Alright in this a chapter there is gonna be a time skips. It will be about the training. So umm Chapter 11!

Chapter 11

The day after the sparring match Onoki was standing in front of Sora and his parents. Onoki told them about dust release and how if Sora can master it he will be much better than Onoki when he uses it due to Sora's charka.

Sakura was happy that her son was able to train under a kage other than Naruto but didn't want him to be far from her. Naruto suggested they trained in the training fields. They agreed since it was still in the village.

Roxas was to be trained by Itachi and Kakashi. Itachi was to help with taijutsu and ninjutsu use while Kakashi was to help him with lightning. Itachi would also help Kairi and Sora when he was needed which was most of the time.

Kazuna trained Kairi in her new abilities which was ice. When Kazuna took Kairi out for training he figured what it was and reported it to Naruto the next day.


Kazuna walked into Sora and Roxas's room where Naruto was. "Sensei I need to talk to you." Kazuna stated. "Alright shoot." Naruto said. "Today when I trained Kairi I found out what her kekkai genkai is. Like lord kyuubi said it's ice but to a certain point." Kazuna informed. "A certain point? Like what?" Naruto asked both leaving Sora to sleep.

"Well I pushed her to her limit like you asked me too and she seemed like she was in a trance." Kazuna said. "A trance? Like kyuubi trance?" Naruto asked. "No sir. Emotionless trance." Kazuna said before explaining.

Flashback in a flashback

Kazuna sat on the rock where he and Kairi were training. He watched Kairi finish the jutsu he ordered her to do. Around her was a sheet of ice and on her was sweat.

"Sensei I'm tired." Kairi whined. "I know Kairi. Just do the jutsu 3 more times and we'll go home okay?" Kazuna smiled. "3 more times? I don't think I…" She trailed off when she collapsed to the ground. 'I haven't seen her go ky…what is that?' Kazuna asked inwardly.

Around Kairi's body the ice was hovering around her. Kazuna narrowed his eyes when she started emitting red charka making the ice go haywire. She slowly stood back up, the ice clung to her arms forming some kind of armor.

"Kairi?" Kazuna called. Kairi looked up at him with dazed sky blue eyes. Her face was completely impassive. The ice started forming spiked gauntlets on her arms and legs. She raised her hand at him and the left over ice shaped into a sword.

Kazuna blinked and next thing he knew Kairi was right behind him. She swung at him but he leaped out of the way. "Kairi what's wrong with you?" Kazuna demanded. She didn't answer only coming at him again. Kazuna cursed wishing he didn't hurt her. He pulled out his sword that was sky blue. The hilt was light blue and white.

He grunted clashing with the dazed Kairi. He swung at her but she leaped out of the way. She charged once more with destructive force. He didn't know how a 6 year old could have that much power and speed.

He pushed her back but regretted it when a second Kairi slashed at his back. He held in the cry of pain jumping back from her. He nearly passed out from the pain when the cut on his back started to freeze.

Taking a deep breath to ignore the pain he dodged Kairi's swipe. She kept going though, Kairi ran at him clashing over and over. It was then when Kazuna tired knocking her out that he was pushed back by ice. He tumbled to the ground ungracefully. When he looked up Kairi was guarded by ice. Her sword and gauntlets merged with the wall of ice that protected her.

Kazuna swore he saw that somewhere before. He was snapped from his thoughts when the wall of ice charged at him by a swing of kairi's hand. Kazuna barely dodged getting smacked around. He rolled on the ground and felt something close around his right arm and leg.

He looked to see the ice grasping on them. Kazuna started grunting in pain when the ice started squeezing. "Kairi stop! KAIRI STOP IT!" Kazuna screamed. Kairi blinked a couple times her mind waking up. The ice fell off from Kazuna's arm and leg. Kairi closed her eyes before passing out. Kazuna sighed in relief glad his arm and leg weren't crushed.

After a few minutes he limped over to kairi checking if she was okay. She stirred awake opening her eyes to her damaged sensei. "Sensei? What happened to you?" Kairi asked. "Oh I was training with bushy brows and he kinda won. How do you feel?" Kazuna asked. "I feel tired. But enough to continue training." Kairi said. "Alright then. I want you to around the village 1 time then run home. Go!" Kazuna ordered.

"Okay sensei." Kairi grumbled before starting her run.

