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October 30st, 1996; Hogwarts & Forbidden Forest

Chapter: Moony's Cub

[Moony-the-wolf; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Full moon. Year 6 for his cub, Harry]

Moony prowled around the forest, bathing in the moonlight. The scarce fur and his pointed ears gently ruffled in the slight breeze, his heightened senses making him even more dangerous; He could smell the fear of the residents, could hear the low murmurs of the teachers trying to soothe their frightened students. But he had only one goal this night: Harry Potter.

As he lowered his upper half to the ground, his paws large circles with pointed claws digging into the dirt, he threw his elongated face backwards into the air and parted his snout to alert the forest to his hunt. His howl was heard and obeyed by the occupants, nobody quite sure where he would begin. Other werewolves of the Forbidden Forest howled in response, their pack Alpha-less and Cub-less.

Mooony, or Remus J. Lupin, had been turned by one Fenrir Greyback, a rouge Wolf himself. Man and beast were blood-thirsty, and had been for quite some time after the death of Fenrir's only blood-cub.*

He took off, his paws pounding against the ground as he began his hunt, taking in deep breathes to find his own cub, wanting to protect him and needing to find him. Only Moony was able, only Moony could keep his cub safe. In the present state of mind, Remus and Moony were in perfect agreement. Not even the boy's own godfather, Sirius Black, could keep him safe from the true horrors that were sure to be happening.

He blanked out, for a time, until he suddenly found himself in the Great Hall, where three students were sitting at midnight. He let out another howl, to let it be known he had found his cub.

The only female, bushy hair and soft brown eyes, looked up and gasped, alerting the others who also looked up. The boy with red hair hastily took out a long wooden stick, as the girl whispered furiously to him. Moony didn't understand, nor did he attempt to. He simply walked closer, sniffing out his little cub.

Harry also took a step closer to the wolf, to his guardian. Moony wouldn't hurt him, he was sure. Only Moony, Remus and Harry knew the bond they shared. The girl reached out to grab at Harry's sleeve, a mistake on her part. It caused the werewolf to growl and he raced forward, putting himself between the other two and his precious cub.

"Hermione! Stop! Moony won't hurt me!" His cub whispered angrily, placing a soothing hand on the wolf's back.

Hermioneā€¦so, this was the girl's name..ah, yes..Moony remembered teaching her in his cub's third year at Hogwarts. Clever girl, very smart. But not smart enough to not stand between a werewolf and his cub.

"H-harry, Remus isn't in his right mind!" The bushy-haired girl suddenly yelled. Moony, at the shrilly tone of her voice, snapped his jaws in her direction, making her and her companion shrink back in fear, rightly cowed.

"Hermione, Moony's in charge; of course he isn't in his right mind. But Moony will do anything to protect his cub. That's me!" Harry said softly, earning an approving look from the werewolf, "Moony sees me as his cub, therefore, takes it as his duty to protect me. Where do you think I've disappeared off to for the last several Full moons, Hermione? Moony only wants to protect me, and I wasn't there to meet him at the usual time this evening." Harry explained, turning to watch behind them as three shadowy figures appeared.

"-in is in his wolf form, Headmaster, surely-" came Snape's voice, a sound whisper that echoed throughout the hall.

"Harry will be fine with him, Severus; Remus' wolf recognizes him as his cub, and therefore, will only be looking to protect him. I gave Harry my approval to be with Remus on the full moon," Dumbledore's voice interrupted, only to have McGonagall's voice break in as well.

"But, surely Albus, Potter is not safe with him!"

"Harry is perfectly safe, Minerva, Severus. Right now, let us go save the poor souls that have managed to be caught in Harry's precense." Dumbledore chuckled after this, and all three adults rounded the corner into the great hall.

Snape's onyx eyes opened at the sight of Moony leering over the two Gryffindor's, while Harry was in the wolf's protective embrace. McGonagall huffed, crossing her arms over her full bosom, as Dumbledore only chuckled again warmly and gesture to the wolf to back away.

Moony was quite hesitant to obey, wanting to snap at the two children for trying to stop his cub from moving to safety. A soft whine escaped him as he backed off as asked, causing his pup to stumble as well. At this, he noticed the black-haired man's snort of amusement, and growled lowly in his chest.

Quickly, Severus noticed his own stupid mistake. He had insulted the wolf's cub.

Harry, thankfully, took control of the situation, and brought his hands up to rest on Remus' shoulders, making the wolf look down at him.

"Shh, Moony. I am find, he hasn't harmed me. He hasn't done anything wrong," Harry murmured softly, snuggling into the wolf's chest.

Hasn't harmed? HASN'T HARMED? Moony was angered, he knew what the man had done to his cub, had said to his cub. Only being snuggled by his cub deterred the wolf from attack the greasy-haired man where he stood.

