This isn't a chapter and for that I apologize. I am working on the chapter as I am working on chapters for my other WIP stories as well.

This year has been difficult. Between the stress of everyday real life, I have also suffered a back injury. It's painful and it's limiting. Along with that there is a long list of things that have caused issues with my ability to update.

As a FF writer I have been extremely blessed to gain a following for which I am humbled and very grateful. But as any FF writer will tell you with the positive comments/reviews/PM's come the negative the critical and the mean. I've never called any one particular reviewer out because for the most part I take what is written with a grain of salt, however there are two reviews that have come to me recently that need to be addressed and since both have disallowed PM's (very convenient) this is my response.

M 8/11/13 . chapter 13

"The next update will not take as long as this one did" your words exactly! well you need to hurry up and update if you want to stary ture to that promise! its already been three months... its a biy ridiculous that you would have only update this fanfic 3 times in the year if you keep it up at this rate - if that! Maybe you should think about giving this up for adoption if you can't find the time to write or even have writters block because there are plenty of people out there who are willing to adopt fanfics! or maybe you should think about finishing of one story before you start another one becase you are being very neglectful of your stories!

M- You are so right. I did say that I would update sooner, and I had every intention of doing so, however there are times when things get in the way, such as real life issues and no matter how much I love to write, real life trumps all else, every single time.

Giving up my story as you suggested... NO! I don't need to explain further than that.

Neglecting my stories... I suppose you could see it that way, or you could think to yourself that possibly... just maybe something in the writers real life happened and prevented an update.

Let me remind you that you are reading for FREE! If you would prefer to get your entertainment from a more reliable source, by all means... please do so. In fact, I think I would prefer if you did. Because mean spirited reviews like yours are why so many FF writers pull stories and leave the fandom.

Guest123 9/13/13 . chapter 13

where is the update? you've been updating 'His girl' a lot more than this fanfiction. well i guess that now that his girl is finished you're going to start a new fanfic without completing the ones you already have and have been neglecting for a very long time. i am very dissapointed in your lack of interset in your own story.

Guest123- The update is being written, albeit slowly. I wanted to correct you on something, 'His Girl' is NOT completed and to put your concerns at ease, I have no intention of starting another fanfic now or in the foreseeable future. I hate to hear that you are disappointed in what you believe is my lack of interest in my own story..., but perhaps if you had sent me a private message or even openly asked why I had not updated, I would have gladly told you that I am very much invested/interested and enjoy writing my stories, but that an injury coupled with several other things had thus far prevented me from updating in a timely manner. Please remember that you read fanfiction for FREE. You are able to stop reading my story(s) at any time.

I'm aware I may offend some with this AN, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I'm great with critical reviews, I take those and try to make myself a better storyteller but it's incredibly frustrating and disheartening when someone sends you something that is only meant to be rude and mean.

For those of you who have been supportive and encouraging... Thank You!

Ya'll are the reason that after spending an hour in physical therapy today, (which was extremely painful) that I didn't pull every single word I've written from ff and say 'fuck it' after reading the above mentioned reviews. I love writing and am so grateful that anyone wants to read what I write. Your kind words are more appreciated than you could ever know. For you all, I will do my best to get my stories updated and completed.