The Fourteenth's Awakening

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Emilia hummed as she skipped through town, stopping in front of the oldest church in the entire town. She stroked the black kitty's head as she stared at it.

"You know kitty, this was where I was abandoned by my parents," she said, smiling slightly. The cat meowed when she had stopped petting its head. She quickly started again and moved to sit on the steps. "They were a newer couple, and neither really wanted to have a baby yet."

The cat meowed and purred, rubbing its head against her belly and licking her finger, as if trying to console or comfort her. She smiled and stroked its head, offering a small piece of meat from her basket.

"They left me here, with a note that said my name, my birthday, and how they had wanted me to have a good home with a better future," Emilia said, and immediately her voice darkened, "some life they offered me. I mean, I love the sisters as much as anyone. They're my family; but honestly, there is no excitement in this town. Just the same old boring people doing the same old boring things."

The cat meowed again and she lifted it, bringing close to nuzzle its nose with her own. It blinked at her, cocking its head as she giggled. She cradled it close to her chest and stroked its back.

"You're maybe the most exciting thing I've seen happen in this god forsaken town in the past year, kitty," she said before she glanced down. "You know, I should really give you a name, shouldn't I?"


"Hmm," she said thoughtfully, tapping her chin and then stroking an imaginary beard the make the cat meow again, earning a few giggles from herself. "Okay, okay, I'll be serious. What about Tinkles?"

Twitch of the nose and a sneeze.

Okay, I'll take that as a no; she thought and put back on her thinking cap.


Again, a sneeze.

Sheesh, picky cat, she thought and began rambling on almost every cute type of name she could think of. The list included Pussy, Petunia, Saddie, Pochi, and Lizzy. The cat meowed on the Lizzy, but wrinkled its nose.

"L names?" she asked, arching an eyebrow. It was an extremely picky cat, but she shrugged and began naming all the "L" names. It was going to take quite a while to finally name the stubborn feline, but Emilia guessed that she had all day.

Nothing but boredom awaited her back at the convent.


Lavi launched himself at full throttle at the Noah of Desire, roaring out his apparent rage. His pupils widened in apparent fury as he felt the hair in his back pocket fluttering against his skin.

"YOU DARE KILL MY MASTER! YOU DARE TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME! CURSE YOU TO HELL, NOAH!" he yelled a battle cry as his Hammer crashed through many of Sheryl's wires, breaking them and swatting them away like flies.

He attacked with full intent to kill as memories began to flood his mind of all the time he had spent with the Bookman. He remembered the beatings her received for letting information slip so easily, for being stupid, and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. He remembered the look of concern Bookman got whenever Lavi occasionally fell ill. He remembered the ride to the Black Order in the small boat as they conversed about how Lavi couldn't get attached.

Panda face…I will avenge you, no matter what it takes!

"DIE!" Lavi roared as his Hammer collided with a large blade that Sheryl had summoned. Lavi's eyes widened. The Noah could summon a weapon too? His right eye immediately zeroed in on the new weapon, analyzing it as the symbols around his pupil began to spin counterclockwise.

"Are you analyzing me, usagi-chan?" Sheryl purred, leaning close to grin in Lavi's face. "You know, I knew that you were a powerful Bookman, but you surpass even your mentor. How is it that he believed he had so much more to teach you? I think you're absolutely astounding, Lavi."

"Shut up! You know nothing of my master!" Lavi shouted over the roaring n his ear as he then yelled, "Wood Stamp: Spinning Dist of Heaven and Earth! Strike!" A roaring thunder began to erupt around them as a bright red seal formed beneath their feet. Sheryl glanced down with a crazy grin on his face before a burst of red light surrounded them. "Wind, thunder, and lighting," Lavi whispered, glaring at Sheryl's grinning face with disgust.

"You will strike me down will measly elements, usagi-chan? How ignorant of you!" he said, and leapt away; causing Lavi to go slightly off balance. He fell forward, but caught himself on his Hammer and did a front flip, hanging off his Hammer's head by one hand.

