Author's Notes: Written for the Greek Mythology Drabble Table for femslash100 on Livejournal. Thirty utterly unconnected Lily-centric femmeslash drabbles. Enjoy!

Title: Springtime
Pairing: Lily/Alice
Prompt: femslash100 – #01 – "Persephone"
Rating: G
Word Count: 111


When springtime came, Lily spent her days sitting alone on the edge of the lake, and on one of the warmest days of the year, someone joined her.

"I'm Alice," said a round-faced, smiling girl, sitting down beside her. "What's your name?"


"Do you always sit out here?"

"Most of the time. I like springtime."

"Me too," Alice said.

She and Lily didn't exchange another word for the hours that they sat there together, but Lily found herself smiling. She couldn't quite explain, but Alice's presence awoke a sort of warmth and happiness inside her that she'd never felt before and didn't have a name for. But it was pleasant.