Dear Derpy Hooves,

When you first appeared on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you were but an animation error who was on-screen for a few seconds. You were meaningless. But the bronies thought differently. They gave you a job. They gave you a name, a personality, and love. They nurtured you and cared for you.
From the moment you had your first speaking line, the fans squealed. They gave you muffins. They gave you fanfictions. Eventually, they gave you a family: a loving husband, and two beautiful fillies.
Lauren Faust took notice of the brony commitment to you, and she gave you the character model, forever. And now, in The Last Roundup, they have given you a voice. They came to the brony community, and observed what we had done with your character: the funny, clutzy, but good-hearted mare who loved helping ponies out. And they made you canon.
From an animation error to a canon character, we've followed you all the way. Enjoy your special day. We love you, Derpy Hooves.

With tearful joy,