# 2 Child Hood

He giggled as he ran around the yard, chasing the other. The other gave a huge grin and then suddenly jumped onto the tallest branch of the tree. He pouted.

"No fair Mezu, I haven't learned that yet!" He whined.

Mezu just snickered. "You're sucha baby Gozu," He stated, before sitting down on the branch and leaning back. Gozu pouted, kicking at the ground before furiously storming into the main house of the Gyuki clan. His master looked up from the scroll he was reading and gave a small smile to the other.

"What is the matter Gozumaru?" Master Gyuki said patting the cushion next to him. Gozumaru plopped down at it and started ranting.

"Mezumaru is so mean to me!" He whined, almost pitifully and Gyuki just sighed, putting the scroll down and looked at his heir.

"Surely you don't mean that?"

"But I do..!" he said his face flushed. Gyuki smirked.

"Well that red face of yours says other words."

"My face is not red!" It was. Gozumaru looked down to the floor. "I… like Mezumaru.. A lot. But… sometimes I don't think he likes me…"

"I'm sure he does Gozu, you just need to be more vocal about your affections."

"Really?" Gozumaru said, looking up at his Master with a bright face. Gyuki nodded. Gozumaru grinned before getting up quickly and running to the door.

"Thank you Master Gyuki~!"

Gyuki gave one more smile before returning to his scroll.

"And so you are going to be my wife!"

"W-what brought this on Gozu…?" Mezu said, sweat dropping.