I want to take my writings to a new level and maybe I'll get better.

This story, I'm hoping, will stay around for a while! Keep your fingers crossed!