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Whirlpool rising

Chapter 1

3 years. 3 years since he left. He couldn't keep his promise anymore. He didn't want to become hokage. Not anymore. Not after seeing his sensei for 3 years executed right in front of him. It's been 3 years. 3 long years since he was banished from the place he called home. He left everything behind even the person he loved.

He was banished over killing Orochimaru. He was banished of killing the ninja who killed the 3rd hokage and invaded his village. He has lost his will of fire.

"Daddy? Are you okay?" a little girl asked sitting in her fathers lap. Her father was looking over the sea with sad blue eyes. "Yeah sweetie I'm fine." Her father grinned at her. "Okay. Good night daddy, I love you." The girl snuggled into his chest. "I love you too." The man kissed her forehead.

"Sir!" an anbu called. "What is it?" The man asked. "We have just gotten word from Konoha. The 6th hokage is plotting war against Suna. Should we get involved?" The anbu captain asked. "Not now. Send word out to the Kazekage that I will send as many ninja I can." The man ordered. "Right away lord Arashikage." The anbu bowed.

The man sighed continuing to look over the sea. "I wonder how they are doing. I wonder how she is doing." The man muttered. "She probably misses you kit. What are you gonna do? Gaara is your friend is he not?" A deep voice asked behind him. "Yeah. Shin!" The Arashikage called. In a second an anbu was standing by his side. "Yes sir?" The anbu asked.

"Are we ready?" Arashikage asked. "Yes sir. They won't suspect a thing." Shin replied. "Good. Get Lea, I want her to watch over Kairi while I'm gone." Arashikage ordered while brushing a strand of red hair out of his daughter's eyes. The anbu bowed before leaving.

"It's time Kurama." The man stood holding his 3 year old Daughter. He went into his large cabin house and laid her on his bed. "I'll be back honey." The man kissed her forehead. He put on his orange with black flamed jacket and strapped his Sword to his back. He changed his sad dark blue eyes to red demonic slitted eyes. His canine teeth grew longer and sharper.

"Where are we going?" Kurama asked standing next to his master. "Where going to delay the war for a little bit." The Arashikage smirked before he vanished in an orange flash. Kurama lit up into a ball of flame.

A pink haired medic was sitting in her bed looking up at her ceiling. The woman was now 21 years old. Her pink hair was a little longer than it was when she was 16. Her jade green emerald eyes had bags under them due to the lack of sleep. She has been working non stop in the hospital due to starting a war tomorrow.

But the lack of sleep also had to do with her having bad dreams of a certain blonde knuckle headed ninja who was banished on this very day. Konoha had every right to believe he was dead. But her and her friends didn't. They believed he is still alive somewhere.

She hopes he is still alive. Before his banishment she finally was able to realize her feelings for him. But when she was about to tell him he was gone. Her master Tsunade told her he was banished and she was being overthrown for the position of hokage.

For 3 years she cried every night on this day. She always had bad dreams of finding him dead due to a certain Uchiha's hand. Yeah she remembered. Her blonde ninja kept his promise of bringing Sasuke Uchiha back. Hoping he was the Sasuke he still was she was dead wrong.

The Sasuke she knew died when he left the village. He was thrown in jail due to treachery but the idiotic council released him due to him having the Sharingan. The council banished Naruto on several accounts.

For losing control over Kyuubi more than once. Nearly killing a fellow konoha ninja (Sasuke). Disobeying direct orders from the council not to leave the village.

Apparently the council was making a deal with Orochimaru behind Tsunade's back when she was hokage. What they were trying bargain for she had no clue. But Naruto Killed Orochimaru with the help of Kyuubi but he lost control over it.

The council was pissed they lost Orochimaru so they charged Naruto for losing control for the 3rd time. Jiraiya tried to stick up for him but was executed. His execution was a warning to Naruto if he should ever return. Jiraiya's death led Naruto to destroy half the village. After his tantrum he left the village without saying goodbye.

Tsunade resigned from being hokage and had half of a mine to leave the village. But she stayed for Sakura since she was upset about Naruto. Sasuke got off Scott free and was named anbu captain. He still wants revenge on Itachi but first must rebuild his clan.

Danzo was appointed to Hokage and gave Sasuke 3 wives. Sasuke has a total of 6 kids. 2 from each. He has 4 daughters that he doesn't pay attention to and 2 sons. Sasuke treats his wives and daughters like dirt. But the council could care less.

Danzo has really changed the village. Almost everyone is poor except for the higher clans. Hinata is married to Kiba. Ino gave up on Sasuke and is marrying to Choji. Even though it is secret Shikamaru is married to Temari and Neji is secretly married to TenTen.

