Note: Readers, welcome to my first fan fic EVER! Saw this movie, loved it and thought that the world (mainly me) needed to know what would have happened after the movie ended. Please let me know if there are any grammar, spelling or other errors. This scene takes place the morning after the party ended. If I get at least THREE reviews, I'll upload the next chapter. Thanks!

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"Julia, I just don't understand". Pete was slumped over on his front porch. His head was pounding from the party the night before and could barely concentrate on what Julia was saying.

"Of course you don't, Pete! Jesus, there's nothing to even get! I told you, we're over! O-V-E-R! I can't keep doing this Pete. I'm sorry and you know I care about you, but things just aren't the same between us and they haven't been for a long time. It's time to just end it and move on, Pete". Julia stood with her feet firmly planted in front of Pete, a stern look upon her face. Julia glared down at Pete. His hair was messed up and he had dark circles under his eyes. For the first time in a long time, Julia actually felt sorry for him. She leaned against the porch fence. "Pete?"

Pete rubbed his eyes as his met with Julia's. "Look, I'll do whatever you want me to. We can fix this. I get it, I'm a loser and an asshole. I'm in love with you Julia. I still care about you even though you hooked up with Dylan last night." Julia gasped a little louder than was intended. Pete's eyes remain sad and teary.

"I'm sorry about that. I don't even like Dylan but that doesn't change the fact that we're not meant to be". Julia quickly wiped a tear from her eyes before it could fall to her cheeks.

"I just want to be with you," Pete whispered, rubbing his head in frustration. Julia sighed loudly. "Pete, I can't be with you. You didn't graduate, you're not going to college, you can't even get out of bed in the morning. I can't take care of you anymore. It's over, Pete".

Before tears could stream down her face, Julia was running towards her Jeep. She jammed the keys into the ignition and glanced once more at Pete. He sat in the same spot with his head in his hands and body shaking from crying. Julia never wanted to hurt Pete, and she did care about him but she wasn't in love with him anymore. She admitted that hooking up with her best friend's boyfriend wasn't the right way of figuring this out, but she did it and it was in the past. Besides, hooking up with Dylan got Julia to break up with Pete and Stacey to end things with Dylan. Julia tried looking on the silver linings side of things, but Pete's sad eyes just kept flashing at her.

It had only been a few hours since the party had ended but it was daylight out. On her way home, Julia was going to swing by Dawn's to make sure she made it home all right. As her Jeep slowly creeped down the street, Julia saw Brianne dropping Dawn off. Julia parked across the street and fixed her makeup. Before she could get out, she saw Dawn slam Brianne's car door shut and cover her face with one hand. Brianne backed out of the long driveway and sped down the road. Julia's shoulders dropped, thinking it was probably a bad time to bug Dawn if they just got into a fight. She decided to head home instead, her mind racing between Pete and how she was going to sneak back into her house.

Julia pulled up to her house, making sure to park as quietly as possible. Peeking through the kitchen windows, both her parents were up. Shit. There was no way Julia could sneak in though the first story. She peered up and saw the wooden lattice that was covered in morning glories. She secured her bag around her and started climbing. When she reached the top, she climbed onto the roof and tapped on Angie's window.

"Ang! Angie! Let me in! Hurry!" Julia loudly whispered. A disgruntled Angie rose from her bed with blood shot eyes and opened the window.

"Holy fuck, do you know what time it is? Jesus!" Angie lectured. Julia rolled her eyes and snuck from her sister's room into her own without making a sound.

Once in her room, Julia changed and threw her hair up into a ponytail. She turned the mirror. She looked horrible. Her makeup was everywhere, her hair was tangled and her eyes red from crying. She changed into her favorite pair of gray sweatpants, switching into a tank top as well. She sighed sadly again and crawled into bed.

"Ow!" cried someone. Julia was startled and whipped the blankets off her bed.

"Stacey?" Julia questioned as her friend lay half asleep in her bed. Stacey just nodded her head and turned the other way. Julia noticed the brunette had helped herself to a long black t-shirt of Julia's and made herself at home. Julia was so exhausted at this point she didn't care who was in her bed or what they were wearing. She laid down, pulling the covers over her head as she fell asleep thinking of poor Pete.