"I will strike you and make you pay for what you have done. For all the lives you and the Noah have taken, combined, you deserve far worse than death by my standards. And just by killing Panda Face, you've already tied and sealed your sentence," Lavi ground out through grit teeth. His eyes narrowed and as the wind began to pick up; his bandana was unraveled and taken by the wind, letting Lavi's hair fall freely. The wind swirled around Lavi as he hung there, trapped in the wind and lightning until it began to inch across the ground, sizzling and crackling towards Sheryl.

His eyes narrowed as he leapt into the air, spreading his wires to land in a cradle of invisible thread to stare down at the cyclone of wind and thunder and lightning. He could barely make out anything in the gusts of wind that were beginning to obscure his vision.

Then he saw a mass blur of red flash in front of him before he was staring into a bright green eye and a swirling purple pupil. He felt an iron hard fist collide with his cheek and send him flying into the air. But when he tried to twist, he felt a foot smash itself into his spine, and he was sure that at least a couple of his bones were shattered, cracked, or completely broken beyond repair.

He landed in a mad collision with the ground, an explosion mixing together with the cyclone until it all exploded into one big eruption that shook the entire area within a 100 mile radius of the Noah mansion. Screams echoing all around them could be heard as the earthquake lasted for a few minutes before dying down.

Sheryl slowly began picking himself up off the ground, panting and chucking off his ruined vest. He would have to punish Lavi later for doing that to one of his favorite vests, one that his dear Road said he looked smashing in.

But then he felt a distinct chill run up his spine, and a deafening ringing noise began to echo in Sheryl's ear. He glanced over his shoulder, his Noah crosses becoming more apparent as he realized this was no longer becoming a game, but an all out duel.

So, this is what happens when he's angry, huh? Interesting, he thought with a steady grin as he spread out his finger, seeing Lavi coming towards him with slow, smooth steps that screamed Lavi had become the predator, jumping from an usagi-chan to an immediate ookami, snarling and growling.

Lavi stopped and held out his Hammer at his side.

"Ready to die?"

"Ready to surrender? You are not going to win against me, Lavi. No matter how much you try, you will always fail to win against me," Sheryl taunted as Lavi's hair bristled. Before he even finished his sentence, Lavi was running at his, roaring a battle cry. They clashed, locking the Hammer with Sheryl's wires. But while Lavi was occupied with one hand, Sheryl used the other.

Lavi felt hard wires wrap themselves around his neck and begin to dig into his skin. He felt flesh beginning to tear away and blood beginning to ooze down his skin, yet he didn't feel the pain that it usually brought. Adrenaline pumped too wildly through his system, and his anger fueled his body even more to defeat this enemy.

The Noah have ruined everything good in this world, and seeking to devour more in their wake. They've taken Allen, they've hurt Lenalee, they've killed Panda Face, they have killed and murdered so many that I can't even name everyone without crying! Lavi began to push forward, driving against Sheryl's wires while the Noah looked in bewilderment and confusion.

"Stop this now! You're killing yourself! You're head will get sliced off!" Sheryl ordered and tightened his wires to get the point across. Yet the blazing fire in Lavi's eyes did not die down. If anything, it blazed even brighter and he bit out words between grit teeth and glared with the hatred of a demon itself; it shocked Sheryl into stillness as Lavi began to speak.

"You, the lowest of the low! You are so beneath my feet that you haven't even a name! You dare to hurt my friends and all closest to me! You dare hurt them! Curse you all to the pits of HELL!" Lavi roared with before putting on a final burst on power and driving forward, snapping many of Sheryl's wires and as the Hammer came smashing down upon Sheryl's body, he cried out when his Noah screamed in agony. He felt the purifying powers of the Hammer begin to etch and devour his Noah, and it reacted.

And Lavi began talking again, lifting his eyes, void of all emotion but hate to stare at Sheryl's wildly twitching and contorting body.

"Come on, Noah; let's see what your real face is….bring out the monster inside, and let's finish this battle once and for all," Lavi ground out, tightening his grip and snaring his Hammer into Sheryl's body, sending him flying and crashing into the stone inner walls of the Noah House, demolishing at least close to have a story of the place.