Saying Danzo made the village a little bad is a complete understatement. It's hell. Sakura can't even describe how bad it is and she doesn't want to.

"Sakura, it's time to get up." Tsunade called from outside the door. Sakura silently groaned before going to take a shower. Ever since Naruto left Sakura has been living with Tsunade. Sakura's parents died a year after Danzo's reign. She had no place to go so Tsunade took her in. Tsunade lives a little away from the village but close enough for Sakura to go to work.

Ever since Danzo became hokage he stripped Sakura of her ninja rank and ordered her to stay at the hospital. Sakura hated that man with every fiber in her being.

Deciding to take her mind off her hell village she started to get dress when she heard glass break. She threw on her shirt really fast and ran out to see if Tsunade was in trouble.

When she ran in the door way she saw Tsunade hugging somebody, who she couldn't tell till she walked fully into the room. She looked over the person Tsunade was hugging.

He was almost as tall has Tsunade without her heels on. He had spiky blonde hair with red on the tips and some strands in his hair. He was wearing a short sleeved orange jacket with black flames dancing at the bottom. She also saw he was wearing tan pants with a kunai holster strapped to his right leg. Last she noticed was a sword as long as Sasuke's strapped to his back.

"Gaki! Where have you been?" Tsunade demanded. 'Gaki?' Sakura thought. "Sorry. Just that I've been really busy." The man replied in a cool yet happy tone. Tsunade pulled back from him and touched his face. "We all missed you." Tsunade cried. The man looked around and noticed a pink haired girl.

The girl's heart stopped at seeing who the man was. He had dark blue eyes, also whisker like marks on his face. He wore a smile. "Hey Sakura-chan." Naruto waved. Tsunade stepped aside as Sakura walked closer, not even breathing. "Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked tears welling up in her eyes.

Naruto grinned his foxy grin. That grin confirmed to Sakura that it was Naruto. The Naruto she grew to love. She ran towards him embracing him in a hug then kissed him with all her might. Tsunade snickered at Naruto's expression. He was shocked to feel the girl he always had a crush on and still loved kissing him. He relaxed and kissed her back with even more might than before.

After a minute they broke apart. "I love you Naruto-kun. I want you to always know that." Sakura let the tears run down her face. "I love you too, Sakura-chan." Naruto grinned. Tsunade smiled at the new couple. Naruto kept Sakura close but looked at Tsunade. She could tell he was happy than he was when he walked in.

"Baa-chan. I want you to gather rookie 9. But do it with out Danzo or Teme knowing." Naruto ordered. "Wait why Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked. "Because, were leaving this hell hole. Oh and I'm taking Sasuke's daughters and wives with us." Naruto smiled. "Are you sure?" Tsunade asked. "Positive. One of Sasuke's wives is a spy of mine. She convinced the other one who doesn't really love Sasuke to come. Now hurry!" Naruto ordered.

Tsunade nodded before pulling out a radio communicator. "Wolf this is Slug. The fox is in hell I repeat the fox is in hell." Tsunade informed. "Understood slug, I will bring the rest over to you." Kakashi's voice replied. "Oh by the way bring Snake's daughters and their mothers." Tsunade ordered. "Copy that slug. It will be easy they are already with me." Kakashi stated. "Alright wolf. Hurry!" Tsunade barked.

"Slug? Wolf? Fox is in hell?" Naruto laughed. "Shut up! It's codenames." Tsunade huffed. "As soon as they are here my anbu will escort you." Naruto informed. "Escort us? Escort us to where?" Sakura asked. "My village." Naruto answered.

"Shisou you knew about this?" Sakura asked. "I only knew a little. This is the first time I have seen Naruto but not the first time I have talked to him. He is planning on saving us from death. Kakashi is in on it too. So is it ready?" Tsunade wondered. "It is ready. Thanks to suna and my other village friends we were able to rebuild some of it. In 2 or 3 more years it will be bigger than this hell." Naruto grinned.

"Wait what are you guys…" "Naruto!" Kiba ran in and hugged his long time friend. "Hey Kiba." Naruto smiled. After Kiba busted in Hinata, Neji and TenTen, Shino, Choji and Ino with Shikamaru, Kakashi walked in.

They all froze at who they saw. Suddenly a woman with long black hair but hazel eyes holding a little girl ran through the crowd. "Naruto-sama! I'm so happy to see you!" The woman hugged him. "I'm happy to see your are okay and little Izuka." Naruto nuzzled his nose against the little girls making her giggle.

