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Chapter 2 I have Siblings?

When they arrived in the correct time Harry looked around. They were in the entrance hall of what looked like a very nice home.

"Where are we?" Harry asked.

"Potter Manor," James said, looking curiously at his son. Harry had always been a very energetic and quite troublesome child. The boy standing in front of him probably couldn't have been more different from his Harry if he tried.

He wondered how they would get along now. He and Harry had had an ok relationship before. They got along well, but if James wanted to do something with Harry and one of his friends wanted to do something at the same time Harry was sure to go with his friend. James wondered if that would be the same now.

"It's night here," Sirius observed.

"Absolutely brilliant Sirius. Did it also occur to you that we are on a different time schedule here, seeing as it's the middle of the summer here?" Remus asked sarcastically.

Sirius looked sheepish again. "It's summer again?" Harry asked.

"Before your forth year," James replied.

"Great," Harry moaned, "I have to do two full years of school over again, exactly what I always wanted." Now James got a glimpse of the son he knew.

"You can't be a sixth year," Lily said, looking startled. "You're even too small for an almost fourth year."

The marauders nodded their agreement.

"I am sixteen years old, and I've already done forth year once. It was not a pleasant experience the first time either, thank you very much," Harry said with dignity. He then shrugged. "I was always small for my age anyway."

The Harry James knew would've had a fit if Lily had called him small like that. He decided to try something he knew would never work with his own son. "Time for bed, it's almost midnight here," he said. Everyone else threw him looks that said, 'you're kidding, right?' but Harry only nodded and yawned.

"I didn't sleep well last night anyway," he responded. Now everyone looked at him incredulously while James looked smug. "Um, I don't know where my room is though."

"I'll take you there," Sirius offered.

"Thanks," Harry said, offering a smile that seemed awfully shy to James. Sirius took no notice as he grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him away. James also noticed that Harry flinched when he was unexpectedly touched. That really didn't seem to bode well.

As soon as Harry was out of sight Lily turned on James. "How did you know he would actually listen!" she asked in shock. Harry had always resisted being sent to bed, even when he was a baby. He seemed to hate having to go to sleep and miss out on anything that was going to happen. Consequentially it was always a struggle to get him to go to bed. It had only got harder as he got older, unfortunately….

"This is a different Harry," James explained, "I figured it wouldn't do any harm to try. And I was right," he added smugly.

"He's very different," Remus said thoughtfully. Lily and James' attention sharpened greatly; Remus was always the best judge of character. "He's so small and he smells different. He smells a lot more like Lily than James, but not exactly her smell. Kind of like how Kaden smells like Jada," he named two of the other three Potter children. "He also acts like Sirius did all through our first year."

James drew in a sharp breath. He had thought that too but hoped he was just mistaken. Sirius during their first year acted like an abused child who had never really learned to trust adults before. That had changed soon after he was introduced to James' parents though.

"I-I only have one sister and I wouldn't wish the child of Lucius Malfoy to be raised by her, no matter how much of a brat Harry's always insisted he is," Lily said softly.

"We'll just have to wait and see," James concluded.

"And get Sirius opinion," Remus reminded him.

James nodded, unaware that Sirius was walking up behind him. "My opinion on what?" Sirius asked distractedly.

James jumped, let out a startled yelp, and spun around. Sirius gave a short laugh, but still looked troubled about something.

"We wanted to know what you thought about Harry," Lily said.

"He's far too wary for a teenager," Sirius said instantly. "He flinches when he's touched unexpectedly (or at all for that matter). He seemed stunned by his room, like he's never really had one of his own."

"He's not what our Harry was. He's much more polite; thanked me for showing him the way to his room and apologized for taking up my time when I could've been doing other things. Not what a typical teenager should be," he concluded. Everyone stared at him.

"What? I do have observation skills you know? I just normally don't apply them. He is my godson; I have ever right to worry about him."

"We're not trying to accuse you of anything Sirius, we just aren't used to you looking so deep," Lily assured him.

"Yes, well, normally Remus takes care of that department," Sirius said uncomfortably.

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see about Harry though," James concluded with a frown. It was odd not to know his own son. He would just have to get to know the boy all over again, that was all.