And as Lavi stood there, glaring at the spot and waiting with feral anticipation, as Sheryl began to change, his consciousness gone, leaving only his Noah awake and prepared to either destroy the rabbit Exorcist outside, or to conquer and make him surrender his body completely.

Either way, the Noah of Desire would have its deepest pleasure with the red haired rabbit it desired to eat.


Komui stood in front of his desk, gaping in wild bewilderment as Malcolm Lvielle calmly sat there, drinking his tea and eating his latest dessert concoction, not even batting an eyelash at the order he had just given.

"You want us to full out just attack the Noah?" Komui asked again in dead amazement at the idiotic ways of the General, one of the top men who held one of the highest positions in the Order.

"Must I repeat myself three times, Komui?" Malcolm asked, arching one of his thin eyebrows.

"Yes! Yes you must! Why would you do something as idiotic as this, Malcolm! It's a death wish to all the exorcists!"

"They put down their lives every day for the sake of serving the Church. The Noah is our top enemy right now, and they are growing in power as we are lessening in numbers. We must strike now before we lose anymore Exorcists!"

"But we haven't even found Allen yet?"

"I'm handling Allen Walker's case myself with some assistance from my own team," Lvielle stated, sipping on his tea soothingly before looking at Komui, "The fourteenth is growing stronger every day, and eventually, Allen will give in to the Fourteenth's urge to join the Noah. We must strike now before that ever happens."

"But the Fourteenth shares the same goal as us, Malcolm. We both want the Millennium Earl dead," Komui said, abandoning his desk and walking around to stand tall before the Lvielle Commander, "Malcolm, this is suicide, for every Exorcist out and inside the Order. If this attack would fail-."

"It will not; I won't allow it to fail," Malcolm stated firmly, and Komui's eyebrow twitched.

"But if it were to fail, that would be the end of all of us. We'd never have the chance to rise up against the Noah again, and the whole world would fall into darkness," Komui stated before a wide grin spread across Lvielle's face, wrinkling his mustache coyly. "Without having the Heart, we stand no chance, and we have yet to find the Heart. So stop with this madness and call off such an order!"

"Ah, but you see, Komui, that is where you are wrong. I have a perfectly good idea as to who the Heart is. I've narrowed it down to a great few people, and many of them are under your care or out on their own following orders. So have no fear, and do as you are told," Malcolm said and rose from his seat, gathering his coat up and turned to leave.

Komui jumped to attention and reached out, grasping a firm hold of Malcolm's jacket.

"If you know who the Heart is, then tell me now. If there is even the slightest chance of them being the Heart, we must take action! Now tell me this instant or I will file a complaint about you withholding valuable information that could end this whole catastrophe!" Komui roared with all the anger of a wild cat when an equally loud roar was beginning outside.

Komui growled and threw open the door to start yelling when he saw paramedics rush by with a girl on a stretcher. His eyes widened when he saw the wounds, the bruises, the cuts, but most importantly, he saw the face.

"Lenalee!" he cried out in distress and raced after her as Lvielle calmly stepped out of the office, walking off down the hall to leave the European Branch and return to the Central Headquarters to continue and receive word from his Black Wings.


Johnny sat straight up and tall in his bed, staring out the window as Lucille, Edgar, and Kanda were all working in a flurry to prepare lunch. It was a glorious day outside, and Johnny had warmth in the pit of his stomach that made him tremble with excitement.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside that he could barely sit still and wait for the meal to be brought to him. Every day for the past week now, he had been journeying outside, Kanda of course acting as a faithful bodyguard when neither Lucille nor Edgar could keep up with the youth.

The trees were slowly starting to die away as the winter snow was approaching, but nothing on the ground lost its beauty. It was that which Johnny admired; how something so small and considered to not have life could survive and continue to live.

The flowers were still blooming and birds chirping when they should be flying south for the winter. The sky was still as blue as the ocean, if not brighter and more radiant. Fluffy white clouds like cotton floated and hovered in the sky, reaching higher and higher to try and caress the sun.

It was all this that Johnny liked to watch while he waited with eagerness for lunch to be prepared, eaten, and then gain his freedom to run outside and explore. He had grown accustomed to living with this make-shift family. After all, even though Kanda was still in the Black Order, Johnny was now taken out of the system of files, and possibly on the run because his memories had not been removed.