Flashback in a flashback end

Naruto sat their appalled by this information. "You say it nearly crushed you and guarded her?" Naruto asked. Kazuna nodded. "I know where you remember seeing that from. Gaara. Gaara's sand protected him and his sand crushed Lee's arm and leg just like Kairi was about to do to you." Naruto informed.

"Okay that makes sense but what about that armor and sword?" Kazuna wondered. "It seems the ice can also act like a weapon and shield. I wonder what else it can do. From now on Kazuna you are Kairi's sensei. I will have trey help as well sense he is also an ice user." Naruto explained.

"Yes sensei."

Flashback end

"So I will be training you." Onoki said. "COOL! I'm gonna learn from the old man!" Sora cheered. Onoki sighed in annoyance while Sakura giggled. "Wait what about Roxas and Kairi?" Sora asked. "Well son they will be training also. Roxas will train under Kakashi and Kairi will train under Kazuna." Naruto informed.

"I'm not leaving am I?" Sora asked worried. Sakura smiled. "No Sora, your not going anywhere. You'll be training in the fields." Sakura reassured. "Well then old man lets go! I'm ready to train!" Sora grinned. Onoki smirked before walking off. Sakura and Naruto hugged their son. "Well I'll see you guys later!" Sora grinned before following the Onoki.

"We will see you later also, Sora." Naruto whispered.

During the past few months Sakura, Roxas, Kazuna and Kairi mastered the Rasengan. Naruto also taught his family the Hiraishin. Roxas was able to get it first, Sakura second, Kairi third, Sora last and he wasn't happy about it.

Roxas was able to learn the Chidori from Kakashi and much more jutsu. Kairi was able to keep a few ice jutsu under her belt thanks to Trey and Kazuna. Kazuna was trying his best to have Kairi control her Ice mode which he and Naruto called it.

Sora learned how to fly after 2 weeks and was learning how to use the dust release. He mastered the Rasengan and other jutsu.

2 months after on April 16th, Sakura went into labor and gave birth to twin girls.

One looked just like Sakura, her name was Sakuhi Rosita Namikaze.

Her twin looked like Kushina besides her hair which was blonde with pink highlights. She had Naruto's blue eyes and fox grin. Her name was Kushina Akane Namikaze

Sora and Roxas were very happy to be big brothers. Naruto wondered why he and Sakura always had twins. Their godparents were Ino and Shikamaru. Ino doted on her godchildren all the time, buying them cute clothes and stuff like that.

After labor Sakura was very happy that she could train once again. She was glad to be able to teach her children something's. She taught them how to use super strength and taught Kairi and Roxas how to heal. Sora tried but gave up when he kept burning the dead fish he tried saving.

A few days after the girls birth Sora and Roxas were given special swords. They were made from the finest and toughest rock from Iwa. Onoki said that only a few people were able to wield the swords. They were called keyblades and what they were given were the most powerful form of the keyblade.

Sora was given a black keyblade. Onoki told him that that blade resembled power and gave strength. Sora named it Oblivion. Roxas was given a pure white sword opposite from Sora's. Onoki explained that that sword kept it's promises and saved people. Roxas named it Oathkeeper.

The boys weren't the only one gained swords. Kazuna rewarded Kairi with her own sword. It was made from ice and would never shatter. The hilt was red and white while the blade was pure white. She named it Hyouton kaze yoko for demon ice wind.

Sora was currently training with his sparring partner Soka. Soka was Sora's sparring partner to learn how to use oblivion. Sora flew high into the air before clashing with soka over and over again.

Soka had enough and slammed the 6 year old down to the ground. "For someone so young you are amazing." Soka complimented. "Thanks! Never thought it would be this easy to go against a 18 year old." Sora smirked before flashing behind Soka who saw it coming. The two clashed once more before trying to cut each others throats.

Roxas was doing his best to dodge Kakashi. He was in the forest training with Kakashi and Itachi to get better at kenjutsu. Kakashi just recently surprised him by jumping out the trees his dagger ready to strike. Roxas managed to kick the man away and get away. But he knew he had to watch out for Itachi who was no where to be seen. Till now.

A black fire shot at him which he dodged. 'Crap! Why is he using that jutsu? is he trying to kill me?' Roxas thought running away from the following fire. Roxas was about to use a water jutsu but knew it was gonna be a waste on this fire.

