A/N: Hi everyone! Haven't uploaded in AGES! This is the first in afew stories I have planned for Hugo. They just burst into my head. Most will be K but there's one I'm thinking of that's a little ... adult. So you're warned. P.S. You'll find out what a remora is at the end. I'm planning on having at least one "out of the ordinary" word in every chapter, in honour of Isabelle. :)

So now, let the story begin!

"Go on, off with you now," said Papa Georges with a playful smile. He waved off the two ... what to call them now ... it had been six years since he had met Hugo. He was now 18, Isabelle 17. They were hardly teenagers anymore...

"Ah, time makes a fool of us doesn't it?" he conversed to a small clockwork mouse. "I am old and they are young, and you, my friend, you are ready to be sold,"

He put the mouse back into prominence on the counter of the toy shop, which despite all the success of his re-released films, he had kept open.

Isabelle and Hugo came to the train station and helped at the shop nearly every day, assisting in their own ways. Isabelle would strike up interesting conversations with passersby and lead them or keep them at the counter, encouraging more sales, and keeping up public appearance, though they hardly needed that any more, when people found out the old man behind the counter was The Georges Melies. And Hugo in his quiet way, would sit at the back of the shop, mending, repairing, improving.

Papa Georges had noticed that several young women had taken to the habit of lingering around the benches directly opposite the toy shop. Giggling, they would wave to Hugo, just visible at the back. Papa Georges had once or twice caught Hugo waving back, with a slight, if somewhat nervous, smile to his face. Papa Georges had also noticed Isabelle scowling at these moments.

He did not need Mama Jeanne to tell him what that meant.

So, he had decided to send them out for the day.

"Go on," he said to the protesting couple. "Go and enjoy the day, you can't spend your whole lives stuck inside a dusty shop, not at your age, you're at your prime you two. Go out and spend the day. Oh and Isabelle," she looked up, "Don't forget your coat, it's in the back,"

"Of course, Papa Georges,"

Georges Melies made sure his god-daughter was safely around a corner before pressing 40 Francs into Hugo's hand.

"Go out and buy her something nice. I'm not talking about jewellery, give her an experience."

Hugo mumbled and muttered and tried to return the money, but Papa George was adamant. And before anything else could be said Isabelle returned, coat and beret firmly in place.

Hugo quickly stuffed the money into his jacket pocket.

Isabelle looked at the two of them expectantly, "Well, Hugo, what are we waiting for? Don't be a remora! * Let's go!" and she grabbed his hand.

Hugo muttered to himself. "Right, don't be a remora ..."

"Go on off with you now," said Papa George with a playful smile as he waved them off. Isabelle tugged impatiently at Hugo's hand, ready to start an adventure.

A/N: Remora means an obstacle, hinderance or obstruction

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