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Stacey walked up the front porch steps to her house. She had just spent the last couple of hours at the mall shopping for the perfect outfit for Dawn's party. She wanted tonight to be different. She couldn't remember the last party she went to where she enjoyed herself. Stacey's party nights usually consisted of following Dylan around making sure he wasn't cheating on her or trying to sneak peeks at his pager but that tended to just piss him off. For the first times in months, Stacey could go to a party, hang out with her friends and get buzzed on cheap beer. Man, she loved beer.

Stacey successfully dodged her mother, coming home while she was at bingo. She kicked open her door and plopped her shopping bags on her bed. "Talk about retail therapy," she murmured to herself.

Stacey began pulling out different tops and skirts, couple dresses and some new jewelry trying to decide what to wear. When she couldn't decide, she called her friends. After both Julia and Dawn didn't answer, Stacey reluctantly dialed Brianne's number. Usually, Brianne's the last person she'd ask for fashion advice considering the girl always wore jeans and sneakers, but Stacey hadn't really heard from anyone in a day or so.

"Hey, Brianne! It's Stace, whatcha up to?"

"No, I don't have any weed right now," Brianne answered automatically.

"Uh, rude. I wasn't going to ask about that. But, I just went to the mall and I wanna know what you're wearing to Dawn's? I just got this super cute skirt, but I don't want to get too dressy and—"

"Wait, what's at Dawn's?" Brianne interrupted almost choking on whatever she was drinking.

"Uh, a party? Her parents are out of town? They're getting a keg? Ringing any bells?" Stacey scoffed, hanging her clothes in her walk-in.

"No, I don't remember anyone telling me about a party. What the hell, man!"

"Dawn didn't call you? Her and Julia told me, like, days ago. Where have you been?"

"High. Damn. I guess I've been hanging out with Mod a lot. Haven't really been home. But still, dude! Who else is going?" Brianne was trying to keep it cool but was fully irritated. Sure, her and Dawn sorta, kinda, ended their fling, but weren't they still going to be friends? What kind of friend doesn't tell her best friend about a party they're throwing?

"Keep smoking that weed, Brianne," Stacey laughed. "Everyone's going; it's going to be better than the party after the graduation. But seriously, if Dylan dares to show his face, I'm going to throw a drink in it."

"Wait a sec; have you checked your voicemail, lately?" Brianne asked, remembering about the voicemail that Pete left her detailing who exactly Dylan hooked up with.

"Not really. Dylan keeps harassing me because I'm holding his sneakers hostage until he pays me back the money he borrowed to buy them. But, why do you ask?"

"Might wanna give them a listen before you decide to go to that party," Brianne offered. She knew she was stirring up drama, but on the same hand, after spending the last couple days with Pete, Mod and Hanky, they all had plenty of time to talk about Julia and Pete's relationship. And mostly how much of a bitch Julia was.

Stacey paused, wondering what Brianne could be talking about. "Who's been leav—"

"Gotta go, Stace!"Brianne hung up without giving up an answer.

Curious but slightly nervous for whatever the voicemail said, she went to her bedside table where she had nine voicemails on the blinking light. Stacey pressed the listen button.

The machine blurted in a monotone robot voice, "You have nine new messages. New message… 'Yo, girl. You best be givin' me my damn shoes! Those shoes are worth more than everythin' in your stupid closet. So help me God, Stacey, I'll break into your house! I don't care if your mom's home, Stace. I really don't, I wi—'…Message deleted". Five Dylan messages later, she finally got to one from a friendly voice: Riley. He sounded a little shaky but sweetly asked if Stacey was going to Dawn's tonight and Stacey couldn't wait to see him there. She wasn't planning on dating anyone anytime soon, but it was nice to have someone get her a beer and make her feel good. The next message was from Pete.

"Hey, Stacey. It's, uh, Pete. Listen, if I don't tell you this now, you'll never find out. But the reason me and Julia broke up was the same reason you dumped Dylan. They hooked up after the grad party. In the woods. I just…Julia really hurt me and you're her best friend, but you don't deserve to be hurt either considering you dated Dylan for so long. Anyways, if you wanna talk about it more, just give me a call…Stacey, I'm sorry".

Stacey froze. The last two messages, from Dylan, were a silent blur. When people screwed Stacey over, she felt sadness. Like somehow it was her fault. But now, all she felt was rage. Her best friend screwed her boyfriend! That breaks so many girl rules, Stacey was in shock. She practically expected Dylan to be a gross, cheating loser (although she denied that until recently), but Julia! No, no. This has to be a lie. Pete is lying because he is pissed at Julia and obviously trying to cause problems in Julia's life because he's, well, pissed. Right? Stacey tried to sort out the situation in her head, and every time she told herself Julia wouldn't do that to her, a tiny part of her brain told her, yes, she would. Stacey needed the whole story. She forgot all about her new clothes, grabbed her keys and headed over to Pete's.

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