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Chapter 61

Cerina lay with her back facing Kakarot. She had been up for an hour thinking about Kakarot and his family, particularly the new addition with Gohan. She was terrified to let him in her life if it was going to hurt Colleena or Ninjin, but she didn't want to let paranoia run her life. Her powers were restricted because her parents and Bardock feared Broly. She didn't know if she was better in the long run or not. Obviously, something was wrong with her. No one else had such trouble with their Saiyan transformations.

Cerina sensed that Kakarot was awake. He had been for some time as well. They were being childish with each other, so she decided to be the adult. "So, Kakarot, what should we do about Gohan?"

Kakarot turned around and faced her as she did the same. Gohan had been on his mind all night long. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't want to make this decision for us."

"And I don't want to be blamed in case something goes wrong."

Cerina sighed. She didn't want to make promises about what she would and wouldn't do in the future, but she owed it to her mate to always honor him. "I am promising you right now that I will not blame you for the actions of someone else. What if Gohan turns into a psychopath because we didn't want him or reach out? Maybe we should be there for him."

The truth was, Kakarot didn't know if he'd be able to not blame himself in case something happened. But it's not like they could ignore Gohan anyway, and Kakarot didn't want to either. "Ninjin will find out. Everyone else knows."

Cerina received a beep on her phone that alerted her to a text message. Cerina looked at it and it led to a link of a satellite image of her fighting her mate transformed. From scanning the document, she knew that whoever wrote the article had to have been there or got tipped off by the only other person that was. "That's not the only thing everyone else knows."

Kakarot took the phone from Cerina and groaned when he saw the headline. "The entire planet was nearly turned into Tuffle slaves and yet they make time for their tabloids."

"I'm sorry. This is my brother's doing. I know it is."

Kakarot was angry, but he was embarrassed with himself. "So now we look like pathetic freaks."

"We should take some time off and try to learn to control ourselves."

"Fenn left last night."

Cerina pouted. 'I hope this doesn't mean the end for his relationship with my mother. I don't think I've ever seen her so happy.' "Your brother is his second. We could ask him."

Kakarot thought of Raditz standing over Summer's body. "His mate just died. I think he's gonna take a break from everything right now."

Cerina slumped her shoulders as she thought about Summer. 'Using the power of the dragonballs is probably a great temptation for him, but I don't think anyone should use them again.' "Soko can do it."

"Sure. She knows Fenn's procedures. Who will watch our children while we're off world?"

"I don't know. My mother is too busy. Your father is kind of emotionally unstable."

Kakarot couldn't disagree, but he couldn't just let that go. "Only because your mother put my mother in prison."

"Well, that's because your mother lied to my mother about my father, and—"

"Stop!" Kakarot may have agreed that Cerina had to be there to arrest Colleen, but he didn't like it and he didn't like that they all allowed themselves to be played. Durian roamed free and nearly took over the world, and Colleen was still in prison. "We promised that we wouldn't do this."

"You're right. I'm sorry." 'I'm such an idiot. Bardock may have a temper, but Kakarot doesn't have anyone in his family like my brother, who just tried to kill him.'

'My life is so complicated. I'm so furious with Chi-Chi for hiding Gohan, but I also can't blame her either. I don't want him to get entangled in all of these scandals and power struggles, but I want to be there for him, and I want him to feel like he's included. But I don't want to stir up tension with his mother.' "I think I know what I can do to reach out to Gohan and help our people."

"Then we should do it."

Kakarot smiled and kissed Cerina on the lips. "This is gonna work out."

Cerina smiled, though she had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Of course it is."

Kakarot and Cerina both got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. They sensed that Ninjin was up and they heard some commotion down in the kitchen. Ninjin grabbed a large bowl and dumped an entire box of cereal inside of it. He was sitting on the counter pouring milk, and there was something very comical about how small he looked holding the jug with both hands and to think that he was one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

"You couldn't wait for us to get you breakfast?" Cerina asked.

"I was hungry and I didn't know what you guys were doing in your room." Ninjin blushed a little bit. "What's up? I heard you guys mention Gohan when I walked by your room."

"Yeah, Ninjin, we did." Kakarot handed his son a table spoon and allowed him to sit on the counter as he ate. He and Cerina sat on some stools while they started to talk. "You've heard of Chi-Chi?"

"Yeah." Ninjin's face light up while thinking about all of the wonderful reviews her restaurants had gotten. "Are we going to go out for breakfast?"

