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"General Pepper, sir," a voice said, coming out of the intercom. "Incoming transmission!"

The general sighed, "Patch it through." The screen in front of him lit up with a picture of Bill.

"General, I found something big. I am going to show you this," a video feed popped up show the base interior. "I am going to patch it through to Star Fox." The picture faded and the screen shut down.

Fox stood on the bridge of the Great Fox looking outside the plasma-proof windows.

Today was the day that my dad died. He thought bitterly, he would be proud of what I have done. Deciding to go to Krystal's room, he opened the door and walked down there. Once there, Krystal wasn't there which struck him odd.

"Krystal?" He called, "I want to talk to you." Krystal's door opened and it showed the blue vixen.

"Hey, what do you want?"

"I want to-" He was cut off when ROB's voice was on the intercom.

"Incoming transmission, all personnel report to the control room." Fox sighed and he got up from her bed. Taking the vixen by the hand, he led her to the familliar room.

His team was already there, he punched a few buttons and a familliar person popped up.

"Star Wolf," Fox growled.

"Star Fox," Wolf O'Donnel said.

"What do you want from us?"

"I want no quarrel with you, I believe we hold the same destination in mind. You were just at Katina?"


"I spotted a bunch of Cornelian starships are on their way. They said that raids were planned on Katina." A message popped up.

"Wolf, we have an oncoming video feed, transferring it to you." He opened the link to his ship and sent it over. They silently watched the video, the problem was, they didn't carry Venom flags.

"Not us," Wolf said.

Fox was immediately suspicious, "how can you be so sure?"

"I assure you, we never laid our paws on that base" Wolf smiled.

"Why did they dispatch Cornerian starships?" Slippy asked

Wolf flashed another grin. "To investigate, I feel like there is something suspicious about those characters."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Falco questioned.

The video paused and then zoomed in. "Like this, they are unarmed except for a small knife. They also came under heavy fire from the guards, equipped like this, nothing stands a chance so why did they live?" Fox couldn't answer that, he played the video and it seemed like the mysterious figures dodged the plasma bolts.

"They lived because of their acute agility; they seem to overpower us in being agile." Wolf responded. "Our main question is who are they and why did they attack Katina?'

"No idea, my question is that why are you not attacking us?"

Wolf laughed, "After Andross got banished, we tried to follow him but it was all for naught. He turned on us and we turned on him as a result of his incompitence to accept us."

"What are you going to do now?"

Wolf ran all possible things to say through his mind only coming up with one.

"I... don't know, I never thought about it," he confessed. "We thought about disbanding but it was too drastic. We have to negotiate a cease-fire." Fox pondered, shocked that he would suggest such a thing.

"A cease-fire? Let me and my team think about it." Wolf disconnected, grinning.

Fox huddled around his team. Krystal was the first to chime in

"He does have good intentions."

"Yeah, but does that make him trustworthy?" Falco asked.

"If she says it is fine and we can trust him, it'll be all right." Fox said, motioning to the vixen. He turned to the screen.

"We accept, lead your Wolvens over to the docking bay to get tuned up."

Wolf smiled warmly, "Excellent." Soon enough, the hangar opened and two Wolvens slowly flew in, when they were locked, the cockpits opened up. In the center, Wolf came out of his fighter looking weary from the long trip. A black panther came from his left; he nodded to Wolf and turned his attention to the blast door as it opened up. Fox pretty much ran the whole way to greet his nemesis and rival. What he didn't expect was Panther.

"What happened to the rest of your team?" the vulpine asked.

"In due time, I will tell you. Lead me to the lounge room." Fox obliged, taking him to the room that he asked for. All his team was there, save for Slippy, who was taking care of his ship. Krystal was the first one to react.

"You!" She shouted to Panther. His eyes grew wide with surprise.

"Krystal?" He said, drawing closer to the vixen.

"Stay away from me!" She nearly yelled. Wolf drew back, unaware of her fury and Fox took a minor step back. "It was because of you that I left. My life was ruined and I had to spend a year of my life as a bounty hunter! I should've came after you when I had the chance!"

"Look, I can explain" He slowly said, dragging out the syllables.

"No! You can't explain! I never want to see you ever again." She took Fox by the arm and led him to her room. She was literally shaking with rage, when Fox put a paw on her shoulder, it faded slightly.

"Krys, I am so sorry." The vulpine said softly.

