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The Misadventures of Lsp and Memow

Chapter One

That Lumpin Jerk

Lsp sighed. She had just found out that her bf, Brad, had cheated on her with her bff, Melissa.

"What a Drama bomb! I tots need a break. Gonna get me a can of beans and some sammiches, then like, relax."

She sat her lumpy body down on a stump and started to eat her can of beans.


Lsp continued to savor their delicious beanie flavor, while trying to think of just how she would win Bradie back from that lumpin traitor, Melissa. When a small cat jumped into her can.

"Ew! Like, get out of my beans, you lumpin jerk!"

Things went to slow motion. All of the sudden Lsp started to aim at the cat, hitting it hard and slapping at his face. The cat hardly reacted back and seemed to be relatively unharmed in the process, but, the one thing that Lsp valued most (other than her cell phone) was sacrificed in the bloody process.

"Noooo! My Beans!" Lsp let out a mournful cry as they fell from her hand and toppled onto the muddy forest floor.

"You! You Monster! They were so Good. Amd- and- YOU RUINED THEM! Augh! I gonna lumpin kill you!" she exploded, grabbing after the tiny cat, who had since then acrobaticly jumped to the ground and was starting up at her.

"You're not a princess!" the cat shouted.

"What?" Lsp was getting pretty angry. First this thing dropped out of the sky and ruined her beans and now, its says she wasn't a lumpin princess!

"Look, cat! Look at my beautiful lumps! How can lumps like these belong to anyone but a princess!"

"Your not in a castle! No castle, no princess." the cat took in its surroundings. "Which means..." his big eyes narrowed to tiny slits. "Your a hobo."

Lsp gasped in horror. "How dare you! How could this beautiful bod belong to a hobo! You know what? You're a hobo! Augh!"she reahed down, slapping him across the face.

"I'm not a hobo! I! Am a ferocious assassin! And I've come to kill a Princess to become a level one!" the kitty assassin exclaimed.

"But! I'm a Princess!" she gasped.

"No your not! You're a hobo!" the cat did a quick look over of the place once more. "And judging b the terrain, Princesses come through here often, meaning that you probably know where the princesses do live! Which means..." his eyes narrowed once more. "Your my new accomplice!

"Like, no!" Lsp exclaimed.




"But- But- I'm to lumpin beautiful to be a murderer!"

"Its not murder, just assassination! "

Lsp squinted. "Okay..I'll do it. But only if you get me a can of beans."

"Deal." the cat walked a bit closer. "I'm Memow, the fearsome, all powerful assassin."

"I'm like, Lsp. That's Lumpy Space-" she started, but was then cut short because Memow lunged toward her, claws out, looking as fearsome as he suggested.

"Oww! What are you doing! My beautiful lumps! Aghhh!"

"I'm hiding in your lumpiness to keep from detection."

"This'll cost ya extra cat. Cause nobody touches this beautiful bod. Nobody!"

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