A/N. Ok! Here's the second chapter/episode! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

A/N. Ok! Here's the second chapter/episode! Enjoy! And thanks for the reviews!

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Summary: Ash and Coal set out with the Pika Twins after their mother gives them a new toy to play with! First stop, Viridian City, they have to get through a stubborn flock of Spearow first though.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!

Episode 2: New Friends, New Toys, New Troubles!

Last Time-

"Ash, Coal, I'd like you two to meet the Electric Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu."


Ash and Coal grinned excitedly as they looked at the two Pikachu. They both looked exactly the same except that one of them had a V shaped indent in the tail, and the other one had a tuft of fur on the top of its head.

"Cool!" Coal replied as he picked up the one with the tuft of fur on its head. Leaving Ash the one with the V shaped tail.

"Yeah, they're awesome." Both Pokémon looked at the two before looking back at the Professor.

"I'm glad you like them. Normally I wouldn't give the two of them to a novice trainer, but I figured that since the two of you are the children of people who have actually handled Pokémon before, you have experience with handling Pokémon that most would not even think of letting a beginner handle, let alone two four year olds. Plus, you have something in common with these two." He explained as he handed the twins the pokéballs.

"And what would that be?" Coal asked as he took his Pikachu's respective pokéball.

"Simple, these Pikachu are twins, like you. The one with the V in the tip of its tail is a girl; the one with the tuft of hair is a boy. They're brother and sister, like you two." Ash and Coal smiled at each other before they looked at the Pokémon in their arms, who were looking between the two of them in shock.

"Don't worry; we're going to be traveling together." Ash said to the both of them. The Pikachu blinked in surprise, not expecting Ash's tone.

"Yeah, so you won't have to worry about getting separated. You don't want that do you?" Coal asked them as he adjusted his hold on the Pikachu in his arms. The two Pikachu looked at each other, before smiling and cheering happily.

"Looks like they agree whole heartedly with you." Prof. Oak spoke up, smiling kindly as he watched their interactions.

"Hey! Coal, we should give them nicknames!" Coal gave Ash a strange look as she took on a look of utter inspiration.

"What gave you that idea?" Ash smiled as she turned to face her brother.

"Well, think about it. They are both Pikachu, but even though they look different. If we don't want them getting confused as to which one we're talking to, we need to give them nicknames, right guys?" Ash explained, confident in her idea, which was immediately by both Pokémon who were agreeing with her whole heartedly. Coal grinned as he gave Ash one of those looks that told her he wasn't going to argue.

"Fine, so what are we gonna name them?" That caused Ash to take on an expression of thoughtfulness as she tried to come up with a good nickname for the two Pokémon.

"Ok, how about Kei for my Pikachu, and Rai for yours?" she asked as she had finally come up with a decent nickname. Coal looked thoughtful as he rolled the names around in his head, before looking at the two Pikachus who were the ones who had to wear the names from now on.

"What do you two think? You're the ones who are getting them, not us." The Pikachu also seemed to be rolling around the names in their heads before nodding their heads in agreement.

"Ok then! From now on, you-" she pointed at her own Pikachu, "-Are Kei, and you-" she pointed at the one in Coal's arms, "are Rai; The Pika Twins!" she said, adding on a title for them, similar to the ones they themselves had; The Ketchum Twins.

"Well now that we have that out of the way, I have a couple of other things I need to give you two before you set out on your journey." Prof. Oak interjected as he held out a box, the lid on the table behind him. In the box were two red, rectangular electronic devices and 12 pokéballs, six for each of them. "These two devices here are pokédexs. It records the information of all the Pokémon you see and capture." He explained as the twins took the devices, now identified as pokédexs, while the newly dubbed Kei and Rai decided to occupy their respective trainers' shoulders.

"Cool, so I guess they already have Rai and Kei's data in there?" The Professor nodded.

"Yes, but remember. It only has information on the Pokémon of this region, none of the others. You'll need to update your pokédex for that. But you shouldn't have to worry until later about that." Prof. Oak warned as he watched the two deposit them into their backpacks.

"Thanks Prof. Oak, we'll take good care of them." Coal said as the old man nodded in response.

"Good, now go along you two. If I know Delila, she's going to be waiting for the two of you outside, don't want to keep your poor mother waiting, now do you?" The twins nodded in agreement as they and their new Pokémon left the lab.


Delila waited patiently for her children as they left the lab, meeting her at the base of the stairs.

"Hey mom!" they chorused in greeting as they came to a stop in front of her.

"Hey sweeties. So I see you have your Pokémon. How cute!" She said as she gave each Pikachu an endearing pet, showing her clear approval of the Pokémon.

"Thanks. They're twins, like us!" Ash said as she motioned for the twins to follow her. Delila giggled at the coincidence of that fact; her twin children had twin Pokémon.

"That's great. Now how about you two come home with me real quick, and try on the new outfit I made for you!" she said as she herded her children to their home.

A few hours later at the Ketchum Residence-

"Ok! Mom, what do you think?" Ash said as did little spin to show her outfit off. Coal stood calmly beside her, turning once to give their mother a good view of the back of their new outfits.