"It is not your fault; he treated me poorly after you dumped me. He wanted me to be his plaything. When I knew that I didn't want him anymore, I abandoned Star Wolf and immediately fled to Corneria." Fox wrapped his arm around her back, comforting her more.

"I was not welcome, when Pepper caught wind of me being here, he told me to leave or I will be arrested for aiding the enemy. I stayed on a distant planet and became a cold, ruthless being." Her voice broke as a tear ran down her cheek. "I turned to you when I heard you were on your way to do some business. After Panther, I had no one but you."

Fox smiled, she cared that much for him and that was all that mattered in the world. He regretted the day that he had the argument, the one that ruined their already fragile relationship. He sadly cast her off, unwilling to forget about her even if the universe didn't allow it. He kept the memory alive and it paid off. He told her he was sorry and offered her a spot on the team, she graciously accepted and the bond was renewed once more. But it was Panther that threw a rock in their relationship. Krystal was torn from seeing her ex and she hated his guts. For fifteen minutes, Fox held her and comforted her to a point where she could face Panther again. She bravely strode in the lounge room with Fox in tow, took Panther's arm and forcibly led him to a hallway.

"Don't talk to me, don't speak to me, and definitely don't say those three little words." She hissed, twisting his arm. "If I catch wind of you talking to, abusing or coming near Fox for a lovely chat, I will make your life a living hell until I see you leave or die." She struck him across the face.

"That was for being a jerk." She venomously walked away, leaving a confused and hurt panther behind. When she entered the room, Fox stood up, holding a cup of tea. He offered the vixen the tea and she took it.

"Now, tell me about Star Wolf." Fox said.

"I was just getting to that, after the Lylat War, Andrew followed Andross to the Glang System and started a new life. Leon pretty much went insane for two years and I had to get rid of him because he was being such a pest. I am sure he is somewhere, living his own life. After that, I disbanded Star Wolf because Pigma was dead and I had no one to care for me.

"I found Panther on a spaceport soon after Andrew ditched us and we picked him up hoping that he would be a good addition. He was, when he found Krystal on a barren planet, he took her in and cared for her. All that was for naught, one week later, he started to mistreat her and she ditched Panther. We found you and decided that we needed company." Fox nodded, it being sufficient enough to make him believe that he is harmless. Fox took Krystal's arm and led her to his room and made her sit down.

"Thanks," the vixen said, giving Fox a hug.

"No problem," he responded. "I hate it when you feel threatened; I have to make you feel better."

The vixen smiled, happy that he was there to make her feel much better.

"I regret what happened that day," he continued. "That gives me the reason to fight harder. I know that when the fight was over, I have something to look forward to."

"How about you and me go on a vacation sometime." Krystal proposed

"Yes, that would be a good thing. It would give us a small break from life. When we get done with the Sauria run, we will take a vacation on a small island on Aquas"

They sat there for the next ten minutes, only enjoying their presence with each other. All that mattered to Fox was Krystal, he didn't know what he would do without her. He even thinks that he can't live without her. They were on their way to Sauria, Fox wondered how she will react to seeing the planet again. Fox worried about the state of the planet Zoness. During the Lylat War, something major happened to the planet. The life got killed off by toxic waste radiating from the ocean. Up to a year ago restoration projects were ordered for the sake of the planet and its inhabitants. Now, the planet has sentient life and a few defense posts to ward off invaders.

The main story was Area 6. After the War, it was a main battleground for a few small scale battles and even a few large ones. It was the last line of defense for Venom and its dwindling army. It was under control by the Cornerians for a brief amount of time and then control came under the Venomians. It went like this up untill the present when Cornerian troops thought it was enough and destroyed it outright. It didn't fly well back home. For a straight week, riots were in the streets and they were protesting the destruction of Area 6. Luckily, Star Fox wasn't there at the time but Pepper called them up several times giving them several important updates.

Now, Fox was kind of nervous for the upcoming visit to Sauria. Would they remember him or would they retaliate for fighting in the skies two years ago. During that time, Sauria came under fire from Venom forces, the natives there fought back bravely and won. The only problem was that Star Fox never showed up even when Star Wolf came on that planet. They sent out several distress calls and signals for them to receive, they never responded.

"Krys?" Fox said. "Do you think that we will get a break soon?"

A pause, "Maybe soon at least, I hope." Satisfied with her answer, the vulpine stood up and walked nonchalantly out of the room.

'Maybe soon huh? We'll see about that."

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