"Johnny! You ready for food?" Lucille asked excitedly, and Johnny's head whipped around to grin widely, nodding his head vigorously. Then he burst out laughing, seeing Kanda standing there in a bright pink, fluffy and frilly apron carrying a steaming hot pot over to the table close to Johnny's bed.

"Quit your laughing, or this food won't be going in your stomach but on your face instead," Kanda warned, blushing a soft pink, but not as vibrant as the apron he wore. It only made Johnny laugh harder as he thought about it. Until Lucille flicked her fingernail a little harder than usual against his forehead.

"Now, Johnny is that any way to talk to the handsome man who has been watching over you and fixing your meals?" Lucille asked, and Johnny abruptly shut up, looking away and instead gazing hungrily at the feast set before him. Freshly baked bread gave off a heavenly aroma that made him stomach growl, and when Kanda lifted the lid of the pot, piping hot clam chowder sat before his hungry gaze.

"This looks amazing, Kanda!" Johnny said in excitement and held out his bowl eagerly. Kanda could only blink at him in surprise before taking a spoonful and dipping it in, carefully putting the chowder into Johnny's bowl.

"Now that is-," Kanda started to say, but his warning was immediately cut off by Johnny's squealing.

"HOT!" he cried, fanning his tongue before sticking it into a chilled cup of ice water. "Ahhhhhhhhh."

"That's what I was warning you about, idiot!" Kanda said brutally, but still helped to fan off the boy's tongue as Lucille and Edgar exchanged knowingly glances while spooning out their own helpings. And so began their usual routine of lunch.


Jasdero was the first to wake up. He stretched and yawned, blinking and looking around their private room. They had a rather large room inside the Noah Mansion, and they had been sleeping for quite a while. While their room wasn't the most exquisite, it was enough for the playful twins, as they were surrounded by an area they could demolish, but it was always repaired by morning.

"Devit! It's time to get up!" Jasdero said, jumping up and down on the dark blue bed they shared. Jasdero had remained dressed in his new white uniform, as had Devit, but his brother wasn't getting up fast enough. "DEVIT! TIME FOR WAKEY WAKEY!"

Jasdero was suddenly staring into the barrel of a revolver, and watched it shine. Then he looked at his brother, who had one eye cracked open. Jasdero cocked his head slightly before noticing the dark bags underneath his brother's eyes. He took notice of this and of the darkening of his brother's eyes.

"Devit?" he asked and leaned down from his standing position to carefully examine his brother. No that wasn't make up he was seeing, so then what was it? "Devit, did someone have a nightmare?"

Devit let out a ferocious growl that had Jasdero grinning from ear to ear in wildness.

"Tell me1 Tell me! I want to get goose bumps! Tell me!" Jasdero kept reciting until Devit shot at his bouncing feet, causing Jasdero to do a somersault and land perfectly on his feet. He stomped his foot at his older brother and yelled, "Fine! Be a big bad ass meanie! I'll handle breakfast on my own!"

With that, he stormed out of the room, slamming the door rather loudly, and striding down the hallway towards the kitchen, not even noticing the battle going on between big brother Sheryl and Lavi.

Devit, on the other hand, inside their room was shivering. He could hear the Noah screaming and hissing a fit about how they should go destroy the Exorcist outside who was making the Noah inside Sheryl rising to the surface.

No; not my fight. I don't want to face another Exorcist for a long while, Devit thought as he curled up into a small ball in their bed, closing his eyes then snapping them open. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the gnashing fangs and snarling red jaws, the unblinking crimson eyes as that vampire's blood Innocence rose out and tried to destroy Devit.

It had been Devit's mind who was awake during that battle, himself taking over the forefront while his brother had slept in the backseat. And now, Devit was feeling the horror of being the Noah front seat.

So this is fear? Funny, I never would have thought I could ever be this frightened of something, least ways an Exorcist, Devit thought as he burrowed underneath the blankets to get more sleep and block out the fighting being heard outside.


Road hummed to herself as she walked up the beaten path through the woods, swinging her umbrella from side to side as she chewed on a piece of bubblegum. She could hear the church bells ringing, and they stung her ears shrilly.

