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Summary: Twins Ash and Coal Ketchum are finally setting out to become Pokémon Masters at the age of ten along with their new starter Pokémon, the twin Pikachus Kei and Rai. Watch as they conquer the gyms of the Kanto Region, meeting new people, making new friends, and along the way, seeing what life is like outside of their hometown. But evil forces are plotting in the shadows, beware of Team Rocket.

Warning: Fem!Ash fanfic!

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Episode 1: The Ketchum Twins!

The Ketchum Home-

The morning sun shown in from the window of the two person bedroom as an alarm clock began to go off, loud and obnoxiously beeping as the two tangled forms in the bed moved, groaning irritably as they woke up.

"Ugh…We're up, we're up. Just stop beeping would you?" a young girl, around the age of ten said as she reached over to the nightstand beside the bed, slamming her hand onto the button, effectively turning off the annoying but useful machine. She groaned again as she lugged her tired body from out under the inviting covers, effectively saving herself the trouble of falling back asleep, which was a bad idea considering what day it was. It introduced a new problem though, getting ready.

"Hey, Coal!" she called the still stubbornly sleeping form hidden under the covers of the bed across from hers. She got and immediately began prodding the figure underneath. The person groaned slightly and an arm came out from under the covers and tried to swat away the girl's arm. "C'mon Coal! Please get up!" she smiled as the person, Coal, finally stirred, throwing the covers off of himself as he gave a tired look at the girl now standing next to him in her pajamas.

"G'morning Ash, hold it, let me guess… Starter Pokémon!" they said together as the girl, Ash moved back, allowing Coal to get out of bed. Ash made her way to the door of the bedroom while Coal scratched his head before stretching.

"I'm going to go get ready, first dibs on the bathroom. You clean your half of the bedroom, I'll clean mine." She called as she grabbed a stack of neatly folded clothes on her way out. Coal nodded as he proceeded to fumble with the sheets of his bed.


It was seven in the morning, and for once, Delila Ketchum could proudly say that her two children, Ash and Coal, were up before ten, a rarity in and of itself.

Ash and Coal were not very keen on getting up before twelve; ten was a feat in and of itself sometimes.

They were twins, fraternal twins to be exact, the only difference being the fact that Ash and Coal were a girl and a boy respectively. That, and various slight differences in their appearance. Both had jet-black hair courtesy of their father, but Ash's hair barely brushed her shoulders. Coal's barely made it past his ears. Another was that Ash's eyes were brown, and Coal's eyes were almost bright red.

Their personalities were also different. Ash was loud, energetic, and reckless. She liked to explore and was always curious. She was also impulsive, never one to think before she did something if it meant that her friends and family were safe in the end. She was brash and always doing something that caused others to worry. Ash could be kind and gentle, even slow and patient though, when it came to those she cared about, and despite how naïve she could be at times, she was actually quite wise for her age.

Coal was different, a perfect balance to his sister's adventurous personality. He was calm, more level-headed. He liked to plan things out in advance if he could; unlike Ash who thought spontaneous and random were the best way to go about things. He liked adventure, though not as much as his sister, and always went about things in a less impulsive manner. He could be reckless at times, similar to his sister, but it was rare and far between.

Despite the differences, they were really close, and did have some similarities to even it out a bit; they were both kind, gentle, and loved Pokémon with a passion. And both, for now, had the same dreams. To become Pokémon Masters.

Delila was finally brought out of her silent musings as said two children came bounding down the steps, both beaming proudly as they rushed past.

"Hold it you two." Delila called as they stopped just five feet short of the front door. "Where do you think you two are going?" Ash turned around as she looked pleadingly at the woman,

"Today's the day we get our Starter Pokémon!" Ash said as Coal nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, we need to go before they all get taken!" Delila laughed in amusement as she motioned to come sit down at the dinner table.

"Not without breakfast you won't!" Delila said as she went back into the kitchen.


"No buts! You two will sit down, and eat breakfast. I highly doubt Prof. Oak will run out of Pokémon at seven in the morning, when his grandson isn't even up at this time. Now hush." She said as she came back out with a stack of pancakes and placed them before the two children. They sighed, but tore into the food energetically, hungry despite their protests earlier.

That was another thing they had in common. More often than not, both could be quite gluttonous when it came to food, especially when it was good food.

Delila sat down and watched as her children ate up the last bit of food before finally putting their silverware down and standing up.