Ash was wearing a loose fitting, long-sleeved dark blue jacket a white t-shirt with a pokéball embroidered dead center of where the collarbone would be. She had on light gray baggy capris and on her feet were a pair of black and blue tennis shoes. On her head, helping to keep her hair out of her face, was a red and white cap with a green triangle on it.

Coal was vaguely similar to his sister's, out of a bad clothes related habit of their mother's.

Coal wore a similar jacket to his sister, the sleeves falling short of his elbows and dark gray instead of dark blue. A large pokéball was embroidered right over where his heart would be in his chest, and instead of light gray capris, he wore denim jeans that were somewhat baggy and loose-fitting on his person. He was wearing the same tennis shoes and hat as his sister.

"You two look great. I really outdid myself this time." Delila said as she clapped in approval of her work.

"Thanks mom for the new clothes!" Ash said as Kei jumped off of the couch and onto her shoulder, Rai doing the same thing not soon after with Coal. They cooed as their ears were scratched by their respective trainers, who laughed at the Pokémon's behavior.

"Ok Mom, we should be going now if we want to get to Viridian City before, or at least half way there before night comes." Coal said as he looked out the window. "C'mon Ash." He said as he motioned for his sister to follow him.

"Hold it you two." The two rookie trainers froze and turned to face their mother. "No kids of mine are going to be traveling on foot when they get to where they are going a whole lot faster." Both gave their mother a confused look. She smiled as she led them to the backyard.

What was there, caused the children's eyes to widen in surprise. Sitting there in the middle of the yard was a pristine, brand new motorized scooter. "Your father bought it in the Orre Region, apparently they need stuff like this to get from place to place safely; your father figured it would come in handy during your journey, so he bought one for you. There's only one, so you both have to share, that means one of you drives, and the other sits obediently in the back and tries not to be the cause of an avoidable accident." Both laughed nervously before nodding their heads in agreement.

"Yes ma'am." They agreed as their mother nodded, watching as they began to debate over who should drive. There was enough room for two to sit, so it was definitely possible for one to sit in the back while the other drove the scooter. Ash had her roller skates tucked into her backpack, so if she wanted to, she could always go skating beside her brother while he drove the scooter. Because of this fact, it was eventually decided that Coal would drive while Ash rode in the back when she felt like it.

Delila then proceeded to teach them how the scooter worked and how to steer it. After having Coal do several practice runs to make sure he had it down pat, they were ready to go.

"Ok, can we go now mom?" Coal asked eagerly causing Delila to laugh as she nodded her head in agreement. She watched as the two got on the bike and Coal started the engine, causing the scooter to naturally, as it was supposed to, come to life. It rumbled quietly, causing Coal to grin in excitement as his sister sat behind him, legs dangling off to one side with Kei sitting in her lap while Rai sat on Coal's shoulder.

"Bye, remember to call when you two get to Viridian City!" Delila called out as she waved farewell to her children as they sped off on their new ride.

"Sure! Bye mom!" she heard Ash call out as they disappeared in the direction of Route 1.

"Be safe you two…" Delila whispered long after they were gone.

On Route 1-

Ash was laughing in excitement as she and her twin brother all but flew past the scenery, trees and other Pokémon blurring past as they sped along the dirt path of Route 1. Ash had a map tightly held in her hands as she carefully turned this way and that, finding a decent and quick Route 1 while Coal steered the scooter.

"Ok, so it looks like if we continue on this dirt road, we should reach Viridian City in no time. Long as nothing happens that is." Ash said as she folded the map up before carefully depositing it in her backpack.

"That's good, so we just have to be careful. That means don't go chucking rocks at things Ash." Coal warned as Ash took on a very sheepish look.

"That was only one time!" Coal sighed at his sister's response.

"Fine…Just don't, okay?"

"Okay." Ash agreed. Her stomach began rumbling, causing Coal to put the brakes on, effectively stopping the motorized scooter. The practice his mother had made him perform earlier was indeed coming in handy with the piece of machinery.

"Guess it's time for lunch huh?" Ash nodded in agreement to Coal's question as they both proceeded to dismount, Coal pulling out the kick stand so the scooter wouldn't fall onto the ground suddenly.

"Good thing Mom packed lunch right?" Coal laughed as he nodded his head in agreement, accepting the neatly wrapped box of food when Ash handed him his.

As they sat down and proceeded to eat, allowing Kei and Rai to occasionally swipe food from their plates as they took huge bites and all but gobbled down their food.

Ash was done first, and was about to start putting her food away when a noise caught her attention.

"Hey Coal, what was that?" she asked as she got a bit closer to the nearby grass. Coal shrugged, having heard the noise too, but not being able to guess what it was.

"I don't know, doesn't sound familiar." He stated as he got up, setting his food down, also having finished at that point, and proceeding to get up and join his twin sister.

Ash pulled the some of the grass back, only to jump back in surprise as a small bird like Pokémon popped out from the tall foliage. Ash immediately brought out her pokédex and pointed it at the flapping Pokémon. It beeped to life as it began spewing information;

"Spearow: The Tiny Bird Pokémon.

Spearow are often seen attacking in flocks. They are very short-tempered, and are quite territorial, attacking any and all intruders who they deem a threat."


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