What annoying things bells are; all they are good for is annoying people and being unloving brass objects to be beat, Road thought as she chomped extra hard down on her gum before blowing and popping a bubble. But then she stopped and smiled widely.

"There it is! There it is! Oh goodie, now I can have some fun!" she exclaimed in excitement when she saw the church come into view. It was attached to the monastery, and the bells were getting louder and longer.

"Oh, I have to hurry! I don't know if he or she is here, but I have to hurry before he/she gets back! Time to do some damage!" Road cried out in joy and dashed for the church, already preparing her acting skills for the test.

She rushed up to the front doors and knocked, putting on the cute factor when she heard the clicking of heels and the opening of locks. She put swallowed her vile gum and stuck a lollipop cutely in her mouth and prepared to do the batting eyelashes show.

The door swung open to reveal a small, stocky woman who had a deep scowl on her face. She was pudgy, and nothing of what Road expected to find. But the way the old hag looked, she could understand why she had joined the monastery. Apparently god made all the sisters of his church look ugly and like men.

"How can I help you?" the woman asked gruffly, looking Road up and down with hard set eyes that seemed too big for her chubby body and puffed face. Road blinked and batted her eyelashes before whimpering softly and shuffling on her feet.

"Dear sister, I am far away from home; I ran away because my parents didn't want me to join the monastery here, just because I love Christ the King," Road said the lie perfectly, rolling smoothly off her tongue as if it were chocolate. It amazed her at how such a lie could come so naturally to her. But what amazed her even more was the fact that the old hag melted beneath her lie and batting eyelashes.

"Oh you poor little dear; please, please come in and sit with all the sisters! We've all gathered in the main hall to enjoy some tea, our Gospel readings, prayer, singing, and of course, some good old gossip," the old woman said and took Road's hand, pulling her inside.

Road withheld the urge to jerk her hand away and wipe it on her skirt. The old woman's hand was not only pudgy but sweaty and pasty, flaky almost like dandruff. Then the old woman turned and said rather cheerfully, "By the way, dear, my name is Sister Sophia. I hope that we can get along. Now follow me!"

Oh yeah, we will get along when you become beautiful, which will be – never! Hahaha! Road internally laughed as she chattered with the dearest sister, walking down the hallway where Road was welcomed by a crowd of old nuns. She smiled when she saw them and even hugged many of them before taking her seat.

She'd let them talk their hearts out before she ripped them from their chests.

She was that merciful at least.


"Lucy?" Emilia asked, practically on her knees before the cat, begging for it to choose a name. The cat snorted in rejection and she threw up her hands to the sky. "My Lord, Jesus Christ, please help me oh God!"

The cat made a soft sniffling noise, almost like it was laughing at her drama.

She looked down at the feline with a narrow eyed pout.

"Oh you find this enjoyed, don't you Lulu?" she snapped and instantly, the cat's ears perked up. The cat began to meow and spin in a circle. Emilia arched one lean eyebrow at the cat's odd behavior before it started to sink in. "So you like Lulu?"

Meow! Meow!

"Then Lulu it is!" Emilia exclaimed, throwing up her arms before picking the cat up. "Well, Lulu, now that we have you named, I hope you realize that we have spent a better part of the day just trying to guess a name so simple for you."


"You're so talkative today, you know that?" she asked, putting the cat back into her basket before handing it a small fish. "Well while I'm finishing my errands, munch on that and be silent. The places I'm going into don't allow animals inside. Especially not the fortune teller."

Lulu meowed at her, as if questioning her. Emilia laughed joyfully, wrapping her shawl tightly around her as she did so. It had gotten cold, and her guessing away had apparently made her not notice the dramatic change in climate.

"Yes, I go to a fortune teller. Granted, I don't really believe in half of her fortunes, but sometimes one of them comes true. One time she said that a great, tremendous thing would happen to me, something life changing beyond my wildest dreams. Sure enough, the next day a large man came through and began telling me all sorts of stories about Akuma!" Emilia exclaimed, throwing up her arms and smiling at the dawning sky.