Harry was woken the next morning by something small, but heavy jumping on him.

"Ow!" he cried as he sat bolt upright. A little girl toppled down next to him on his bed. Harry was still shocked at the size of said bed, not to mention the rest of the room.

"Good morning Harry!" she cried happily. "Daddy said you came back last night and not to bother you before ten o'clock 'cause you were gonna be tired, but I really, really wanted to see you. You've been gone for soooooooooooo long, even Jada misses you. Not that she'll ever admit it of course, but still…" the little girl trailed off.

Harry was utterly confused. Who was Jada? Who was the little girl herself? He had no idea other then that she looked like him.

"Um…who're you?" was all his sleep muddled brain could come up with.

"You-you don't remember me?" the girl asked pitifully, tears filling her eyes.

"Don't cry baby, shhh, it'll be alright," he tried to sooth. He looked up with a confused expression for his father who had just entered the room, but the little girl claimed his attention again by throwing her arms around his neck and crying into his shoulder.

"Shh, Fairy, everything will be alright," he assured her. 'Who is she?' he mouthed over her head at his father.

"Your sister Kaden, though now she will probably insist that she forever be called Fairy," James answered out loud.

"Oh!" Harry said with an enlightened expression. "I never even thought that I might have siblings!"

He looked down at Kaden (or Fairy) and trilled a few notes of a soothing phoenix song. The little girl looked up at him in wonder.

"Where did you learn to do that!" she asked in excitement.

Harry laughed somewhat giddily. He had always wanted younger siblings; Kaden was like a dream come true for him. "It's a phoenix song," he told her. "I can teach you how to sing it if you want," he offered as an after thought.

"Would you?" she asked, looking ecstatic and like she had already forgotten his not knowing her name earlier. She may even have been glad about it. She had gotten a new nickname and the chance to learn a new language out of it after all.

"Of course!" Harry cried. "I wouldn't have offered if I wouldn't do it would I?"

Fairy shook her head hard.

"I think you've managed to acquire a nickname for yourself too," James half laughed as Harry stood up carrying Kaden.

Harry gave him a puzzled look and he elaborated. "Phoenix," he said, "since you can talk their language."

Harry nodded with a happy look on his face. "Am I too late for breakfast?" he asked.

"No, even though I told everyone to leave you alone someone doesn't seem to want to obey," James said with a pointed look at Kaden.

"It's alright; I've already slept longer than I should've," Harry said as he noticed it was already nine o'clock.

James gave him a disbelieving look. "You're hardly ever out of bed before twelve o'clock if we don't force you to get up!" he cried.

Harry's jaw dropped. "I slept that long! Good Lord, what was I doing when I was supposed to be sleeping at night?"

James gave a loud laugh. "Isn't that the question we all want answered?" he asked between laughs.

Fairy giggled lightly. She was adorable.

"So," James began, "why are you not completely, like, traumatized by supposedly dead parents randomly walking into the great hall during lunch?"

Fairy looked utterly confused, and Harry laughed a little darkly. "Oh believe me I'll have a mental breakdown as soon as I realize what's happening. I'm kind of stuck in shock right now though. Besides, I'm completely used to the most unbelievable things happening to me by now."

"What's that supposed to mean?" James asked worriedly.

"Just that I've had a couple...extraordinary adventures, I guess you could call them," Harry answered.

James didn't ask, but knew he would pursue the subject later, probably with Lily right next to him.

The walk was silent for a few seconds, but then Harry was struck by a thought that he simply had to voice. "Am I any good at quidditch here?" he asked.

"You're kidding, right?" a new boy asked.

The boy had seemingly popped up out of nowhere, and there was another girl standing next to him. They looked to be twins, both with red hair and hazel eyes in contrast to Harry and Kaden's black hair and green eyes. "You suck lemons at quidditch. You're almost as bad as Fred, George, and Charlie Weasley!"

"I'm going to take that as a compliment, seeing as Charlie could've played for England if he hadn't gone chasing dragons, as Hagrid put it," Harry chuckled.

The boy looked at him as though he was mad.

"You mean that Phoenix? He's so bad here that he's legendary. Even little Fairy knows to run for cover if he ever gets anywhere near a broom!"