"No." Kakarot laughed, though his stomach grumbled. He had been eating well, but nobody could really cook like Chi-Chi. His stomach was the reason why they got so close in the first place. She was a temptress. "She and I used to be friends. Well, we were really close friends."

"Best friends?" Ninjin asked.

Kakarot looked to Cerina, and she nodded to urge him on. "Yeah, but we sort of dated."


Kakarot scratched his head. "Well…"

Cerina rolled her eyes. "Ninjin, Gohan is your half older brother."

Ninjin dropped his spoon and his mouth dropped, displaying the mashed up cereal in his mouth.

"Manners," Cerina reminded.

Ninjin quickly swallowed his food. "Why didn't you tell me?" he yelled.

"I just found out!" Kakarot was honest with his boy. They had a good relationship, and he felt like he had let him down, but it wasn't his fault! "Chi-Chi kept him a secret."

Ninjin wasn't sure how he felt. It was awesome to have a brother, but he didn't know if he wanted an older brother. He was a prince. He knew he wasn't in the direct line to be king one day, but he thought about it at least once. "So, what's gonna happen?"

"We're not sure," Cerina patted her son on the head. "We're gonna work things out together, but we have to talk to Chi-Chi and Gohan too. We all have to be comfortable with this arrangement."

"Can I train with Gohan?" Ninjin rubbed his stomach. "Over his house after lunch?"

Kakarot laughed. "Uh…maybe not today. I think he has school."

"You've got to meet with your tutors," Cerina said. "You've gotta do better in science and math."

Ninjin threw his head back and groaned. "Those things are boring."

"I don't know," Kakarot mumbled. "They're pretty fun when you understand them." Kakarot was disappointed that Ninjin wasn't more into learning. Clearly he didn't inherit his father's mind, but maybe he just needed some focus. Ninjin always jumped from one thing to another. But, he was very young.

"Do well today, and I'll make sure that I get you some of Chi-Chi's dumplings."

Ninjin licked his lips. "Okay."

Kakarot touched Cerina's shoulder and signaled her to the living room. "I'm gonna see him."

"You should." Cerina pecked Kakarot on the lips. "I want you to."

Kakarot was grateful to have her support. No matter what, he couldn't stay away from his son. He needed to know his boy. 'I just hope this doesn't backfire.'

Chi-Chi observed her son eating and eating after she prepared large omelets. Usually, Gohan would eat one, but he was one his third helping by the time he was ready to call a quits. He still had his manners, but she could see that he was trying not to scarf it down. "Gohan, you've got a bigger appetite."

Gohan hadn't really thought about how much hungrier he had become. "I guess it's from all of the fighting."

She smiled at how handsome he was becoming. "You're a lot like your father."

Gohan had realized something that he hadn't before. Sometimes when he would run, or laugh, or eat, she would give him a certain look as if she were seeing past him. Wherever she was looking to, she was happy there. "Sometimes when you look at me, are you seeing him?"

Chi-Chi hid her face and stabbed her own omelet. She didn't know how to respond, so she didn't.

Gohan knew that he was correct. He was so torn. He wanted to know his real father and have his respect, but he loved Shouta. Shouta raised him and treated him well. He couldn't abandon him, and he would hate it if his mother abandoned him. "Do you love Shouta?"

"Of course I do!" It was hard for her to get over Kakarot, and maybe she never completely would, but she felt very loved and she was grateful for how her life turned out. "Shouta has been such a good man to me and he's an amazing father. Without him, we may not be alive, Gohan."

Gohan furrowed his brows. "What do you mean?"

She took a deep breath. She had to tell him eventually about her past. "There was a law that humans and Saiyans couldn't be together. I was so madly in love with Kakarot, and I wanted to marry him. He fell in love with Cerina, and I didn't want to tell him about you and screw up his relationship with her. Besides, I was afraid that I would be killed and the royal family would take you away."

Chi-Chi was the disciplinary in the house, so she always seemed unbreakable and a bit insane sometimes, but she began to lightly cry. She remembered being so afraid of losing her life and her son. She was certain that Queen Cellena would kill her for her daughter's happiness, whether Cerina wanted her to or not.

Gohan's little shoulders began to slump. He didn't like that he was lied to, but clearly she had a good reason. Deep down, Gohan knew that everything she ever did was for him. "I'm sorry for being disrespectful, Mom."

