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'Slowly, The Pure White Snow Started To Turn Beautifully Crimson... The Colour Of My Blood...' Rin and Len were in love. Rin just didn't want to admit it. She seduced him, which resulted into 'rape'. It was not. A Bloody Path In The Snow Made Her Realise; His Darkest Hour had struck.

This chapter contains hints of Sexual interactions between twins, swearing, and hints of depression. This chapter is therefore rated M, like all my stories are/used to be. This chapter is not suitable for children under the age of 16, except when you are 13 like me, and can handle this shit.

Darkest Hour

Dark Desires...

We all desire. We all desire for something, don't we? We desire for money, for education, for a good job, a new car... We also desire for love. We desire for lust. Those last two will wreck you. It'll result into Love, Lust and Lies.

Well, at least in my case.

Why, you ask?

I desired for someone's love. For someone's attention. For someone's touches.

Because I'm in love with my brother. My twin brother, nonetheless. Sick, isn't it?

It makes me sick, at least. But well. Back to the subject. Love, Lust and Lies. If I'd ever be able to be with him, We would have to lie. Lie to all of our friends. We would have to lie to each other. And to ourselfs. I mean, it's forbidden. It's taboo. If we can't tell anyone, it isn't real... Right? I actually didn't have the slighest clue. What would our parents think? They're dead, but what if they weren't? Those questions haunted me. They killed me. They messed with me ever so slowly.

I hated his stupid girlfriend. Her name is Miku. She had long, beautiful, perfect, teal hair tied up into two perfect pigtails. Her eyes were the brighest colour of Turquoise, and when she laughed, it sounded like a hundred little silver bells. And she had a perfectly rounded C-Cup. She was Miss Perfect herself. Everything in her little world was like rainbows, unicorns and candy. I despised her so much.

But they were a good couple, I guess. My brother is just as perfect as she was. His name is Len. He's younger than me by 3 minutes. He has messy, sunnyblonde hair tied up in a small ponytail, and mysterious, cerulean eyes which make you drown in it. He's cute, hot, seductive, smart, funny, mysterious and silent. He has a slight sixpack, and his ass... Oh my God. It makes you wanna grab it and squeeze it all day long.

You probaly wonder why I tell things about Miku and shit in the past and about Len in the present? Because it still is true. Miku disappeared just like that.

About me? Well, My name is Kagamine Rin and I used to be 15. Now I'm 16. I have just as messy, sunny blonde hair as Len. Our hair reaches to our shoulders when it's down. Mine is always down. I have a huge, white bow tied into my hair. My eyes are also cerulean, but not as pretty as Len's. I have an B-Cup, which is really really small for my age. ( TOG; No it's not, Rin. I'm 13 and I have a D-Cup Cx. Rin; F- u.)

Anyways, let's get on with what has happened all this time.

One Year Ago...

"Rin, I'm home."

I smiled happily as I ran into the hall, "Welcome home, Len!"

He smiled back at me, and gave me a hug. He always did that when he came home. I hugged him back, of course. And also, Of course, I blushed slightly.

Once he let me go, he chuckled. "You're blushing again," I looked away. "It's cute, Rinny."

I muttered softly, "No, it's not..."

Thank The Heavens that Len always thought that I blushed because I thought contact with the opposite sex was uncomfortable. Thank you Lenny, for believing me so easily~

"I'm not eating at home tonight, Rin..."

"Why not?"

"Miku desires to go to a restaurant."

Desire. That word made my blood boil.

My voice trembled, "Yes, of course! Whenever Princess Miku asks you something, you're like an obedient dog, but when I ask you to help me with something or go to the store with me, you're 'too busy'! Great, just great! Have fun with Miss Perfect, Len! Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Have fun screwing her."

His voice went desperate, "Oh, come on! You sound jealous, Rin! It's not like it's the end of the world. I'll be at home at 9 o' clock."

That did it.

That just did it.

With tears burning in my eyes, I raised my hand and hit him in the face. Hard.

"No you won't. You'll stay over, like always. You always say you'll be home. But you won't. I hate you, Kagamine Len!" Tears were running down my cheeks, "Yes, I'm jealous! That's because you never do something with me anymore! I'm your twin, for Christs' Sake!"

He opened his mouth to say something.

So I hit him again, and pushed him away from me. After that, I ran upstairs, crying my eyes out. I threw myself onto our bed, in our room and hid my face in his pillow. I inhaled his scent. As I sobbed into the pillow, I whispered his name over and over again. It was like a chant. "Len... Len... Len... Len... Len, Len, Len, LEN!"

"Why, Len... Why...?"

I felt his gaze on me. He was in the room. Staring at me. I acted like I didn't notice. I peeked, and I saw him standing in the hall, looking through the door, which was slightly open.

As I stopped crying, I felt a bit... Let's say... Naughty...

I decided to put my plan into action, and I slid my left hand down my breasts, whimpering softly. I knew he was watching. I just knew he wouldn't be able to look away. I just felt it for some reason. I didn't wear a bra at that moment; I never did when I did the housekeeping. I kept stroking one of my breasts until my nipples were so hard that they were perking through my shirt. I let out a small moan. I heard him swallow.

I moved my shirt up, and toyed with my nipples by grabbing and pinching them. Small waves of pleasure jolted through my body. While I used my left hand to do that, I moved my skirt up too, and started stroking my thighs. The idea and the knowledge of my brother watching got me wet already. I rubbed myself through my panties, arching my back lightly. "O-Ohh.."

After a while, I was bored with that, so I slid 'em off. Positioning my fingers right, I started to scissor myself, using my thumb to rub my clit. My moaning slowly became louder and louder, and the pleasure built up. "N-Nnghnn..!"

When I reached my orgasm, I practically screamed it out. I came, panting wildly.

I heard Len breathing hard too, for some reason, and I heard him close the door softly.

I smiled to myself.

'Mission Accomplished...'

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