Harry nodded, but the girl piped up angrily.

"Hey! Why do Harry and Kaden get nicknames! I want one too!" she cried.

"Ask Harry," James said, "he was the one that started giving them out."

Both twins turned to Harry with eager looks on their faces that Harry couldn't refuse.

He looked at them closely. They almost reminded him of Fred and George, with their air of absolute innocence while the light of mischief shone behind their eyes. What magical creatures were there that seemed innocent but liked to cause trouble? Hmmm…..

Harry's face suddenly lit up as the perfect names struck him. It would probably be the only time he was ever grateful to Lockheart.

"Pixy and Sprite," Harry said with a contented look on his face. "Because you remind me of Fred and George."

"What are pixies and sprites?" the girl (Pixy) asked.

"A pixy is a seemingly harmless creature, but causes unprecedented amounts of chaos when it is released in a limited amount of space. Actually they pretty much cause trouble no matter what; it's just worse when they're being contained."

"Sprites are almost the same thing, except for minor differences in their body structure and emotional make up."

"Pixies have wings are attached to their backs and are normally blue but very rarely vary into shades of green. Sprites have wings that are attached to their arms and can be any color from red to violet."

"It's important to know the difference because sprites are able to feel some pity whoever they're tormenting and can be persuaded to let you go, while pixies are not capable of any emotions at all except for the desire to cause trouble and the glee when they've maintained their goal," Harry finished his rather long lecture and took a deep breath.

Everyone stared at him slack-jawed.

"What?" he asked uncertainly.

"That was actually an intelligible answer," Pixy said, sounding dazed.

"You did ask," Harry said uncomfortably. "My best subject has always been defense," he added.

Sprite snorted. "You mean the one you almost flunk out of every year?" he asked.

"What!" Harry asked, his eyes very wide.

"Later, what I want to know is why you think you're any good at quidditch," Sprite said.

Harry grinned. "Do I have a broom? I think show would be better than tell"

"After you eat breakfast," James cut in. "Honestly you're tiny! Is that just the genes you got, or is there something more to that?"

Harry went slightly red and looked at the ground, shifting Kaden uncomfortably in his arms.

James raised an eyebrow at Harry's suddenly shy demeanor. "I've always been small for my age," Harry hedged. He didn't give a straight answer, but he didn't lie either.

"So you said last night," James answered easily. "You need food either way kitchen's through there. Jon, Jada come with me and I'll explain what's going on." He held his arms out for Kaden.

Harry reluctantly gave his father his little sister and continued on into the kitchen. His mother then proceeded to stuff him with food in a very Mrs. Weasleyish way.

His siblings were waiting for him outside the kitchen.

"You really don't remember anything from this time line? Not even your best friend?" Jada asked in a quiet voice.

"No, nothing," Harry said just as softly. "My best friends were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, but I suppose I can't hope that they'd be the same here." He sighed.

"Hermione (Teacher's Pet) Granger was your best friend?" Jon asked in a stunned voice.

"Don't call her that!" Harry cried angrily. "Hermione is perfectly nice, and just because she's smart doesn't mean she's a teacher's pet."

"Whoa calm down bro," Jon said. "That's just what you always called her before."

Harry's jaw dropped again. "What! But….." he trailed off.

"Yeah, listen, do you want to play now?" Jon asked hopefully.

'Play?' Harry thought. Then he remembered.

"Have I got a broom?" he asked eagerly.

"Yeah, Dad got you a Nimbus 2000 a couple years ago because he hoped it would encourage you to show some hidden talent or something," Jada rolled her eyes. "It was completely pointless; I don't think you've ever even touched it before."

"Why?" Harry asked curiously.

Jon snorted. "The only time I've ever seen you on a broom you managed to fall off and break your arm in a span of five seconds," he said laughingly. "I didn't even know that was possible until you did it."

Harry looked astonished for a second, then snorted himself, remembering Neville's fall during their first flying lesson.

"Alright then, let me just go get my broom," he said. He quickly rushed in the direction of his room. He was sure the shock would sink in sooner or later, but for now he would just enjoy a hopefully peaceful game it quidditch with his little brother.