So instead he tried looking for the caster and found him. Swiftly and quickly Roxas made his way to Itachi was standing on a tree top. Roxas unsheathed Oathkeeper and sliced down at Itachi but was rewarded by mouthful of crows.

Roxas covered his face waiting till the crows passed and noticed that the fire was still tailing him. Before he could get away a giant bull dog charged at him from the bushes. Roxas jumped from the tree before realizing the 3 dogs that were falling with him.

"Leaf hurricane!" Roxas shouted kicking all three dogs to the side. Roxas landed elegantly on the floor. When he looked up he saw a figure standing on the tree where he just left. He narrowed his eyes when the person had lighting erupt from his hand.

"Crap." Roxas muttered. The figure jumped down at him ready to strike. Roxas smirked holding out Oathkeeper. 'Keep the promise to protect, keep your oath to keep the light…' "Oathkeeper!" Roxas chanted. A blinding white light flashed in the sky. The only person who could see was Roxas allowing him to make his move.

The black flame died out do to the flash. The figure grunted in pain canceling the jutsu. Roxas jumped to the figure slashing his chest open and leaping away. The figure cried out in pain before dispelling.

Sora blocked the next clash but regretted it when Soka tripped him. Sora fell to the ground but rolled out of the way when Soka's blade stabbed the ground. 'This be a lot easier if the old man said I could use jutsu's.' Sora grumbled.

He flipped back up holding out Oblivion. Sora took a deep breath to calm himself. 'Slash though the day with your power. Cut through light to free darkness. Erupt chaos from hell…' "Oblivion!" Sora yelled twirling oblivion wildly with his hands. The sky started turning dark then the shroud of Darkness spread around Soka making him unable to see in the darkness.

Soka felt pain in his chest then his arms, last was his legs. The light came back after a few seconds revealing a cut up Soka. He had a deep gash on his chest blood leaking out of it. His arms had multiple slashes. His legs only had one slash each on his shins. Soka coughed up blood before dispelling.

Sora stood behind the dispelled clone black chakra whipping around Oblivion. He sheathed his sword in the sheath his mother made for him. The sheath was attached to his waist. He smiled before looking up into the sky.

Roxas stopped running to take a breather. He heard something ruffle and prepared himself. When he saw that it was a squirrel he calmed down a bit before running away an explosion replacing the toy squirrel.

'Ku-chan is gonna be mad.' Roxas smirked. He drew out Oathkeeper clashing with someone with a black sword. He blinked again before leaping back. "Sora? What are you doing here?" Roxas asked. "Looking for you. Itachi-niichan and Kakashi already left. It's dinner time." Sora reported sheathing his sword.

"They left me?" Roxas asked getting annoyed. "Yeah. They said something about you finding your way out. Lucky for you Mom heard and scolded them." "SORA HURRY UP!" Sakura called. "Yikes! Lets go!" Sora said running towards his mother. Roxas chuckled before following his brother.

Kairi had been going through tough training. She knew exactly 25 ice jutsu and many others. She knew there were only a few minutes before her mother called her for dinner. She was currently standing in front of Kazuna waiting to strike.

Kazuna was waiting for his apprentice to strike but nothing came. "What are you waiting for?" Kazuna wondered. Kairi narrowed her eyes before disappearing in a red flash. Kazuna grunted when kairi clashed with him. "Your speed has grown but you need work." Kazuna smirked. 'Still? I will have to talk with the boys.' Kairi thought.

She leaped back and twirled her sword around. "Ice style: Grand…" "DINNER!" Sakura called. Kairi dropped her sword canceling her awesome jutsu. "Lets go Kairi." Kazuna ordered. "Hey Sensei can I have a break for a couple days?" Kairi asked. "Why? Tired?" Kazuna smirked. Kairi knew this trap she fell for almost every time. When ever he asked that and she said no to cover her pride he double her exercise.

"I'm not falling for it Sensei." Kairi stated. "Oh? So then tell me why do you need a break?" Kazuna wondered. "Well I was gonna ask if bushy and super bushy brow sensei can train us in speed and taijutsu." Kairi explained. "Us?" Kazuna asked.

"Sora and Roxas. A few nights ago they were grumpy saying how they couldn't match up in speed with their trainers. They claimed that they were too slow. So I thought by going to the fastest people in the village we would get faster." Kairi shrugged.

