Ichigo was sitting outside Urahara's shop, ear pressed to the door. The war had been over for almost 4 years, Ichigo still had no Shinigami or vizards powers though he could see spirits again at least. But Ichigo had a different power. But he wasn't going to explain that to his friends. There wasn't a need to yet. Anyway back to why Ichigo is eavesdropping on Urahara and some Shinigami. There is a new enemy, a powerful one. The Shinigami are calling this new enemy, Soulless. Basically their new enemy acts like a Hollow, devouring souls but they aren't eating to become stronger. They eat to give life to new Soulless. Soulless also can infect a Shinigami so if left uncured, the Shinigami will evolve into a Soulless as well. Infection spreads through touch. Yup the Shinigami are pretty much screwed.

The Shinigami were trying hard to keep Ichigo OUT of this battle, Ichigo already almost died in the Winter War. Ichigo was trying to get back in. He could help. He knew he could.

"About how many are there now?" Rukia asked, worried clear in her voice.

"I don't know anymore" Urahara sighed.

A certain gloom was over them. Ichigo frowned. Suddenly a roar cut through that gloomy tension like a knife through butter. Ichigo whipped around, to see a large Soulless. A clawed hand came down, grabbing Ichigo off the porch. A door flew open. "ICHIGO!" a voice yelled. Ichigo's head was fogging up from lack of air.

Ichigo then had a sense of falling. He was. Something had sliced the arm off of the beast that held him. Ichigo hit the ground, he groaned as he curled up in a ball. Through half lidded eyes, Ichigo watched the Soulless die and his friends rush towards him. Ichigo groaned again. He couldn't be infected but it was still painful being touched by one of those things. Even more so when he dropped like 10 feet onto the hard ground. Ichigo screwed his eyes shut.

"Sleep King…sleep off the pain…the infection…all of it…sleep my beautiful, naïve King" a soft, watery voice rung in Ichigo's head. He let out a loud breathe before following the advice and falling asleep.

Rukia, Renji, Uryu, Chad, Yoruichi, Urahara, and Orihime sat in the shop, talking again. Ichigo was curled up, sleeping on a mat a few feet from the table. "Did anyone else see that blur kill the Soulless" Rukia asked.

Everyone nodded. "Any ideas what it was…cuz it made quick work of that Soulless, something that takes us forever" Rukia asked.

"Maybe it was a Shinigami?" Orihime suggested.

"It looked more like it was dressed in white or grey" Uryu shook his head.

The answer laid silently in the air. No one wanted to believe they were back.

"Will Kurosaki-kun be okay?" Orihime changed the subject.

"I don't think so" Renji replied.

They looked over and Ichigo was gone, the blanket thrown aside, the oranget just missing.

"Shit" Renji growled.

Ichigo had been gone for a few days. Renji and Rukia were back on Soulless duty. It's hard to fight something if you can't touch or go near it, let alone kill it. Suddenly the Soulless in front of them froze, gagging. Blood exploded from it, splattering on the ground with a wet splashing noise. The body fell, revealing its killer. Blue hair. Tanned skin. A white jawbone mask. White half jacket and pants. All splattered in blood. Purple and wine colored eyes meet the other's blue eyes with teal markings on the corners of them. An Espada. The Sexta Espada. He flashed a feral grin. Then he turned and disappeared.

Rukia shivered. That Arrancar. He tried to kill Rukia a long time ago, now he saved her and Renji. What was happening? Why was an Espada still alive? Why was an Espada saving its enemy? "I don't get it" she murmured.

Ulquiorra walked down the hall of Las Noches. He didn't know why he had to be the one to report every time. Their leader always seemed to do something to him. He always blushed and was nervous around their leader. Yes Ulquiorra wanted to know what the heart was, but gaining one and affection for their leader wasn't his thought on it.

Ulquiorra opened the door and instantly froze. In front of him was a half naked oranget. Their leader. Ulquiorra must have made a noise because Ichigo turned around and squeaked upon seeing Ulquiorra. The oranget quickly covered himself with a blanket from his bed. "Y-yes?" Ichigo asked, blushing furiously.

Ulquiorra's green eyes dulled slightly and he looked dazed. Ichigo was quick to secure the blanket to cover his chest and raced over to pull the black haired male to the bed. Ichigo may be human, but he was still strong enough to drag Ulquiorra to the bed. He forced the other to sit and sighed. He didn't understand why Ulquiorra acted like a schoolgirl around him.

Ichigo made sure Ulquiorra was in a position that if he fell, it wouldn't be off the bed. Then he went into his bathroom. He sighed quietly. Shiro decided to change his wardrobe. Again. Ichigo changed into it anyway. He was now in a white miniskirt and a zipped up white vest. He was sure Shiro had some sort of fetish with showing as much of his skin as possible without Ichigo killing him for it. he let out another sigh and went back to his bedroom.

Ulquiorra had regained his composure. "Ulqui…what brings you to my room?" Ichigo asked.

Ulquiorra blushed a bit at the nickname. "Just to inform you the killing of the Soulless is being done smoothly, just as you requested" the green eyed male explained.

"That's good" Ichigo chirped.

"But the Shinigami seem a bit worried about our presence" Ulquiorra finished.

"…Huh…well I will talk to them" Ichigo suggested.

Ulquiorra nodded slightly. "Oi! King!" Shiro called, his albino head popping into the room.

"Yeah Shi?" Ichigo asked, turning to him. Ulquiorra frowned slightly.

"The Soul Society decided to capture and question Grimmy" Shiro stated, amused.

A new story. okay so in this story Ichigo has no Shinigami/Vizard powers. But he can see sprirts. Shiro is Ichigo's Hollow and him being here will be explained later. Warning, this is a uke Ichigo Harem so I will randomly throw guys at him. but it's mainly UlquiIchi Vs GrimmIchi Vs ShiroIchi

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