Gohan wiped his eyes. "I've never felt normal." He had a good life growing up. He was loved, well fed, had money, and his family was well respected. He had nothing to be upset about, but he always felt out of place. He was friendly, but he never really made any friends. They didn't understand him, because he didn't understand. The only time his life made sense was when he was training with Krillin. "I want to be strong."

"You are strong." Chi-Chi didn't want to admit that fighting was his path. She didn't want him to get hurt, and she didn't want Gohan to place the same burdens that Kakarot placed on himself. With Bardock being so powerful, Kakarot rebelled and fought so hard to surpass his legacy. She had a feeling that Gohan may want the same things, but his heart was different than Kakarot. She wasn't sure if her boy could take that much ambition. His heart was much tenderer. "I want great things for you, Gohan. If you want to be a doctor or a scientist, then that's fine. If you want to be a warrior, I'll support you."

Gohan knew his mother loved him, but he didn't know that she loved him enough to overcome her own need to be a control freak. "Thank you."

Shouta was in his library when he heard the doorbell ring. He didn't want to disturb Chi-Chi and Gohan while they finished their breakfast, so he left his entertaining read to answer the door. He was still grinning when it opened, but it was difficult to retain. "Prince Kakarot."

Kakarot barged right inside.

Shouta struggled to hold his tongue and replace his words with manners. "It's an honor to have you again in my home."

Kakarot patted him on the shoulder. "I appreciate you lying to me, Shouta. I would like to see my son."

Shouta suspected that the day would come when Kakarot came back into Chi-Chi's life. After all, he knew that she would always love him. However, nothing could have prepared him for how defensive he felt about his role in Gohan's life. "I've raised Gohan and I've taken care of Chi-Chi. He's my son, and I love them both very much."

Kakarot felt the urge to be a massive jerk, but he understood that Shouta saved Chi-Chi's life and Gohan's by taking on the role of husband and father. He owed him his thanks. "I understand that. I'm not trying to push you out. I'm just trying to get in."

"Kakarot?" Chi-Chi came to the door with Gohan guarded closely behind her. "What are you doing here?"

Kakarot grinned wide as he saw his son. He had more pride in him every time he thought about him. "I wanted to talk to Gohan about his career choices."

"Well," Shouta crossed his arms, "his parents should listen to this conversation."

Kakarot rolled his eyes, but he wasn't going to stir up trouble and scare Gohan again. Instead, he knelt down in front of his son and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Gohan, when Bulma discovered my intellectual talents, it was because the Saiyan Empire was looking for more brilliant Saiyan minds. We need more of our people to be involved in science. I heard you were very smart, so I want to qualify you and give you an opportunity to learn and to grow."

"Is this because you don't trust humans?" Shouta asked.

"Why?" Kakarot rose and faced his new rival. "You don't like Saiyans?"

"I don't have any hate in my heart, Kakarot. I just know that as long as you treat humans differently, we won't see ourselves as part of your empire."

Kakarot didn't want to get into a debate about how he felt about humans or what not, especially with his half breed bastard son in the room. He didn't dislike humans. He was rather indifferent. Obviously he liked them well enough to knock one up, but he had a lot of Saiyan pride in his people and their culture. He was a prince! He had a little bit of a superiority complex. "I know that I want diversity in our labs and not human dominance. Maybe someone with balance like Gohan can serve us some good."

Gohan was becoming excited. He loved that he would be able to prove himself to his father. "What do I have to do?"

Kakarot knelt back down to Gohan. "I need you to take a test this week. Study up and make me proud." He messed with Gohan's hair a little bit. He liked seeing it a little messier like a Saiyan.

Gohan didn't, and put everything back into place. "Do you think I'll be a better scientist or warrior?" Part of Gohan thought that his father was giving him an option, because he didn't believe he could be as powerful as Ninjin, maybe because he was half human or maybe because he was raised with Chi-Chi and Shouta.

"I think you can be both, but you need to do what's gonna make you happy."

Gohan did want to be a scientist if it would help his father. Besides, there was no way Ninjin was as smart as him. But, his Saiyan blood also called him to fight. "Can we train—?"

"You've gotta get ready for school," Chi-Chi quickly reminded.

Gohan looked to Kakarot to see if he would make Chi-Chi change her mind, but he didn't budge. "How about tomorrow?"

Kakarot really wanted to train with his boy, but he had his own training to take care of. "Cerina and I are taking a trip, so I'll have to see you when I get back."

