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The raven-haired teenager engaged the autopilot and swerved around in his seat. He stared at the door to the cargo hold with a grimace. He was technically their host while they were all aboard his ship. He had to check in on them. Regardless how much he wanted the theory of natural selection not to be total bull so that it could run its course in there until they all exterminated each other. He let out an exasperated breath and unfastened his safety belt hesitantly. He really didn't want to deal with this soap opera.

He wished his mother had agreed to come along. At least then, he'd have the same kind of support they all had in this little drama. He understood her hesitation, though. She felt like a third wheel. They were all couples- in spite of what the older generation in that cargo hold was endeavoring to accomplish presently. She was also too old to just, experience this with infantile mirth. She'd made the concession that she would happily come along when she had grandchildren to enjoy the experience through.

The Osmosian had sworn to himself he'd make that happen for her as soon as he and Gwen were ready for it. After all, he was well aware of the rather large part he'd played in the demise of his mother's second marriage to Harvey. What kind of man wanted a woman with the kind of baggage his mother carried? A psychotically violent, half-human, half-alien child with unsuppressed anger and abandonment issues that he hadn't even engendered, was exactly what every guy wanted when he married!

For sure, if his mother wanted grandkids to spoil in Walt Disney World, he would provide them for her happily. He just added this to the ever-growing list of things he owed his mother for what he put her through as a boy.

The eighteen year old rubbed his hands briskly over his face to drown out the guilt and got up to enter the cargo hold. He'd considered the idea of all of them driving to their destination in a caravan. That way everyone was in his or her own vehicle and the forced interaction currently taking place, would've been moot. However, he discarded the notion as too cumbersome. It would take them days to arrive and they would be unable to enjoy their stay for as long.

He really wanted this shared experience for himself and his friends. This was the last summer before Julie, he and Gwen went off to college. Ben was heading for South Dakota to set up a headquarters from which he could focus on hero work full-time with the help of the Plumbers at the Mount Rushmore base. They were all heading off in different directions and he wanted one last big bash before everyone went their separate ways.

Hence, he was flying them and their parents to Florida for a week of fun, relaxation and mischief. The dark teenager laughed humorlessly to himself before opening the door to his awaiting torment.

He really had no idea how his best friend had never noticed the level of animosity his girlfriend's father held toward him. The man was anything but subtle about it. The kid really was oblivious.

Then there was Natalie. Oh, so passive aggressive Natalie Tennyson…

That woman actually considered it sport to try poisoning her daughter against him. Was it considered matricide if it wasn't your own mother you murdered? Then again, that might not be an issue if his girlfriend achieved the intent the look she was shooting at her mother was communicating as the oldest teenager walked in to the cargo hold. Whatever the topic of conversation he intruded upon was- it was decidedly angering the Anodyte.

They were all in airline style seats he'd set up for them just for this occasion and the oldest ginger was addressing her sister-in-law who sat next to her with unabridged disapproval. "Honestly Sandra, I don't understand how you're so comfortable with your boy not going to college. He's practically throwing his future away." The superiority in her voice was palpable.

As the oldest teenager looked on, he saw Carl shoot a pleading look at his brother, who just shrugged at a loss. He didn't have any say over the crap the redhead said!

The wielder of the Ultimatrix's mother narrowed her eyes icily at the snob beside her. "Ben is doing much more important work where he's going than if he were to go to a University, Lily. We raised our son to find his own path in life and we are proud of the wonderful young man he's turning out to be."

There was an audible scoff from Mr. Yamamoto. "Mothers have such lovingly unperceptive eyes!"

Julie put a hand on her father's arm reproachingly. "Daddy!"

Carl instantly rounded on the man, though he was too far down the isle of seats to get a good look at from his vantage point. "What's that supposed to mean?"

The Japanese man didn't bother turning his head as he spoke in his thick accent. He knew the other man was too far to make eye contact. "It means that you are too close to see your son objectively, with all due respect; just look at the way he treats my Julie… going off to play hero, while she goes off to study. He doesn't care what happens to her. He just wants to be rid of her and do his own thing! That's your wonderful young man! Now, Levin there," the Asian man nodded at Kevin, "he's willing to do anything for his girl. That's real devotion!"