Lulu perked her ears and she meowed, making Emilia laugh.

"Right, you're a cat so I'm sure that you don't understand fully what Akuma are, do you? They're weapons that the Millennium Earl uses to conduct his evil deeds! I know, it sounds farfetched and completely insane, but it's so fascinating that I just couldn't let go of the ideas," Emilia said dreamily as she walked along pleasantly dreaming while Lulu purred in her basket, her tail twitching in delight and plotting.


"Now wait just a second, Johnny!" Lucille called as the boy jogged out into the open, forgetting his jacket and almost leaving both his shoes behind in the hurry to get out into the beautiful, chilled air.

Snow was already beginning to fall, but it didn't bother him in the slightest. She ran, feeling the wind blow through his hair and against his face, no doubt staining his cheeks a rosy pink as he stopped to a slow walk to journey through the forest.

"Johnny! Damn it, wait a minute, would ya!" Kanda yelled, slipping on his furred boots and his jacket before grabbing Johnny's jacket from Lucille, "I'll catch him and make sure he puts this on. He'll freeze otherwise, and I'm not about to let that little idiot do that."

Lucille gazed at him with a heart warning smile before patting Kanda's face and saying, "You may try and put up a cold front in front of us, Kanda; but Edgar and I can see past it all. We can tell you care about Johnny, especially since you were both companions and so gravely wounded…do your wounds still hurt, by the way? You've been so focused on caring for Johnny that it worried me."

Kanda gave a soft smile before saying, "No, I'm doing very well. I got the blunt force of the blade of the injuries. Johnny got the blade itself. But he'll be okay, especially if he is already bouncing around this much in excitement."

Lucille nodded and headed back inside while Kanda strapped Mugen to his back and took off running after Johnny's form. He slowly began to see the outline, wandering along towards the slowly freezing ice.

"Johnny, don't go much further! The river is freezing, and you'll fall in!" Kanda said, running a bit faster. Johnny stopped and looked over his shoulder before grinning wide.

"Ah, come on Yu, how can I resist getting close! I've never really seen a river freezing over. Where I lived, there wasn't any rivers nearby to observe," Johnny said when Kanda came up beside him and thrusting the jacket into his arms forcefully.

"Put the coat on before you freeze to death out here. It isn't safe for you, especially since your wounds haven't fully healed yet," Kanda said, and a startled look crossed Johnny's face. It was one of deep confusion, and he cocked his head to the side like a puppy.

"Kanda, what are you talking about?" Johnny asked slowly. "Did you hit your head, or perhaps too much steam hit your face?" Johnny asked, pressing his hand against Kanda's face. Kanda blinked and pushed the hand away before pointing at Johnny's side.

"The wounds from Allen, Johnny! Did you honestly forget the pain that bastard caused you! Do you like him that much that you'd force yourself to forget!" Kanda roared, grabbing Johnny by the shoulders and shaking him furiously.

Johnny's face became red and he pushed back.

"I remember everything perfectly fine, Kanda; however, I don't know what you mean by my wounds. They've already healed, Yu," Johnny said, staring at him. Kanda blinked before shaking his head, laughing.

"Are you joking with me, Johnny! There's no way your wounds have healed in such a small amount of time. There is no humanely possible way for such a thing to have been able to happen. Now put on your coat already," he ordered, waving his hand.

"Kanda, they healed two days ago," Johnny said, lifting up his shirt to reveal smooth, unmarred skin. Yu's eyes zeroed in, widening until the white of his eyes were nearly swallowed up by black. He stood there, gaping before reaching out a hand slowly to touch the pale skin. "Hey! I'm ticklish you know! And your fingers are cold!"

Kanda blinked as Johnny quickly put down his shirt and stared at Kanda's surprised face.


Kanda continued to stare before he grabbed Johnny's hand and began to run back towards the cabin, calling out for Edgar and Lucille. All the while, Johnny was trying to ask what was wrong. But Kanda was too afraid to answer him.

How is it possible? How is it possible? How is it possible? There is no way possible, Kanda kept repeating constantly in his mind as he thrust Johnny into Lucille's waiting arms, and slammed the door closed behind them.

There is a way possible.


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