"Okay." Gohan's shoulders started to slump

Chi-Chi was upset. Kakarot wanted to force his way into Gohan's life and he was already changing it and disappointing him all at the same time. "Go get ready for school, Gohan."

Gohan rushed upstairs. He knew he was running late with his long breakfast, and he hated to show up late. Shouta was very punctual.

Chi-Chi let all that was good and proper about her fade, and she punched Kakarot in the chest. "You could have talked to me first."

He rubbed the sore spot. He forgot how strong she was, plus his guard was down and he wasn't powered up. "Gohan's brain has more potential than your tiny dreams. Let me give him an opportunity that will make him happy."

She shook her head. Yes, Gohan was very intelligent and he could do more than be a doctor or professor. That was true, but she didn't want him anywhere near the royal family. She didn't think he could take it. "You don't know him!"

Kakarot's nostrils flared and he stepped close to her until they were practically nose to nose in a very threatening way. "And whose fault is that?" he seethed.

Chi-Chi had to remain defiant, though she was intimidated. Kakarot had a right to be angry, but she was the one that was dumped! She had to do what was best for Gohan, and it didn't matter how powerful Kakarot was. She was a mother. "I'll let Gohan do this, but if he doesn't like it, he's out."


Soko woke up in the morning and attacked her refrigerator. She dismissed her staff, because she didn't want them to know that she was artificially impregnated with a monster baby. She cooked herself a big breakfast, but she was still hungry afterwards. After eating a couple of steaks, the hunger subsided.

Besides the inconvenience of always wanting something to eat and the fear of someone discovering her secret, she was rather enjoying her pregnancy. She stood in the vanity mirror in her room and rubbed on her belly. She couldn't wait to start showing and to feel her child's tiny feet kicking. "How are you today, Baby?"

She closed her eyes and felt it was pleased with her. She smiled and continued to rub her stomach. "My sweet baby." She knew it was going to be a boy and the potential of his great power intrigued her. "My sweet baby boy."

She heard the doorbell and grunted. She didn't want to be bothered with anyone, and she could sense that it was Cerina. She was happy to serve in most cases, but now Cerina would be asking too much of her, and it wasn't time to reveal that she was pregnant. Soko was at least kind enough to open the door.

"Hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine." Soko's heart started to race. "Why?"

'She's not gonna like this, but I'm certain she'll comply.' "Kakarot and I need you to come with us off world. We need to control our form and—"


"No?" Cerina laughed, because she was so caught off guard. "I haven't even finished my pitch and—"

"No. I'm not interested in fighting off two crazy apes!" Soko realized she appeared to be overreacting, and took a deep breath. "I just need a break."

Cerina was baffled. "From duty?"

'This would seem very unusual of me, but she's asking me. Maybe I should just go for it.' "Yes."

"But this job is your life."

"And maybe that's the problem. I need something more."

'Maybe she's lost too much. Our team is dead. She couldn't have Fenn and he's about to be married to my mother. Soko has devoted her entire life to the Task Force. Fenn was the only thing she wanted for herself and she can't have him and we nearly lost him and her. I suppose I can understand, but what would make a Saiyan warrior happy besides fighting?' "I need your help. Who else is gonna help me?"

"Your brother—"

"Out of the question!" It was true that Vegeta was a complete master in his transformed state. He could even speak, but he would love for an excuse to kill Kakarot and perhaps even herself. Besides, he leaked their lack of control to everyone. He couldn't be trusted.

"Raditz can do it, or you can wait for Fenn."

"Raditz has to reassemble our army, and Fenn is going to be a husband and father when he returns. I can't ask him to up and leave."

She shrugged. "Figure it out. I'm out." Soko wouldn't let Cerina get another word in and slammed the door in her face. It was very rude and she wouldn't usually treat her princess in such a way, but her baby was going to come first. 'And when my baby is born, everyone will see how wonderful he is.'

"Soko!" Cerina banged on the door. "Please open up."

She growled and opened the door again. "I said 'no', Cerina!"

Cerina was in such disbelief. "Will you at least watch over my kids while I'm gone?"

Soko blinked a couple of times. "What?"

Cerina was baffled why she asked her as well. She was just kind of winging it. "I don't want them to suffer the wrath and hysteria of my pregnant mother, Bardock is all over the place, and Raditz is busy with work and grief."

"I'm still not a good choice."

"You're strong, very loyal, and also officially available." Cerina grabbed Soko's hands and begged. "Please!"