"You know they will be talking about youth all the time right?" Kazuna smirked. "Doesn't matter. If dad could handle when he was a kid I sure can." Kairi grinned. "Yes but what about your brothers?" Kazuna asked. "I don't know really. Roxas would probably get a headache. And Sora…"

"Would want to kill them. You know he no longer has the patience for those idiots. Ever since they made him run around the village for no damn reason." Kazuna laughed.

The two finally made it to the house and Kairi was tackled to the ground my a certain pink haired little girl. "Big sister!" Sakuhi grinned. "Hey Saku-chan. How was your day?" Kairi asked her 3 year old sister. "Great! Auntie ino said she and mommy were gonna train me and Kushina!" Sakuhi grinned.

"That's great Sakuhi! Do you know were dad is?" Kairi asked. "Daddy's helping mommy. Kazu-niichan!" Sakuhi hugged Kazuna. Kazuna grinned picking up Sakuhi and putting her on his shoulder. "Kazu-niichan where's Sayuki-chan?" Sakuhi asked.

"Oh she went out on a mission she should be here tomorrow." Kazuna smiled. "Okay." Sakuhi smiled back. A little girl with a blonde ponytail walked in the room with a foxy grin. "Big sister do you know where my toy squirrel is?" the girl asked. Kairi narrowed her eyes and knew that the grin was forced.

'Oh crap! Umm what do I do?' Kairi panicked. "Kairi run!" Sora ordered. Kairi bolted out the room with Kushina following her. "Where is it?" Kushina demanded. "I don't know!" Kairi replied. Kairi looked to see Itachi and hid behind his legs.

"Nii-chan stop her! I don't know where her squirrel is." Kairi said. Itachi paled and Kushina took note of that. "Itachi-niichan do you know where my Squirrel is? I can't find it and I wanted to blow it up." Kushina stated.

"umm well…" Itachi didn't finish when a squirrel dropped in Kushina's hand. "My squirrel!" Kushina grinned. "You need to watch where you put your things Kushina. I found it outside." Kakashi eye smiled. Itachi sweat dropped knowing full well that Kakashi blew it up.

"Thanks old man!" Kushina grinned before running back inside. Kakashi sighed in annoyance. He knew he was old but hearing his students daughter call him that nearly everyday made him self conscious.

A few minutes everyone was eating at the dinner table with grins. Rin was feeding her 3 year old son Sakumo, while Kakashi was scarfing down his food so fast no could see his face. The only people who got to see was Rin and his kids.

Itachi was talking with Naruto about Roxas's training, his son Izuna and Sora were having a eating contest. "I want some more!" They yelled in unison glaring at each other before puking on the floor. Sakura growled in annoyance. "Don't eat so much if your gonna puke it up!" She yelled.

Sora wiped his mouth smirking. "I have to beat him." He stated. Izuna smirked back. "Like you could beat me dope." Izuna replied. Roxas rolled his eyes before resuming his conversation with Izuna's sister and best friend Sasura.

Kairi was busy having a staring contest with Sasuke's daughters Mikato and Izuka. Kushina was thinking on how to blow up her squirrel while her twin was just grinning eating enjoying the happy moments. Kakashi's first born Obito finished eating early and was having a sparring match with Kazuna.

Months later Kushina and Sakuhi were as good as their brothers. Sora and Roxas got to a point when they would go to the frozen time training fields and wouldn't come out for 3 days. Sakura was always worried about her boys hoping they wouldn't over do it but they seemed to love training their.

Naruto was also training to get better. Now that he had his daughters born he would no let his family be in danger. He loved them to much to do so. Thanks to the toad fukusaku Naruto, Sora and Roxas were able to attain sage mode. They constantly trained in the training fields. They once went up for two weeks without coming out. Normally Sakura would bring them out but since their time was running short she decided the whole family will train.

The Namikaze's spent a total of 4 weeks together in the frozen fields. The kages had to choose a successor in case they didn't come back from war, Naruto chose Kazuna. He would of chosen Shikamaru but the lazy man said it would be to troublesome. So while the Namikaze's were training Kazuna was being Arashikage. And he hated the paperwork.

The two years blew by fast. The family had only 2 months to spend together and they used it well. Naruto and the other kages came up with a plan. Instead of Naruto leading the alliance it was Gaara. Kazuna refused to sit by and watch his comrades die on the field. And Naruto wasn't gonna sit by either. So Tsunade took their place.

