Summary: A series of three drabbles/mini fics where the Tenth Doctor tries writing some love letters to win the affections of his companion, Donna.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, but I have some nice notepaper.

A/N: This was written for Challenge 5: Love Letters on "bbcland".

A/N2: Both nipponophile and tkelparis wrote responding fics to this, so hopefully they'll post their ones too! :)

Love Letters... Almost… Hopefully



My dearest friend Donna,

As I write this I am hiding behind the rubbish bins gauging whether or not to knock on your door. I fear I would not be welcomed if I did. I know I said some awful things to you, but I'm truly sorry. I have no excuse. I have a reason; I just don't have an excuse.

What's that? You want to know the reason? Do I have to spell it out to you? I do? Okay, I'm having a one-sided conversation here with myself, but since you aren't talking to me at the moment I have to talk to someone, don't I? Where was I before you rudely interrupted me... Oh yes! The reason I behaved so badly should be obvious by now, and if it isn't I am truly sorry for that too. The reason my dear heart is that I love you almost as much as I loved my previous girlfriend. You mean so much to me!

For ever yours

The Doctor


Dearest darling Donna,

Let me start by saying I cannot apologise enough for the wording in the letter I handed to you yesterday. What was I thinking? I should not have said such things! I know I did! You don't have to rub it in you know! I CAN read! I can also write, but I have the feeling you aren't as impressed with that as I had hoped you would be.

Yes I'm sorry I wrote the letter in Gallifreyan. And I am also sorry that you had to hunt down that massive tome in the library to translate it. Whilst I'm apologising I had better apologise for the end part of the message. As I said: what was I thinking? I don't love you almost as much as my previous girlfriend; I think I can definitely say it is on a par. There! I finally said it.

For ever hopefully yours,

The Doctor


My darling Donna, my precious one,

I do not understand why you are so upset with me. I truly do not. I've poured my hearts out to you in two letters now, and still you do not requite my love. Why, dearest darling one? What have I done to upset you? My last letter was much easier to translate now that you have left the translation tome on the middle of the library table; and I did provide a magnifying glass this time.

And for the record, yes, that cup of tea you threw over me was indeed very hot! Scolding in fact! Why did you want to hurt me like that? How can a letter from me break your heart? I was saying nice things; lovely things. Things that I actually meant this time. Erm... Not that I have ever said something to you that I didn't mean, or half meant, unlike the last time. Not with you! Oh no no no no! I was referring to the other one. You remember her, don't you? I pointed her out to you once.

So that only leaves me to try again and to keep trying, because my love for you will never wane (or is that wain, or perhaps Wayne? No, maybe not...). And I will wait for you as you did me.

For ever lovingly yours

The Doctor