The Fourteenth's Awakening

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Bold italics= Allen talking to the 14th

Italics= thoughts

Underlined italics= akuma speaking


What's-happening…to-ME! Allen gasped as pain rushed up through his body from the soles of his feet. He gasped, dropping to his knees, clutching his stomach in agony.

Damn it! This isn't the time or place! I have to run! He thought, clenching his teeth and yelled, "Hurry, Timcanpy!"

The golden golem took a firm hold of the boy he had known forever since the day Cross Marian brought the boy home. It grasped him tightly, clutching him close to its body and flying off as fast as it could. Akuma followed, their presence always following them.

"The Fourteenth…we feel-the Fourteenth!" their voices echoed in Allen's ears. He yelped and clamped his hands over his ears.

Damn it! He thought, doubling over in Timcanpy's grasp. "HURRY!" Timcanpy flew faster, knowing his master was in dire need to be in a non-populated area, away from the humans who could be injured from the Akuma attacks.

Allen…Allen… the smooth voice of the Fourteenth Noah echoed inside Allen's mind.

Stop this! Stop! Allen yelled mentally at the one he would call uncle. It-Hurts!

I'm not trying to make it hurt, nephew of mine. But I cannot help but want to wander outside…and it would seem that you need help, Allen, his voice cooed, and Allen hissed. He looked over his shoulder. His cursed eye activated, and he saw the cursed souls, doomed to be locked inside the metal bodies of the Akuma created by the Millennium Earl.

You can't hold me back forever Allen…but know that I do not wish to cause you any harm. We have the same goal-the destruction of the Earl, the Noah said before his voice disappeared. But the pain still remained.

Allen spotted an open area far from the village and said, "Timcanpy, over there! Land over there!" The golem gave a small growling noise before diving downwards into the trees, releasing Allen to land smoothly on the soil.

Allen grunted in slightly pain, clutching his side with one hand, panting heavily.

Damn, if Turban Head and Tyki hadn't interfered and slowed me down, I could have made it farther, Allen thought, summoning his Exorcist Sword. His mind was swarmed with images as he waited for the Akuma. He had been so happy to see Kanda and Johnny. But he had felt terrible hiding his happiness. But he couldn't afford to be around them any longer. Nor would he let himself be held by the Black Order. Neither would he give into the Noah.

Allen couldn't help the chuckle that came from him at the memory of Road launching herself at him and kissing him. No matter what he thought, she was still human and still a girl. Then there was Tyki-Allen couldn't help closing his eyes to imagine Tyki. The dark wispy hair that looked so regal when pulled back away from his face, or the smooth lines of his fa-!

Getting out of hand! Allen quickly scolded himself. They're the enemy…all of them. He went into a defensive stance and leapt into the trees when Akuma portals appeared beneath him.

The Fourteenth! What power! Akuma rose through the portals, all staring at Allen with feral grins on their faces and a deadly glint in their eyes. Akuma of all levels were here. But it was a good thing there were no Level 4 Akumas. Allen wasn't positive he could take a Level 4 at the moment.

GIVE US THAT POWER! The Akuma roared with power lust, launching themselves at Allen, their jaws wide open to devour him. Allen quickly hacked at one Akuma, slicing through as many as he could possibly hit with the pain in his body. Level 1 Akuma hovered overhead and began firing bullets and missiles at him. He struck multiple away, dodged others, and purified himself quickly when he felt venom creeping through his body.

"Edge End!" Allen bellowed, racing forward at tremendous speed and cutting through Akuma in a rapid succession. The Akuma screamed in pain as the souls of the dead thanked Allen. But he didn't have time to smile when more Akuma came at him, putting him on the defense.

I can't hold out much longer, Allen thought in disdain. He gritted his teeth, blood leaking down his side from an Akuma cut. He breathed in deeply and held his sword up, gathering energy for a quick, powerful blow that would hopefully purify the Akuma. The Akuma rushed at him, yelling, Give us the power! The Fourteenth Noah!

Allen closed his eyes.

God…I don't know who to believe anymore, but-I do know-that I cannot allow myself to die-not yet. Not until I've destroyed the Earl and all the Akuma! He thought, his eyes snapping open.

"Death Orbs!" he said and swung his sword as a series of explosions began detonating all around him. The Akuma hissed and yelled as the flashes blinded them, giving Allen time to stab them and release the souls of the cursed.

"Rest in peace," Allen whispered as he slashed the last Akuma, panting heavily. His hair was spiked and had blood at the tips. His cursed eye was bleeding slightly, black blood streaming down his cheek, and his entire body adorned with scrapes and gashes.

"And may you-find- God," he whispered, closing his eyes and collapsing to the ground. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the faint images of a stupid Japanese man with a sword on his back, and a man in a coat with glasses.


The Earl floated on a cliff close by and cackled to himself, twirling his newest hat on the tip of his finger. The usual huge grin was spread across his face as a doll Road hung off his shoulder.

"Why are we just leaving him there, Lord Millennium? I feel so terrible," Road whined in the Earl's ear, and he laughed whole-heartedly.

"My dear Road, do not forget. He is our brother, and he knows whom he will return to eventually. The Fourteenth will devour him and their memories and powers will merge, and then our family will be complete…as soon as he find Wrath once again also," the Earl drawled, staring at the body of Allen being carried away by two of the Black Order. "They've ruined him…they treat him like an animal now, their own teammate. And he called them family too."

"They're disgusting, the Black Order!" Road hissed, sticking her cloth tongue out at two disappearing into the woods.

"Yes, yes they are Road. Come now, let's go get you some candy, and find me some souls to change into Akuma," the Earl said, bouncing and up onto his feet, opening Lero and began floating away.

"Yay!" Road's cheer echoed as they disappeared.


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