Sakura, Rin, Shizune and Amaru were the head medics. Ino, moegi and others helped them with the injured. Now it was only 2 days before the war would start and Sora was anxious.

He couldn't wait to show his skills on the battlefield but deep deep down he was scared. He was scared for his family. His sisters, his brother and his best friend Izuna. He knew his father and mother would be fine but he still had doubts.

Roxas and kairi were the same. They weren't as anxious as Sora but they had showed their worry. Kushina and Sakuhi weren't allowed on the battlefield. No matter what. Sakura and Naruto barely wanted their 8 year old sons and 11 year old daughter on the battlefield. They espically didn't want their 5 year old daughters on the field.

The talented kids who were the same age as Kairi and the twin boys were all in one squad. Kazuna, Mifune and Sayuki led them. They were was a total of 75 kids who were as strong than the Namikaze children. Izuna being one of them. Each had a squad. Kairi would be with Izuka and Mikato. Roxas would be with Sasura and his friend Axel. While Sora was with Izuna and Lea.

Naruto was by himself since he was an army by himself. Itachi was a captain. They were also scared for the kids hell the whole army even. They didn't know exactly they were going up against. All they knew was Kabuto was part of the Akatuski commanding white Zetsu's.

A while ago Naruto sent Shikamaru and Kakashi on a mission to find out who exactly wiped out Konoha. When they returned the ninja reported it was pain and his partner Konan. Naruto couldn't believe that two people wiped out a whole village. But it didn't matter they would win this war no matter what it took.

It's only two days left till the war and the namikaze's were laying down on the beach enjoying the weather and their time of peace. Kushina and Sakuhi were swimming with the fish, Kairi was reading a medical book, Sora and roxas were polishing their swords. Naruto and Sakura were watching their kids with sad eyes.

"I'm scared Naruto-kun." Sakura stated. "I am too. They have all gotten so strong but I don't think it will be enough." Naruto said. "Are you sure were doing the right thing? Making them go out there? What if they get hurt what if they…" "Don't talk like that mom." Sora called out. Sakura looked over to the eldest twin and noticed his fierce expression. He was glaring down at his sword with red eyes while polishing it.

"We will come back and this war will be over. Who ever this Uchiha bastard is gots another thing coming if he thinks he is gonna kill me! I'll rip is stupid eyes out and feed it to him." Sora declared.

"What the Baka is trying to say is that don't worry about us. Even though it's only been 5 years we've been training for more than that. Madara is to cocky from what Baa-chan told us. But somehow some way I don't think that's the real Madara." Roxas said. "What do you mean?" Sora demanded.

"Madara uchiha died when he fought the Shodai hokage. There is no way he can be alive after almost 60 years. And be able to fight." Roxas explained. "Well who cares! With that new move we created we'll win for sure!" Sora smirked.

Naruto was silent the whole conversation. The way Sora looked when they talked about Madara scared him. He almost looked like a revenge crazed Sasuke. "Boys I don't want you fighting." Naruto said. The boys snapped their heads at him. Sora had a glare while Roxas was curious.

"Why not?" Sora demanded. "I need you to protect your sisters." Naruto shrugged. "Well what about Kairi? Does she get to fight?" Sora yelled. "Sora calm down. Your father only wants…" "NO! Madara is the cause for all this pain! He's the reason why Itachi doesn't have his parents or his clan! He's the reason why Sasuke turned evil! He is the reason for all this hate! The reason why…" Sora stopped to hold back his tears.

"The reason why my family might not come back. The reason why I might die. What does he want? What does he want from us?" Sora demanded. Roxas was silent while his parents watched their son in pain.

Sora turned his back on them and wiped his eyes. "I'm not staying back. I don't care who does it, but I want to see that bastard dead. Even if it has to be me." Sora declared. He picked up oblivion and walked off to the house. Roxas sighed but silently agreed with every word his twin said.

Madara needed to die. This war needed to end soon. He made a silent oath to protect his family from Madara. To not die by anyones hand in the war. That was his oath and he intended to keep it.

Sora also made a promise while holding oblivion. Madara was gonna die some way some how. They would win this war or die trying. He swore on his life that if his family died he would die along with them. That was his oath of darkness.

Sora would cause havoc while Roxas saved lives.