The old man silently ushered the two other's from the hall, leaving a stunned cat animagus and a grumbling Potions Master to quickly follow. The Gryffindor Head of House took hold of Snape's robes and tugged him along after her, calling back at her surrogate grandson that he had best explain when the morning came.

Harry only laughed as a result, and allowed Moony to cradle him close as he then escaped the large ancient building to his nest in the Forest.

For the entire night, Moony hunted, leaving Harry in the relative safety of the adoptive pack of wolves. Just as morning rose, Moony-the-wolf came lumbering back with a dead thestral. He, still a wolf, couldn't understand as his cub snorted in disdain, before he rose and moved to clean off Moony's face. Another forty-five minutes, and Moony was slowly morphing in Remus Lupin, who lay on the ground weakly and just-barely conscious.

Transfiguring the extra clothes Harry always had stashed on him, he resized them and then carefully dressed the man, lifting himself up on his tip-toes to press soft, rose-like lips against the scarred cheek of Remus Lupin.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked the next morning. He had just walked through the entrance to the Great Hall when she had spotted him, a disbelieving look on her pale features. Remus had, as always, brightened when Harry entered, and he had shot the man a look full of love and trust. Ron, disgruntled as he was, snorted at his best friend's behaviour and pulled her back into her seat.

Even Slytherin students were looking at him oddly, but he didn't care. As he sank into his spot next to his bushy-haired friend, he only chuckled and began filling his plate.

"Harry, why didn't you tell us you snuck out on the full moon to see Remus?" Ron, surprisingly NOT Hermione, asked him lowly.

"Remus and Dumbledore said it probably wasn't the best idea, Ron. And Hermione, before you ask, I had Madam Pomfrey check me out as soon as I brought Remus back inside. Not a mark on me, unless you count my scar," Harry answered quietly, "Last night was pretty quiet, guys. Remus hunted, left me in the care of the other werewolves in the forest. He went and asked earlier yesterday and they agreed to watch me while he hunted."

Hermione gave a shrilly cry, just as Hedwig came flying down out of nowhere. She led the group of over at least two hundred birds, each carrying something. Hedwig had brought him a pouch of gold from his vault at Gringotts, a cake from Hagrid, a red howler from someone unknown, and an official letter from Gringotts. He started with the Howler, wincing as he, and the rest of the hall, recognized the voice from his second year.

"HARRY POTTER! HOW DARE YOU SNEAK OUT OF THE GRYFFINDOR DORMITORIES AFTER HOURS TO RUN AROUND WITH WEREWOLVES! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER WOULD THINK, NOT LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR HEALTH! OF ALL THE DANGEROUS STUNTS YOU COULD HAVE PULLED, THIS IS THE STUPIDEST OF THEM ALL! REMUS LUPIN IS A FULLY GROWN MAN, I'M QUITE SURE HE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF!" the voice finally died down, and it automatically ripped itself into shreds before each piece floated down towards the table in front of his plate. A snicker at the Slytherin table brought him back to reality, though tears pricked quickly at his emerald-coloured eyes. He stood abruptly and ran from the hall, leaving his letters with his friends.

At the head table, Remus was angered that Molly Weasley would yell at his cub like that. He looked pointedly at the headmaster for permission, before he also stood and exited the hall after his cub.

He didn't have to look long, he found Harry in the Astronomy tower, sitting with his knees brought up to his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around them. He knelt behind the boy, and pulled Harry back against his firm chest, his own arms wrapping around Harry's shoulders as his head came to rest with his chin on top of Harry's ruffled black hair.

"Cub, Molly means well, it's just-"

"I know she means well, Moony, I just wish she hadn't brought my mum or dad up," Harry replied softly, tilting his head to look at Remus, "She's not my mum. Even if she were, she has to know dad used to romp around with you night on the full," he rubbed absently at his eyes, "I've got another 10 months before I'm seventeen. I just wish she'd stop treating me like a kid!"

Remus only chuckled softly, the warm breath upsetting Harry's hair, "I know, cub. I know you're upset with how she's treating you. But you know she only does it out of love for you, Harry. She sees you as a surrogate son, and the man who will marry her daughter one day."

Harry sighed, leaning back into Remus' arms, "Remus, I won't marry Ginny. And Ginny understands. I'm gay. I can't marry her and be happy. I just can't, Remus." He whispered softly, letting go of his knees. He then turned in the tawny-haired man's arms and buried his now free-flowing tear-stained face in Remus's shoulder. In silence, Remus cursed Molly for having made his cub cry.

Later, after thirty minutes of sitting there, consoling each other, they made their back to Remus' office, where they sat before class started.

Harry moved through his day, unable to wait for the next full moon.

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