'Me and kids? I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them. However, this practice would be good. After all, I'm going to have a child. I should equip myself.' "Fine. Bring them over tomorrow before you leave."

"Thank you, Soko." Cerina couldn't say that she wasn't upset with Soko's decisions, but at least her children would be well looked after. Soko wasn't nice, but she would keep them from harm.

Bardock had a rough night with the twins and Kara. He was encouraging the twins to give their father another chance. Tora wanted to grieve with his father, but he wouldn't abandon his sister's side, and she made it quite clear that she never wanted to see her father again. When Kakarot stopped by, Bardock assumed he was going to help, not ask him to abandon his grandchildren. "You want me to what?"

Kakarot ignored seeing Fasha and Tora. Since Durian was in his body, he felt responsible for Summer's demise. "If you don't mind, I'd like for you to train Cerina and I. We're dangerous when we transform, and I need to stop that."

Bardock's mouth dropped and he started stupefied at his son. "The twins are staying with me right now. They won't even speak to their father. They need me."

'Maybe I'm rushing all this, but we have to learn to control ourselves. But I can't bother Father to do this when Fasha is relying on him so much.' "When is Raditz going to have a funeral for Summer?"

"He incinerated her body already. It was her wishes, and he wanted to get it over with. The twins, Kara, and I were with him last night."

Kakarot couldn't believe it was over and done with that simply. "You should have told me!"

"Your brother wouldn't have wanted you there. He doesn't want anyone to see him as weak." It was difficult to see his eldest son so heartbroken. Bardock himself was proving to be a hot mess without Colleen. He only hoped that Raditz would find a way to fare better. "I've gotta take care of the kids until he snaps out of this."

"I'll teach you and Cerina," Kara said while walking into the kitchen.

"Seriously?" Kakarot hadn't seen his sister transformed before. He had no idea that she could do such a thing.

"This is a mental situation, especially for Cerina. Maybe the old fashioned way can work for you, but she's gonna need more help than what even Fenn could give her."

Bardock shook his head. "I think it's too dangerous."

"I'm a Saiyan warrior too!" she said. "Let me do what I can."

Kakarot smiled, a little proud of his sister. "Then we'll leave tomorrow."

Cerina informed Cassava of her plans, and she informed the queen, which prompted a forced dinner party. Cerina and Kakarot joined Queen Cellena. They had to wait another five minutes for Prince Vegeta to arrive. "Mother."

Cellena could sense how angry the three of them were with her for making them all come together, even though they had a full spread of food before them. Even Kakarot was glaring instead of stuffing his face. "I'll get right to the point. I'm marrying Fenn and he'll become my king."

Kakarot was satisfied with Vegeta's instant rage on his face and began eating his dinner with a smile.

Vegeta knew that his mother was acting like a silly earth girl, but she was too old to think she could start her life all over again. She had too much history to up and forget. "Why would you dishonor my father this way?"

Cellena tightened her jaw. She didn't want to think about what King Vegeta would say about her relationship with Fenn. Of course he would believe that she shouldn't be with another man ever. As far as who would rule in his stead, he would want his son to take over. "Your father was my mate and I was loyal to him, but he's gone and this is my kingdom. I rule with whom I see fit."

"And what happens when Fenn passes?" Cerina asked. She didn't want to think of her friend ever dying, but she wanted to know if her king would be her younger brother or her elder.

Vegeta was glad that she asked and not him. He was certainly thinking about Fenn's death.

"We have plan in motion, but I will not discuss it with you right now. That's the future, and this is now." The child in Cellena's womb craved to be fed, so she began feeding. The others did the same, but it was oddly quiet besides the sound of everyone chewing.

After a while, Vegeta rolled his eyes and slammed his fork down. "Is that all?"

"I want all of us to make up."

"After Vegeta tried to kill me?" Kakarot yelled.

Cellena shrugged her shoulders. "It happens." Cellena was forced to fight their family on more than one occasion and they still managed to come together to accept Cerina and Kakarot and the children that they conceived. Saiyans were violent. What else could they expect? "You two are to bury the hatchet. Do you understand?"

Vegeta and Kakarot were caught in a showdown of intense stares. They wanted to fight and kill each other. It was evident that they couldn't coexist, but Vegeta was the one to break. He smirked. "Absolutely."

"Now," Cellena smiled. "Let's enjoy dinner."

