The shorter man turned to gaze at Sheldon's sitting form. He placed his hands neatly in his lap, Leonard waved a hand for him to continue and set his book aside, lips twisting to a frown.

"I have been doing research on the human behavior and have come to the assumption that actions have a much stronger effect then words, but it still appears that words are still needed to be said. Trivial, I know. But it is so. While I have been working on the relationship status of Raj, Wolowitz, and Penny, I have set aside the time to specifically work on you." Sheldon glanced back at his computer screen, "Obviously the other three in our little group have a lesser - shall we say - "Friendship Level." But you're going to be higher than they would because you're my roommate."

"Can you get to the point?" Leonard huffed, slumping back against his chair. "Yes, yes, all in good time. But going over everything you have done for me, such as drive me to the comic book store, retrieve the foods we eat, and most importantly follow every rule in the roommate agreement! I'm shocked to actually realize how much you do and you don't even get a thank you."

Leonard stared at Sheldon's, mildly surprised face. "Yeah. I know."

"Oh, I highly doubt it. No "thank yous." No "thumbs up." No pats on the back. Not even a smile of gratitude." Sheldon paused, then forced on a smile.

Leonard took it as eerie but knew what he was trying to do. "And?"

"I've been researching into the friendship status between us and I've been seeing the same term over and over again. Quite shocking really."

"Which would be?"

Sheldon stood and moved over to Leonard, then hesitantly grasped his shoulder and smiled. "I'm glad to call you my "best friend" Leonard."

The scientist stared at him for a moment, "That entire spiel just so you could call me that? A best friend?"

Sheldon paused, thinking, then nodded happily. "Yes."

Leonard was actually flattered in a strange sort of way. "Uh, yeah. I though you already knew that." he said in a flat tone.

"I'm not very informed on friendship or anything of the sort."

"I noticed." Leonard stood, "Glad you figured that out. Imagine the countless hours you would've spent fretting over it."

"Fretting? I think not, L-"

"I'm going to go take a shower now." He weaved his way around the furniture in front of the bathroom when Sheldon called him again.


He sighed loudly. "What is it, Sheldon?"

"About words being important? I have also learned about something else though I didn't really think it applied but I suppose it could be thought of as another type..." he smiled briefly. This one not as creepy but actually friendly. "I love you, Leonard."

Leonard froze in the bathroom doorway, tapping the doorframe lightly in deep though. Wondering if he really just heard the robotic, soulless Sheldon say those words. To him. He heard Sheldon sit in his chair and stepped back into the living room. Sheldon was typing away for whatever new purpose, going about his business. Leonard ran his fingers through his hair and returned to the bathroom. No one would have to know. The taunts would never end if anyone did.

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