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I do not own Vocaloid in any way; Vocaloid & it's characters are property of Crypton Future Media & Yamaha. I own nothing in this story, except the idea and the writing of the story itself.

'Slowly, The Pure White Snow Started To Turn Beautifully Crimson... The Colour Of My Blood...' Rin and Len were in love. Rin just didn't want to admit it. She seduced him, which resulted into 'rape'. It was not. A Bloody Path In The Snow Made Her Realise; His Darkest Hour had struck.

This chapter contains hints of Sexual interactions between twins, swearing, and hints of depression. This chapter is therefore rated M, like all my stories are/used to be. This chapter is not suitable for children under the age of 16, except when you are 13 like me, and can handle this shit.

The Darkest Hour

Demonic Lust...

We all lust after. We all lust after something or someone, don't we? Lust, Lust, Lust. A girl, a boy, your best friend, an elderly woman or man, or an underaged kid. Some of these are just sick.

I know one which is the most gross and sick thing of all the things you can lust after.

What, you ask?

Your own twin.

I lusted after someone. Someone's love. Someone's body. Someone's attention. Someone's touches.

Because I'm in love with my sister. My twin sister, nonetheless. Sick, isn't it?

It's just sick. It's a sin. I'd rather die then that she'd know. I loved her dearly. I still do. She's just sexy. Cute. Nice. Funny. It all started when we bumped into each other in the hallway after Rin came out of the shower. She had forgotten her towel, and fell right onto me, pinning me down, mouth on mouth. Her damp skin brushing against mine, in the heat of the summer.

Of course, being a boy, I couldn't help but get aroused, and got an boner. Her hips were digging into mine, her breasts pressed against my chest. I couldn't hold back a moan. Rin got off me, both our faces were flushed, she muttered that she was sorry and ran off. Such a simple thing was the start of my crush on her.

Rin is absolutely perfect. She's older than me by 3 minutes. She has perfect, sunnyblonde hair with the huge, white bow I gave her for our 8th' Birthday tied in her hair. She has big, sparkling, innocent, cerulean eyes. She's really cute, sexy, noisy, seductive, but also innocent, smart and funny. She has a real nice body.

About me? Well, My name is Kagamine Len and I'm 16. I have messy, sunny blonde hair tied into a ponytail. My eyes are also cerulean, but not as enchanting as Rin's. I wear both contacts and glasses.

Anyways, let's get on with this shit.

Rin had fallen asleep after that... whole... thing. After a while, She slowly opened her eyes.


I smiled a little, "Hm?"

"Don't you... Have a date with," She paused for a moment before spatting out her name, "Princess Miku?", I shook my head. "Nah. I called her off. She was pissed, but yeah... You are right... I give her all my attention. I'm sorry I neglected you, Rinny..."

Her eyes widened a little, "Who? What? How? Where? ... Huh?", I chuckled lightly as she continued, "Wh-What made you change your mind..?"

I just had no idea how to answer that. I couldn't just tell her, 'I watched you masturbate while doing the same, and you moaned my name, so... I love you. Yay, happy ending for everyone!', could I?

She looked at me with her big, innocent eyes.

"I... Just... Found out... I was... Wrong..?"

She giggled softly as she sat up, resting her head against my chest, "Silly Len..."

My heart was beating as hard as it could.

It was now or never.

I cupped her chin, forcing my lips against hers.