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Three years...

Three years since the Lylat War ended, Fox thought as he leaned against the wall of the bridge of the Great Fox. His life hasn't really settled down after that. He sighed as one of the heavy blast doors opened with a hiss and a blue avian walked through. His name was Falco and he greeted his leader with a slight nod.

After the capture and evicting of Andross to a nearby system, the Cornerian Army settled down to the point where they were not needed. In reality, they were needed to keep the peace between the Cornerians and the Venomians. After the war faded into history, tensions between the two faded in to nothing and the Cornerians breathed easily knowing that the Venomians wouldn't fight them.

General Pepper looked exhausted after this notion and he had to have a week long vacation to calm his already fried nerves. As soon as he got back, he sent his men on a temporary vacation on Fortuna to have peace and quiet for the next week or two.

Soon enough, Fox and his team gathered in the ready room or, the equivalent of one. The room was at the front of the massive starship, it was actually the control room but that was where they did their briefings. Taking care to watch the news feed streaming into their ship, they sifted through the good news and bad coming to the top headline of the morning.

Top secret base raided on Katina:

Late last night, a small group of criminals were sneaking into the government base holding blasters. The situation is being handled and controlled by the local police and the planetary army. The suspects have not been found.

"Third time this week," a rabbit wearing glasses and holding a steaming cup of coffee commented.

"Yeah and it might happen again with all this uncertainty going on. Pass or go?" Fox said, peeking out from under his shades to get a better look at the hare called Peppy.

Peppy thought for a moment, "If we pass, they might make more runs on the same base but if we go, they might flee and decide to pursue another base on the same planet. Knowing how criminals react when they see our Arwings, they will be gone even before we take them down." Fox sighed; he honestly didn't even know what to do. He then got an idea; he needed as much information as possible. There was only one who knew what happened.

"Slippy, open the com link to Katina." The toad nodded and he pressed a few buttons. A window then popped up showing the planet. Slippy then asked who he wanted to contact. Fox told him and he tapped the corresponding button. A final window popped up showing static and a box


Soon enough, a picture of the person Fox tried to reach showed up. His name was Bill Grey commander of the Bulldog and Husky units over on Katina. His last name matched up the color of his fur, grey. He smiled warmly as if meeting a long lost friend.

"Fox?" He said, his smile widening, showing his teeth.

"Oh hey Bill, how is your base holding up?"

He shook his head, "Fine, we were attacked this morning by a Venomian fleet no damage done though."

"That's good, I was meaning to ask you something."


"We heard that a nearby base was raided, any ideas as to whom?"

Bill shook his head, "We have no idea but we do know that they came from a nearby planet."

Fox thought for a moment getting no ideas from what he said. "We need clearance to check it out."

"I can give you the clearance that you need." Fox smiled, that was all he needed. He said his goodbyes and disconnected. There was still several hours to go before he even passed Fichina after that, there would be a day left before they even reached Katina.

While Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy found things to do, Fox's lover, a blue vixen named Krystal was laying in her bed, just waking up from a nice nap. Yawning, she got up and went straight for the lounge room. It was a round room adjacent to the bridge and the control room at the front of the ship. She navigated the halls of the Great Fox for a while, following the thought signatures from her team mates. She found herself in the room. Four seats surrounded a plasma TV in the exact center of the room. It was on, showing the news. Falco yawned and then turned to change the channel, noticing Krystal standing there. Falco motioned to Fox and the vulpine turned to greet her.

"You finally up?" He asked.

She giggled, "Yeah, where are we?"

"Close to Fichina." The vixen then pulled up a chair and then sat down next to Fox. They whittled away the hour chatting amongst each other when suddenly Rob's voice came over the com system

"Distress signal found, report to control room immediately"

Distress signal? Fox thought and then rushed up to the control room. In there, the lights changed from the normal white to a deep red.

"Rob, give me the location." Fox commanded.

"Affirmative, signal found on Fichina"

"Lock on to the signal and put us into orbit, open the hanger door." The robot did his bidding. The ship lurched to the left and a white planet showed up on the radar and out the plasma-proof window. It was a relatively large planet, the surface looked white and clouds covered most of the planet. The team navigated the grey and white halls of the Great Fox. The doors opened ahead of them when they passed a certain point. They neared a crossroads and took a right. They soon found themselves in a spacious room. Four Arwings and a Cloudrunner were docked and ready to go. Their respective canopies opened up as the members climbed in. Said canopy closed above their heads. The HUD directly in front of them sprung to life. A diorama of the ships appeared with a blue bubble around it. The coms were engaged and they checked their G-Diffuser.

"We are ready to go. Rob, open the hanger gate and unlock our ships."

"Affirmative" Slowly the gate before them opened. The green lights indicated that the vacuum wouldn't penetrate the ship, sending the pilots to their possible doom if they weren't in their ships. Fox nudged the yolk back, the Arwing hovered and he kicked it into high gear. With a loud noise, the ship blasted out of the hanger bay and out into space. The thrill of piloting washed back over the lupine as he headed toward the planet.

"Fox, who do you think sent the distress signal?" Krystal asked.

"Not sure, Rob, send the ship with us." The robot did so. Soon, the Great Fox was beside them. They neared the atmosphere and it suddenly got warmer in there. Fox quieted the alarms going off by initiating reentry procedure. The cockpit cooled off and the surface was in view. It was a barren and lifeless planet, snow constantly covered the ground and snow was falling occasionally peppered with breezes that sent the temperature down to forty below. His team locked onto the signal sending them to a small clearing. They landed, melting some snow but blowing away the rest and headed toward the signal. The signal was moving so they had to be constantly on the move. Fox's sharp eyes detected something on the ground not too far ahead. He motioned for them to come.

A figure was lying on the snow, shivering despite the fur covering the body.

"Rob, activate the onboard teleports to send the signal up to the ship." The robot beeped in reply and a blue light surrounded the body and then shot up.

"Ah, it was a rescue eh?" Peppy commented.

"Lets get back to the ships, it is freezing out here."

Five minutes later, they boarded their respective ships and blasted off interested on who they found on the surface of the ruthless planet.

Once there, they went into the medical bay. Sure enough, the body lying there was still alive. All her fur was white, making her an asset in the snow but a hindrance in the dark. Sets of wires were hooked up and it fed her vital information. All she wore was jeans and a t-shirt. Boots covered her feet and warmed them up to comfortable temperatures. A black jacked covered her t-shirt so at least she won't be totally visible in the night. Her eyes snapped open, out of focus for a second or two. She tried to get up but was stopped.

"You need rest, getting stuck on a frozen wasteland tires you out." Fox quipped. The vulpine can clearly see that she was a wolf, her blue eyes pierced right through him. "What is your name?"

"They call me Justine Night, my last name doesn't make any sense because I can't blend in to the night." She sighed and closed her eyes, falling into a deep sleep. They set their course to Katina and hoped to find out what happened to one of the bases there. They hoped that it won't be too bad. Who knows, maybe they are right.

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