"Listen guys I'm happy to see you and all but were running out of time. Anbu!" Naruto called. Two leaf anbu appeared right next to Naruto. Tsunade gasped as everyone prepared them selves. "Calm down guys they work for me. Isn't that right Genma, Raido?" Naruto smirked.

The two anbu removed their masks a smile on their face. "It's good to see you, Lord Arashikage." Raido bowed. "Ditto." Genma smirked. Naruto laughed. "Alright guys have you guys been training like I asked?" Naruto wondered. "Yes. We can teleport past the border." Raido informed. "Good. I want you to transport somewhere safe and out of range from the village." Naruto said.

"Wait where are we going?" Kiba asked. Naruto sighed. "We are going to my village. The whirlpool village. Baa-chan told me of all the trouble you guys have been having. So I wanted to help you all. By coming with me you are defecting from Konoha's ninja core. You will have a home in whirlpool, and if you want you can be a ninja.

Shikamaru you can live happily with Temari without worrying. Neji TenTen you and your child will always be safe. Kiba and Hinata you two well can do whatever but you will be safe. These are just examples. I'm not stopping any of you. You can come with me and live happy, or… You can live in this hell hole for the rest of you lives. Choose wisely and soon." Naruto explained.

"There's no question I'm going with you Naruto-kun." Sakura stated. "Me too. The only thing holding me back was Sakura." Tsunade smirked. "Count us in!" Kiba grinned while Hinata nodded with a smile. "You have always been my friend Naruto. I will join you." Shino stated. "There is no doubt. I want to protect my family, we are joining you." Neji smiled. "You can count on me my Youthful friend!" Lee and guy gave the nice guy pose.

"Sure why not?" Kakashi shrugged but they could all tell he was smiling. "It may be troublesome but I want to be with that troublesome woman. I'll go with you." Shikamaru smirked. Everyone else said yes. "Alright then Genma, Raido get them to safety. I'll meet you all back at the village. Oh and make sure they get some good rooms okay?" Naruto smiled. They both nodded.

"Naruto-kun I want to stay with you." Sakura said. "Sorry Sakura-chan. But I need to do this myself. I have something's I need to get. I will be there soon." Naruto kissed her forehead. With that Genma and Raido drew a circle around the group. "Okay guys all your belongings are at the village. I will see you all soon." Naruto grinned.

The two Anbu nodded before everyone left in a blue flash. Naruto stood in the house for a few seconds before flashing away. He now was standing in front of the Namikaze compound. He placed his hand on the seal opener and the door opened. The Arashikage walked in the house. He looked around and noticed lots pictures. He smiled before taking out a scroll and sealing all the pictures he saw in them. He closed the scroll and labeled them pictures.

Next he went into his fathers study. Naruto was amazed by how many books and scrolls his father had. He sealed all the fire scrolls in one scroll, Water in another and so on. He sealed all of his father's journals and books. After Naruto doubled checked everything he was 100% positive he got everything.

Danzo the 6th hokage of Konohagakure was in his office going over paperwork about the war that he was gonna start. "Lord Hokage!" his assistant walked in. "What is it?" Danzo asked. "It's Sakura haruno. We have just gotten word from the hospital that she has not showed up for her shift." His assistant reported. Danzo finally looked up at her.

"She's living with princess Tsunade no? Go there and bring her to me." Danzo ordered. "I would have sir but she's not there. Tsunade's not there either in fact the whole house is practically empty." His assistant informed. "What? How could…" Danzo was interrupted when he heard a giant explosion.

"Lord Hokage! The village it's under attack!" A konoha jonin reported. "What? Is it Suna?" Danzo demanded. "No sir! Much worse it's the 9 tailed fox! And someone is on top of its head!" The konoha ninja reported.

Danzo opened his eye wide with worry. "The 9 tails? But the demon brat should be dead! How is it attacking?" Danzo demanded looking outside the window to see a giant fox with thrashing 9 tails destroying the village. He narrowed his eye to see a man with blonde hair and red slitted eyes glaring at him with pure hate.

"Kyuubi that's enough. We'll come back later. Kairi-chan is probably waking up by now." Naruto said turning away from glaring at the hokage. "Your right kit. Don't want to make her worry. Let's go." Kyuubi agreed. Naruto nodded before he looked to the hokage monument. "Destroy his ugly face." Naruto ordered.

"With pleasure." Kyuubi grinned before 2 of his tails destroyed Danzo's stone face making the rubble crash down on the village, most likely killing people. But Naruto didn't care. They all hated him anyway. With that Konoha's feared demon and its master left in an orange fiery flash.

'We'll be back.'

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