title: catnapping
note: i've recently gotten into batman, neglecting all my class readings to finish the graphic novels i've been buying. :D i love it. anyhow, bear with me on my first attempt at writing these characters. damian and steph's banter always makes me laugh. i friggin love them.
disclaimer: i do not own :(

Damian raised an eyebrow at the bulge under the red blouse Stephanie had chosen as part of her "urban camouflage." "You've either put on a substantial amount of weight since I last had the displeasure of seeing you or you're hiding something very poorly."

He fought back a smirk when she scowled at him. She opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted a purr.


With a squeak, Stephanie let go of the lump under her shirt, allowing a black cat to fall by Damian's feet.

The two held one another's eyes as the cat casually strolled up to Damian and rubbed itself against his pants. Stephanie laughed awkwardly. "This is so not…" She sighed. "Okay, this is exactly what it looks like."

Damian simply looked down at his new feline friend.

"I mean the cat was all alone!" Stephanie pointed out. Naturally, the two had ignored Dick's orders to take a glorified time out and followed their own separate leads only to wind up in the same place. The drug dealers they'd been following made a foolish blunder and ended up blowing up their warehouse, however, without making sure there was any living creatures left inside.

Like the cat.

"All. Alone," Stephanie repeated for good measure, tilting her head ever so slightly as she tried to gauge whether Damian had the emotional capacity to understand that the cat was All Alone. "As Batgirl – and a former Robin, so I'm sure you must understand – it was my duty to save this little kitty from the utter injustice that would have befallen… him…"

She stopped talking when Damian finally bent down to pick up the cat.

"Uh." She not so subtly gaped at the boy. In his bright blue t-shirt with the logo of some children's show spread across his chest and the kitten in his arms, Damian looked like an actual child. "What are you doing?"

Damian barely spared her a second glance before turning around. "Going home."

"But—" She pointed at him accusingly, somewhat offended by how utterly satisfied the black kitten looked in Damian's arms. He was a ten-year-old demon child! What the hell did he know about taking care of pets? Stephanie fought the urge to stomp childishly. "But I found him! I saved him! He's my cat, you little thief!"

"He doesn't want you," Damian smugly stated. "Evidently, he is aware of whose care would prove superior."

Judging by the lack of death threats in the past few minutes, the whole situation was pleasing him too much for Stephanie's taste. "Well I found him and will provide him with a loving and caring and non-violent home so give him back!" Stephanie reached for the cat, only for it to hiss when she touched it.

She could practically hear Damian's smirk.

"…I hate you."

"The feeling's mutual, Girl Blunder."