Vegeta continued eating. He noticed that Kakarot took the last of the pork and grunted. When Kakarot snickered, Vegeta decided to act quickly and took the last of the egg rolls. When Kakarot growled, Vegeta snickered. "Kakarot, how's your bastard?"

Kakarot snapped his fork in half, but he grinned hard. "He's fine. Thanks for leaking that information."

"You're welcome." He smiled.

Since Vegeta brought it up, Cellena was curious. She saw him and Chi-Chi in the hospital and they were occasionally haunting her thoughts since then. "Seriously, Kakarot, what's being done about him and his mother?"

"Nothing." Kakarot became very defensive. His son wasn't a problem to be dealt with, and it was her fault that he didn't know him. She started that law and she was the one who enforced it and probably threatened Chi-Chi. She knew about his son. Everyone knew but him. "I reached out to Gohan. I want him to train his mind and be of use to us."

Cerina smiled with pride and touched her mate's hand. "He has his father's mind."

"Unlike your idiot son," Vegeta mumbled right before taking a sip of wine.

All of the hair on the back of Cerina's neck began to stand straight up. "Excuse me?" Every maternal instinct told her to jump across the table and snap her brother's neck.

"It's just a shame that Kakarot only passed that hideous mug down to your boy and not that brain. He may be powerful, but Chi-Chi's bastard son will probably surpass him in time." Vegeta enjoyed how easily he could anger his sister. No, he didn't believe that Gohan could surpass Ninjin, but sowing discord in her house was amusing.

Cerina smugly smirked and crossed her arms as she leaned back in her chair. "Well, at least I'm not pinning after a woman that's going to rot in prison for the rest of her life."

"At least I'm not afraid of a human woman."

"I'm not afraid. I'm cautious. She's terrorized me since I was a child and—"

"Terrorized?" Vegeta laughed. "You were always so much more powerful than her and she terrorized you?"

"She's manipulated all of us, and she'll continue to manipulate us until—"

"We should kill her," Kakarot stated. "It's far past time." He watched Vegeta so he could see him fuming. If he pressed Cerina, he knew he could convince Cerina to do it. That's why Vegeta was staring at him with seething hate.

Cellena sighed. "This was not the dinner I wanted to have."

"Then maybe we should reschedule when you've thrown the trash out." Vegeta got up and stormed out. He wouldn't let them destroy Bulma, and he certainly wasn't going to bow to a child.

Cerina tried to remain dignified. She didn't want to get caught up in the power struggle too much and seem as power hungry as her brother, but she needed to take care of her family. "Mother, I deserve to know what you plan on doing when you and your king dies."

Cellena hesitated, but she knew that she could trust her daughter. "Fenn agreed to step down once Vegeta is ready to find a mate."

Cerina took a deep breath. She had been working so hard to be the one that her parents trusted to lead. She didn't want to overthrow her brother, but every day she saw that it was more and more necessary. She believed she was worthy. "You plan on him taking control?" She was genuinely more hurt than infuriated.

"There will be rebellion if you do," Kakarot stated.

Cellena cocked her brow. "From who, Kakarot? What traitor would be so bold?"

Kakarot slightly narrowed his eyes. "There's no one in specific, but I've got a feeling." 'Me and everyone else who shares my blood!'

"Vegeta will not be king at this rate. I would like to see some effort on both of your parts. Frankly, Kakarot, I'm not too keen on you leading either." She believed in her daughter, but Kakarot came from an unstable environment. Bardock often put his needs before the empire, and Cellena could not reward that.

"I will make a decision, and I expect everyone to honor the new rule. I know you have enough sense not to tell me that you would revolt against my son, but it'll be your family against the rest of the planet. I will make sure that there is loyalty. And if you are king and my son tries to rebel, he will also stand alone. My people will honor me." She had plans to set everything in motion. The Saiyans respected her. Her son had a handful of friends, but he foolishly gave up his position in the army. He was too busy being a child to play politics. Cellena's word meant everything.

"Kakarot, if you don't want to serve Vegeta, make sure that you are more worthy than him."

Kakarot nodded respectfully, but inside he was fuming. He knew he wasn't perfect, but he had to be a better choice than Vegeta. He didn't speak his mind until he teleported home with Cerina. "I know you love your mother, but she can be so insufferable sometimes."

Cerina plopped on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. "My brother won't be king." 'Fenn will lead and she'll be so impressed with him that his reign will never end. I'll serve my younger brother if Fenn loses his life. I can see it now…'

"I saw a vision of him being king!" Kakarot yelled. "He was immortal and he had somehow defeated me, Cerina. I can't let that be our future."

