Title: The Ox and his Horse

Rating: T

Drabble Series

Pairing: Gozumaru/Mezumaru

#1 Night mare

A hand came to rest on his cheek as dark blue hair fluttered in the breeze. He looked into the others eyes, what beautiful eyes they were, and tried to speak. His lips moved, but he was silent. Alarmed, he went to reach for the other, who's once bright smile had turned into a frown. He could see tears stream from under the horse skull he always wore.

And then the others lips were moving. And though no sound came out from the others mouth as well, he could read the lips well enough.


No. He couldn't! he wouldn't allow him to go away!






Sitting up silently, his head collided with something else.

"Ow ow owowow!" The other thing said, "Gozu~! That hurt!"

"M-Mezu!" Gozumaru said, relief on his face. Mezumaru looked at him confused, as the other boy tackled him to the ground.

"Good morning to you too Gozumaru!"

It was a good morning indeed to Gozumaru.

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