Author's Notes

Kind of a stupid fic without a plot. *shrugs* Haven't done one of those lately...

Purple Ball

Why was it that the ball he was aiming at was the only one not going in?

Kouichi K

'You're not hitting it right…'

Amidst Takuya's chortling, Kouji tried to gently guide his brother's hand over the long narrowing stick.

'Just jot it like this…'

He demonstrated, and the white ball hit an orange one near the centre hole and knocked it in.

The younger twin released the stick after that, letting the elder get it into position.

'Hey, watch it.'

'It's no-where near you, baka.'

It turned out Kouji was actually closer; when Kouichi had moved the stick, it had swung neatly over the board to join the person on the other side. After all, one couldn't quite expect someone who's main digimon form used a staff as their weapon to be ill-adept at handling any sort of long and relatively thin stick. And the problem wasn't hitting the ball, indeed the white ball was ricocheting merrily across the board. The problem was that the purple ball the elder twin was aiming at kept knocking the walls and jumping the holes, sometimes knocking balls of other colours in-

'What? You got the black ball in?'

-and then eventually coming to rest somewhere upon the board, grinning cheekily. Metaphorically speaking of course; everyone knew balls couldn't physically grin…unless some little kid stuck smiley face stickers or drew them on with a permanent parker. But the balls were quite clean; the place had been recently renovated after all.

So the gang had decided to rendezvous…only for a few last minute complications to prop up, snatching both Izumi and Tomoki. Still, the remaining four boys were attempting a game of pool, in which they all varied as to the success. Kouji and Junpei didn't seem to be having any problems, but Takuya's balls, when he did manage to hit them and not his thumb, rarely got anywhere, and Kouichi's bounced rather chaotically and the elusive purple ball he was aiming for the whole game still sung cheekily, "accidently" knocking in others, including the black ball that was worth more than any other.

Takuya was laughing at the other's insistence to continuously aim at that ball, and Kouji was trying to help his brother get it in, with Junpei adding his two-cents from time to time.

'You're hitting the ball too hard,' he said. 'It's all about physics. Momentum is conserved-'

'You talk about complicated physics with an arts student and you just get them mixed up,' Kouji pointed out, looking at his brother who shrugged, a little confused.

'Electric circuits and gravity is about all we covered,' Kouichi elaborated, looking at the ball. 'I still don't get how it could possibly jump straight over the hole.'

'Physics,' his brother explained. 'You can read my physics textbook if you want later.'

He always did seem to understand things better when he read them. Who knew trying to get a ball into a whole could be so difficult?

'Okay, that was a little too soft,' Junpei sighed. The white ball hadn't even rolled once.

'Takuya, you're not being much of a help you know,' Kouji glared at the laughing brunette who took his stick.

'Hey, it went in.'

'Great, now how am I supposed to get that one in?'

The brunette shrugged. 'There's always next game. At least I got one ball in.'

'And it had to be the one I was chasing all match,' Kouichi pouted slightly, before dodging out of the way as the other tried to poke him in the ribs.

'Not that I had any options. Between the three of you, there weren't any other balls left.' A pause. 'Why are you so obsessed about that ball anyway?'

'What? Aren't I allowed to have a favourite ball?'