Deep down inside, she knew that she could stand aside and serve Vegeta, but he was a paranoid creature. Ninjin would always be a threat along with any other children she would produce. Not to mention that Vegeta would want to kill Kakarot after he produced enough amusement from being a servant of his new empire. "We won't let it be."

Suna was just beginning to fall asleep as she felt her covers being yanked off of her. She jumped up ready to fight, but she quickly backed down once she noticed that it was her prince and conspirator. "I need your help."

"I'm not surprised." She rolled her eyes. She was becoming irritated with Vegeta's requests after his fit to save Bulma. He was a fool willing to put everything on the line for his original brain. If Bulma came back into the fold, then Suna would be rendered useless. "What is it that you want?"

"I need you to send Fenn a transmission. It needs to look like a leak of information, and I know you can pull it off."


That was the first time she had questioned Vegeta, and it caught him totally surprised. He was already on edge from his mother's announcement, so he could barely help himself from barking at the girl. "I gave you an order. I don't expect questions."

Suna half expected Vegeta to choke the life from her. 'If this arrangement goes south, I'll have to find a way to protect myself, like I had to when it came to my father. This may be the time.' "Fine. Tell me what I have to do."

A human woman barged into a packed bar. She had been there hundreds of times, but she had never seen it packed to the brim before. The owner was Rimmy, the infamous human that got to bang the prestigious leader of the Task Force. She had never seen him so happy with his job, but she was angry. "How's business?"

"Booming, Sis." He performed a few juggling tricks with a couple of shot glasses before he filled them up and slid them down to a couple of ladies. "I'm a tabloid celebrity."

"Don't even mention it." She shook herself and made barfing noises. "It's disgusting what you did with that Saiyan."

"Saiyans aren't that bad." He couldn't get Soko out of his head. Her talents were remarkable, and he was curious to know more about her personally. It must have taken a lot for her to open up about her miscarriage. He was sprung.

"Yes, they are. Especially a member of the Task Force."

"Good thing I'm off duty," Soko said while approaching the bar. She sneered at the human woman for two seconds before turning her attention on Rimmy.

He tried to be nonchalant about her, but he couldn't stop himself and started beaming from excitement. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?" Soko grabbed him by his shirt and smashed him into her lips. There were flashes from camera phones and an annoyingly loud gasp from Rimmy's sister, but she forced herself to ignore them and the nauseating feeling in her stomach. 'I have to make sure my plan succeeds. My child comes before my pride.' "Leave this place and come back to my house."

Rimmy received a cheer from his patrons and then it felt like the universe was smiling upon their union. "Give me ten minutes."

Rimmy's sister had enough sense to wait until after Soko had strutted out of the bar to snap at her brother. "Are you insane?"

"Take my shift!" he begged.

"I repeat. Are you insane?" she yelled a little louder. Her brother was walking into the kitchen where they stored some food and drinks, which was good because they needed their privacy. "What's gonna happen when mother finds out that you're still shacking up with this Saiyan?"

"Leave it alone," he begged. "I know this is hard to hear, but Dad got what he deserved. We need to move on."

Every time she saw a Saiyan, she could barely stand it. When she read online about what happened with her brother, she refused to believe it. Now, it was just too much. "We can't forget."

Rimmy did feel an ache for his sister and his mother, and things were different when he was a little boy. Now he was a man and he might have had a blue collar job, but it was a respectable business. He couldn't allow himself to get mixed up in his past. "Well, I have."

Rimmy shoved past his sister, and she was not pleased. As much as she loved her brother, she knew what her mother would do if she allowed him to continue seeing a Task Force member. 'If he won't seek revenge for our father, then I will.'

Pepper ran to the bridge once she had received word that her prince had summoned her. She was a fool to have fallen so for a man she could never have, but it wasn't about being with Vegeta. It was about pleasing him. It was her duty as a soldier and a Saiyan and a woman. "Prince Vegeta. Is it time for another one of our visits?"

"No…" Though he was disappointed that he couldn't fit that into his busy schedule. "Pepper, I'm afraid I've got something else in mind for you."

She smirked intrigued. Very few things were better than sex. Sometimes it was a fantastic meal, but only fighting truly gave her the thrill she was looking for. "Such as?"

Vegeta smirked. If anyone could pull off his masterful plan, he knew that it would be her. "An assassination."

To Be Continued…

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