"Don't drag me into this, Dude!" The older teen sounded agonized. Why exactly did he come in here again?

Ben didn't let either his father or girlfriend answer, though they both released dismayed gasps. He unbuckled his seat belt and stood next to Kevin in order to retort heatedly. "Mr. Yamamoto, I have to do this! I'm the only one who can wear the Ultimatrix and I have a responsibility to protect everyone who needs me! College isn't for everybody! Your daughter is pre-med; she wants to join the professional tour for as long as she's young enough to do it… Julie wants to have her own life and very well deserves to. Kevin can take me to see her whenever I get a chance. Not to mention, I can fly! Long distance is not that big of a deal for us. Our relationship is always going to be tough! My entire life isn't exactly a cakewalk! However, I'm willing to stick it out for as long as she is! I need her more than anything!" He finished with a loving look at his little Asian American who was smiling brightly back at him from her seat between her father and mother.

Natalie's sarcastic laughter brought everyone's attention back to her. "Wait! Do you mean to tell me that you want your daughter to have her very own stalker? Don't be ridiculous, Yamamoto!"

The younger teen was glad he was up and out of his chair so that he could put a halting hand on his best friend's arm when he saw him jerk towards his aunt at that one. What exactly did he intend to do? He couldn't hurt her. Then again, the punch he received in the arm from the frustrated Osmosian was a clear indication of how badly the boy wanted to.

He yelped and immediately brought a hand up to rub at the forming bruise, shooting furious daggers at his friend. "God! Kevin, I'm not even the one you're pissed at!" Instinctively, the brunette shot out a fist that connected with his best friend's shoulder blade just as bruisingly.

Kevin was unprepared for both the impact and the force of it. When had Tennyson gotten this strong? He hissed at the pain in his upper back briefly before turning to retaliate. Ben was already in a defensive stance.

Gwen's raised voice, however, stopped them before either of their raised fists made contact. They turned to see she'd crossed her arms and was staring at them with open disappointment from her seat. "Are you kidding, guys? You're both above that! Don't let them get to you! This trip is for us!"

Both boys dropped their hands and chorused sheepishly, "Sorry, Gwen."

Sandra spoke up in an effort to mend the peace between the friends. "You should be apologizing to each other, not to Gwen."

Both boys shot horrified looks at her then turned to each other. They immediately burst into laughter. The brunette spoke up in response to his mother's request. "Yeah. Not happening, Mom."

The Osmosian shaking his head with an evil smirk while crossing his arms adamantly over his chest chorused that sentiment.

The blonde slumped in her chair slightly disappointed that the boys hadn't apologized, but happy, nonetheless, they were obviously still on good terms. She stiffened again at the grating sound of her sister-in-law's voice. She wasn't bothering to veil the venom in it whatsoever. "Well what did you expect, dear? Your nonsensical, new-age mumbo-jumbo isn't going to fix the horrid manners of a juvenile delinquent or seventeen years of not raising your child properly."

Carl's eyes snapped furiously to his brother. "Seriously, Frank! Rein her in!"

Sandra was no longer even registering her husband's voice at this point. "That's it, you arrogant…" Ben launched himself at his mother to detangle her hands from around his aunt's throat. His uncle was frantically trying to help.

Julie's parents were both leaning forward to look at the ridiculous scene and laughing while their daughter looked on in horror.

Gwen just rubbed the bridge of her nose before sending a tortured, pleading look up at her boyfriend. He returned the look, only his eyes reflected dismayed grief as he raked a disgruntled hand through his hair. He quickly turned and retreated into the cockpit.

Upon reaching the controls, he disengaged the autopilot and gunned it for Orlando. He had to get those lunatics separated… NOW!

Happiest place on earth… his sculpted Osmosian…

This group was definitely going to test that slogan!

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