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After having such a relaxing shower Harry stood by the door of his bathroom wondering what he was going to do next, he couldn't very well go back to sleep now could he. No, he was awake for the day and he might as well do something productive, maybe finish some paperwork. Trudging to his closet Harry decide that some slacks and a flannel will do for today. Feeling rather lazy he pulled his clothes on but didn't bother with buttoning any of it, it was his house and if he wanted to walk around half dressed he would.

Harry headed to his office but quickly decided that it was far too early to do something so mind numbing as look over paperwork. He figured reading would be super boring too so he headed out to wander the halls… Chuckling at the thought of his past explorations Harry headed onward to the second floor that hadn't seen a large flux of people in ages.

On second thought the second floor hadn't even seen a house-elf in centuries the amount of dust and furniture covered in sheets caked in dust or paintings in the same state was ridiculous, he quickly pulled his towel over his wet hair to prevent a little of the dust in the air from settling in his still wet hair. With a lazy wave of his hand several layers of dust vanished leaving a thin layer behind, magic could only do so much. He opened the windows in the same fashion and moved on to the next room.

The next room was worse it was a parlor of sorts that had several large sheeted couches but the dust Merlins beard Harry was going to need another shower when he was through with his explorations. The halls where a lot better than the rooms themselves and so Harry was beginning to suspect that the previous Lord or Lady had these rooms warded against house elves. He would have to look into it to be sure. All the portraits that once covered the wall were gone leaving lighter patched on the wall were they once had been.

It was sad to see just how much the last Lord or Lady Ravenclaw had to do during their war. After looking around at the almost unnoticeable dent in the grime that covered the room Harry decided that this task was better suited to daylight rather than the dead of night. Sighing he looked around one last time and knew this was too big a job for a single sleepless night.

Turning about the raven hair man was determined to head outside maybe even bask in the moon light who knows it was late everyone else was asleep and he didn't want to do what he usually did when he had time and was left alone, for the most part anyway. He didn't think his mates would appreciate his thoughts on the cure for his insomniac boredom filled night. All he knew was that he didn't want to take a second shower in less than two hours and he couldn't stay in the old partially destroyed wing of his new home.

Slowly he walked out envisioning the rooms as he went, seeing them as they once had been like. Soft elegance in every piece of furniture. Rich culture in all the little details. A resonance of the people who once walked through the halls, sat in the chairs or read from the shelves gave him a chill.

Perhaps he had ghost in his old home; it would make a small amount of sense after all, his castle like manor was quite a few years hold. No one truly knew what year it had been built as it had been remodel by nearly ever lord or lady whom had inherited it at one point or another.

The green eyed young man breathed in the fresh air deeply as he crossed the thresh hold into the inhabited part of his manor, the old magics tingling as he went. Harry was left with a decision what should he do? He already decided not to work, read, or exercise. Perhaps it was time to wander through the woods around the grounds. After all he hadn't done that yet.

Before heading out though Harry went back to his room, he needed boots if he was going for a long walk through the dense tree filled area and who knew, he might find a herd of centaurs or fea-lings in those woods. Knowing he would need to be prepared he grabbed a satchel and quickly began to fill it with his emergency potion kit, filled with a types of healing supplies along with ingredient gathering supplies as well as a few gifts to give to whatever herd or group he came across.

Outside the manor on the very edge of the grounds stood another person who thought a jaunt through the forest was the perfect way to fight insomnia. She was well aware that she was headed to dangerous uncharted territories and she didn't care on wit what the others would have said she knew trees like she knew the beat of her own heart but these trees were special they called to her in the most profound way. She simply couldn't ignore the summons of her lovers' people, even if he had left her for Avalon many years earlier.

Her one true home was among the trees not that her loves family understood this, because they following the traditions of old banished from there way of life when she failed to follow him in his journey. She knew nonetheless that he would have preferred it this way, even though he loved her he knew he couldn't keep her. He would have wanted her to live and raise their beautiful daughter to be strong and loving all at once.

Now however her job was done her daughter didn't need anymore. As harsh as it seems Maria just knew, her daughter would use the strength from the family she created to move on and be better for it she was after all her father's daughter. They may not have met but they certainly do act a lot alike. They were Yadkins after all it's not like they would never Maria knew Ariel would get to meet her father sooner than she expected but not in the final way.

She smiled and walked on knowing she wouldn't be alone in the forest forever after all her daughters lord would be here soon and she needed to say farewell and pass on the message. With a gentle breeze of fabric and childlike laughter Maria Yadkin tore off into the forest a ludicrous speed, completely ignoring the twigs the tore at her with every step of the rocks that she crushed under foot.

Harry had only just left the door when he saw movement on the edge of the forest, he had no idea what or who it was and then they were gone launching themselves or rather itself into the forest. Harry felt a moment of curiosity but he let it go it was probably just a forest dweller watching the new people on the land and he for now, had no business with them.

He started at a simple strolling pace but soon found that the energy of the forest wanted him in the center as quickly as possible. Wide steps brought him into the gentle grasp of the blowing leaves. The magic, the pulsing desire grew stronger with every step the forest wanted him to be there for something he just didn't know what. The center drew him in and he let it.

His instincts telling him that there was something he was going to see but he was most likely not going to like it. Moonlight trickled in through the gaps teasing the senses and just barely illuminating the path he was walking. A sense of foreboding settled over him and his steps quickened.

Seconds ticked by and sweat dripped from his forehead as Harry raced to his unknown destination. A clearing up ahead brought him to an abrupt stop thought because there, standing in the center was Madam Yadkin, his little sisters girlfriends mother… the woman he was slowly coming to see as his own mother…

She stood transfixed with the moonlight washing over the tress, he knew he hadn't made a quiet entrance into the clearing by the way a few animals further in scattered loudly but she hadn't moved. A large stag with colossal antlers stood looking at her, inviting her too step between those massive horns.

Harry saw she was willing and just as her foot left the earth Harry pounced.