"Ok! We're headed out now mom!" Coal said as Ash made her way around the table to give the woman a hug.

"Yep! See ya!" she turned around and made her way for the door as Coal grabbed their backpacks, also giving Delila a hug and following after his rambunctious and energetic sister.

"Bye! I'll come see you two at the lab after you've gotten your Pokémon! Be careful on your way to Prof. Oak's!" She called waving to the two of them as they left through the door.

Prof. Oak's Lab-

Ash and Coal came to a stop at a familiar building in Pallet Town; Prof. Oak's lab. Their noses crinkled up at the sight of his grandson though.

Gary Oak was a cocky, obnoxious brat who thought he was better than everybody else. It didn't help that he had a practical army of cheerleader's behind him to boost his already oversized ego, always loud and redundant with their insistent cheering of how awesome Gary was. When they had actually assembled wasn't apparent to the twins, but it was sometime after Gary's 13th birthday.

"Well if it isn't Coalie-boy and Ashie-girl. What are you two losers doing here?" he asked with all the show and obnoxiousness of someone who thought they were king of the world or something. Coal was the one to answer his question,

"What does it look like we're doing Gary? We're here for our Starter Pokémon." Gary scoffed at this, as if the very thought that his grandfather would even think of giving the two Pokémon was unbelievable.

"You might as well turn back then. There aren't any more Pokémon left; I just took the last of them." Gary gloated snidely. Ash and Coal sneered at the boy before turning, not even deigning to give the boy an answer as they made their way up the stairs leading toward the lab. "Fine, don't answer me. See ya Ashie-girl, Coalie-boy!" he said as he hopped into a red convertible, his cheer squad hoping into the back, one them taking the driver's seat as they started the car and sped away, kicking up loads of dust, dirt, and gravel as they sped off in the direction of Route 1.

"Like I said; Obnoxious, spoiled child. Whose car was that anyways?" Ash asked as she stared back in the direction Gary went.

"Probably one of the Cheerleaders. Anyways, forget him, let's go, we got better things to do then stand out here and stare at the stupidity and obnoxiousness that is Gary Oak." Coal answered as he opened the door to the lab, herding his distracted twin sister inside.

Inside Professor Oak's Lab-

Ash and Coal walked about, eyeing the various electronic equipment that cluttered the large room of the lab as they searched for the owner. Finally Ash spotted what they were looking for, as a fairly old man came into view, walking out from behind a shelf as he headed for an empty table off near to the right.

"Prof. Oak!" Ash called, alerting her brother that she had found the man they were looking for. Said man looked up at the sound of his name, catching sight of the twins as they approached him.

"Why hello Ash, Coal. To what do I owe the pleasure of being visited by you two?" Ash smiled slightly, the information about the fact that there were no Pokémon left scratching at her subconscious as Coal stopped next to her.

"Good morning Professor, and we're here to get our starter Pokémon. Unless what Gary said was true…" Prof. Oak looked at the two for moment before speaking,

"And what did my grandson say that might be true?" they both shuffled slightly before Ash answered.

"Gary said that there were no Pokémon left…Is that true?" Prof. Oak sighed at Ash's question, causing the two to visibly wilt; the sigh was enough confirmation on its own.

"I'm sorry. But what he said was true…But…Maybe…" the rest of the sentence died under thoughtful mumbles, causing the twins to look at the Pokémon researcher weirdly. "I can't believe I'm doing this, but then again, you are Delila and his children. So maybe you'll be able to handle these Pokémon." Prof. Oak spoke up. Ash and Coal's eyes widened as they realized they might actually get to go on their Pokémon journey after all.

"So what are they?" Ash asked excitedly as she and Coal followed the Professor to a machine behind the table.

"Yeah Prof. Oak, what Pokémon are we getting?" Prof. Oak chuckled at the twin's enthusiasm.

"Calm down you two, I have something to tell you before I allow you to take these Pokémon." Prof. Oak said as the two finally settled down enough to listen. "Inside these two pokéballs-" He picked up two round orbs, split in half by a black line with the top half red and the bottom half white. "-are two Pokémon I would never give out normally to any sort of beginner trainer, what so ever." He pressed the button in the center, causing a beam of light to appear, hitting the floor before it cleared away, revealing not one, but two small, yellow, mouse-like Pokémon with red cheeks.

Ash and Coal looked at each other smiling before bending down to greet their two new Pokémon.

"Ash, Coal, I'd like you two to meet the Electric Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu."

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