Hi this is my first fanfic on here. For those of you who have not read The Neverending Story book by Michael Ende you must especially if you love the films you wont regret it ;)

This fanfic is based between the gate of Fantastica and the real world when Bastian is returning and was sad that he didn't see the Childlike Empress again. They are so cute in the book so I had to create this story. :)

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"Father! It's Bastian Balthazar Bux!" Bastian screams into the darkness. "I'm coming home!" He then sees a faint light.

"Father? Is that you?"

A familiar sweet aroma swept gently towards his face. Bastian gently closes his eyes and took in the Heavenly scent. He knew that he knew it before. Inside his eyelids

the light grew stronger. Slowly Bastian opens his eyes with a light gasp and smiles surprised to see who was now standing before him. Moonchild smiles back holding out

her hand for Bastian's. Bastian gladly slides his hand into hers. He takes his time looking into her golden eyes and the flow of her long white hair. She is perfect, just how

he remembers her.

"Moonchild, I was afraid I'd never see you again." Bastian spoke like he was out of breath.

Moonchild smiles even bigger taking her free hand to brush Bastian's bangs aside to see his face more clearly. "I came back to give you my thanks again and to give you a proper farewell."

Bastian gradually started to frown. "You mean that I will never see you again?"

Moonchild felt Bastian's sadness and also frowned. "No, I'm afraid not, at least not in person anymore. Bastian the only way to really remember me is to never forget about me or Fantastica."

The both fell silent staring down and at each other.

Moonchild continues, "I wont ever forget you Bastian."

Bastian holds Moonchild's hand tighter. "I could never forget someone like you." Bastian is closer to the point of crying and so was Moonchild.

"Bastian," Moonchild whispers.


Moonchild coops her hand behind Bastian's neck and draws herself to him giving him a light peck on the lips. She pulls away after a few seconds resting her forehead

against Bastian's and whispers. "You are loved Bastian." A tear forms at her left eye as Bastian forms a tear as well. Bastian's journey had in fact changed him but this

kiss from Moonchild came the biggest boost of confidence. It felt almost as if he was a baby bird that learned to fly to becoming a leader after one day of being born.

Bastian was speechless of words, he's been waiting for this moment ever since he read about her from the story he is now in. "Thank you for everything Moonchild."

Bastian stuttered and prepared to say something next that he knew he wouldn't regret saying no matter how stupid it might sound, it was the truth.

"I'll always love you Moonchild." Bastian said full of confidence. Moonchild smiles brightly.

"Good luck Bastian." Moonchild leads Bastian to a light. "And remember this too, we're all part of a Neverending Story."

That was the last thing Bastian heard from Moonchild, as he found himself looking around the school attic sitting down instead of standing like he was doing. He had

forgotten all about hiding in the school attic to read the book. Bastian looks down at the book his hand laying on the very last page seeing thevery last thing moonchild

had said to him. He remembers her voice exactly how she said it to him.

"I will never forget you." Bastian said. "Never."