The sun softly lit up a lush green valley, it was where they were briefly staying while they continued the trek to the promised land. If only those fools hadn't worshipped that golden cow, they wouldn't still be traveling. But they kept going, keeping faith in their lord.

Zehira stepped out of her tent to let the sun warm her face, Maahes slept soundly within still, but her daughter stirred. She went back in and picked up the yawning one year old and took her outside. She blinked when the sun hit her face, and Zehira took them towards the mountains they were surrounded by. She saw in the distance her father, who sat upon a rock with his staff. She approached him and said,

"Hello father, up early again?"

"Hello daughter, yes, I was plagued by dreams and had to escape."

"Whatever about?"

"Dreams of Egypt, of all the pain we suffered there."

Zehira nodded, then asked, "Would you like to hold Yocheved?"

He held out his arms and she gently placed her daughter into his arms, Yocheved smiled at her grandfather and grabbed at his beard, which had grown considerably long and brown.

"Father, you know that that is all behind us. We are never returning to Egypt and will soon make it to the Promised land."

"Yes, you are right. But I cannot help but think of Rameses, of what must have become of him. Don't tell me you don't."

She sighed and said, "Yes, I do. For all the wrongs he has committed, he did truly love me as his own, and I loved him. I still do, but it is hard to forget everything."

Moses nodded his agreement, and looked toward the rising sun,

"Well, with every new sunrise, is a new day. Let us make the most of it and not dwell on the past. The others must be awakening soon."

The Hebrews were all bustling about, calling out and laughing to each other. It was a normal day, and Miriam was no different, but she was looking for her eight year old who had yet again walked off. Her husband, Hur, was at her side, calling out for Hana. Zehira spotted them and asked,

"Aunt Miriam? What are you doing?"

"That child of mine has wandered off again, we know not where she went."

"I'll help you look."

She joined them and they continued on, she drifted from them and ended up by the goats, but her cousin was there, chasing after a baby calf.

"Hana! Your parents are looking everywhere for you! Come on."

She took Hana's small hand and took her to her parents, who thanked Zehira. She continued to her tent, a jar of water at her hip, and joined her family for the dinner. They said the prayer, and all began to eat and talk loudly. It was a joyous time when the family spent time with one another, it was hard to get them all, as many of the Hebrews looked to the family for guidance.

Zehira bounced Yocheved on her knees as she spoke to her brother, now an engaged man whose fiance was the daughter of the seamstress. Zehira gave her daughter to her husband and spoke to the fiance, Ranit.

"Ranit, is it still all right for me to visit your mother tomorrow?"

"She welcomes it! She is so glad to hand someone else to talk to about looms, you are making her very happy."

Zehira smiled and returned to her dinner, once all were done and the food was gone, they all went out to join a circle of people who danced around the fire. Tzipporah pulled a protesting Moses up to join the dance, and Zehira laughed as her father bumped into others. She gave Yocheved to Gershom and stood up, taking her husbands hands and joining the dance around the fire.

They locked hands and swung with everyone in the same direction, Zehira shook her wrists and her old bracelet swung around. She looked up at it as it glinted in the firelight, the swirls carved on it made the light bounce around.

It was a symbol of where she came from, of what she had been from, and who she was now.

Maahes moved Zehira so that they joined the circle of people who clasped hands and moved together, she grasped her fathers hand and smiled with delight, a similar look upon his face.

Yes, this is who she truly was.

So that was it! The epilogue! Keep in mind I wrote this at the end of a truly dragging on kind of day, where I bagged bag after bag of groceries for people, then trudged home with no feeling in my feet. Joyous day. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the story and I hope that you'll read my next story!