:D My first time writing a Phanfic! Let's hope I don't screw this up


I was perched carefully behind a barrel eyeballing the fruit stand in the midst of the bustling crowd of busy shoppers. My stomach let out a long growl. I licked my chops hungrily. I peered down the road and saw a wagon approaching, full draperies and Persian carpets. I smirked, knowing what was going to happen.

The man who owns the wagon fancies the Fruit Vendor, a plump round woman, he drops by every afternoon to visit her, though she pushes him away. Right on time. I hopped expertly out of my hiding place and walked beside the wagon as it stopped and he chatted with the woman. I snatched an apple of the cart, but not before the man saw me. He angrily hopped off his cart and attempted to strike me ,but I quickly ducked away because I'm awesome like that and ran as fast as my legs could run. I over heard him shut for a nearby policemen.

"Officer! There's a thief on the loose! After her!" I dared not look back. I heard heavy, fast, approaching footsteps not far behind. I quickly stuffed the apple in my pocket and ran past the officer.

"This is so not my day" I groaned, pulling my brown curly hair away from my face. I did a couple of complicated swerves around the many carriages and the people of France. I looked behind and saw the officer in the midst of traffic scratching his head in confusion. Stupid officers! I was about to laugh when I bumped into a wall. I looked up and gasped. No way this can't be! The Grand Opera Populaire! I internally squealed.

"Oh my waffles! This is AWESOME" I realized I was still in much danger of getting caught and looked for a way in without getting caught by both the police and the managers of the Opera House. I noticed a sewer pipe and hastily climbed inside.Ugh! It stinks in here! My nose crinkled in disgust as I began to move deeper inside.

Yup, it's officially the worst day of my life" I groaned, crawling through the muck and Waffles knows what. I reached inside the pocket of my pants. Yes I owned pants. Not a dress. Pants that I made specifically for Moi. I felt the tarantula egg inside surrounded by pieces of silk I managed to find in a dress shop dust bin.

"It's alright, Moe, I won't let no dirty water touch you" I whispered tenderly.

Before the fatal fire that destroyed my home two years ago and family, my parents owned a large collection of exotic insects, sadly they all perished in the fire. This specific egg had been bred for me only. It's mother was an Mexican Redleg, soft and gentle. And it's father a beautiful Indian Ornamental wise and strong. I sighed sadly thinking of my past. Before I knew it I found myself swimming.

"Holy poo!" I kicked up with my legs quickly, keeping the egg above the water so as not to harm it. I looked around the water and noticed the water wasn't filled with filth, but was clean and clear. The water I coughed up wasn't salty so I knew that if the current took me, I wouldn't end up stranded in some ocean. I was tired, but I was determined to live. I just kept swimming aimlessly just following my instincts. My legs and arms were starting to get sore and tired, the cold chilly water starting to chill me from the inside out. I sighed tiredly and decided to float on my back instead. I took out the apple from my pocket and bit into it hungrily. What I would give for a waffle. Finally after what felt like hours, I spotted some type of shore and a boy? He was wearing a white ruffled shirt with a deep red vest and a pair of black pants. I weakly got up and stumbled onto the shore. I was so exhausted and cold I collapsed right then and there, but not before a pair of arms caught me. The last thing I saw was dark green-blue eyes and a white porcelain mask.

Erik POV

I was exploring the Opera house and scaring the wits out of some rehearsing ballerina's. After which, Madame Giry gave me a harsh scolding, then finally sent me to my room. I walked happily and smirked, thinking of today's success. I stepped over a baby rat and continued walking through the hidden passage way, I climbed down the stairs, jumping over the traps I had laid down. I hopped into my gondola and rowed to the cavern that was my home or lair as I dubbed it. I had a bittersweet melody floating around my head.

"Music of the night" A voice whispered. I ignored it, thinking it was my ever annoying subconscious. I tied the gondola and walked over to my room. I searched for my favorite my favorite feather pen.

"Merde!" I cursed. I stormed out of my room and spotted two things. One, was my pen sitting quite obviously on my organ.

Two, I noticed a girl around my age. She had striking purple eyes and short soaking wet brown hair. I noticed she was trembling and quickly raced over as she collapsed in my arms. Then she blacked out. I was just eight years old, but I was able to carry her to my bedroom. I gently placed her on my bed. I noticed she was clutching something in her hand. I opened her hand gently and found a round shaped object wrapped in silk. Upon further inspection I saw that it was some type of egg. It had very abstract designs and was a silvery blue. I placed the egg on the bed side table. I pulled up the covers around her, not minding that my bed was going be soaked.

"I should inform Madame" I ran all the way over to her office and slipped out through the mirror. "Madame, are you there? I've got something incredible to tell you!" I looked around a bit more and slumped down on the bed.

"She's not here" I mumbled angrily. Just then she walked in, a bit taken aback at my presence.

"E-Erik?" I simply nodding. Her shock faded away and she gave me a look

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to go to your room!" she said sternly, pointing a finger at me.

"Madame, you shall not believe what I've found! Come, she needs assistance" I said urgently, ignoring her trivial questions. I'm the Phantom! I grasped her wrist and practically dragged her into the passage.

"This had better be important, Erik! I have dancers to attend to" she grumbled as I led her to my bedroom. She gasped seeing the small wet form sleeping on my bed. She walked over and placed a hand on her forehead.

"Oh that's good.." she mumbled. Curiosity got the better of me. "What's good, Mademoiselle?" I asked looking over at the girl.

"She doesn't seem to have a fever, but we'll need to get her out of these wet clothes before she gets one" She left and told me watch over her while she got some clothes. I took this opportunity to study her more. Her hair was drying a bit and it curled against her cheek. Her lips were a deep natural cherry red which was odd. I took a step closer just as her eyes fluttered open. She looked around a bit drowsy, her eyes drooping sleepily.

"Shhh don't speak" I said softly. She smiled at me and once again fell asleep. I had a funny feeling seep into my chest. It was strange and new having a smile directed at me, more specifically a girls. She's pretty too.I scolded myself internally, as Madame reenter with a dress in her arms. She began to take of the girl's coat.

I politely left, blushing as I walked out. I fiddled with my black gloves impatiently. Finally Madame Giry stepped out. She looked down at me

"Erik you're going to have to watch over the girl while she sleeps" I nodded

"Yes Madame, I shall care for her in the meantime"

"Inform me is she should appear ill" My face was cold and emotionless but inside I was jumping for joy. Finally after years of solitude I'd have a human companion to...as long as my mask stayed in place. No need to frighten her with my hideaous face. I frowned bitterly.

"I'll be off then, I expect you to feed her and to return her home once she's better, but now she needs rest" she said, not noticing my frown. I nodded again. She then left me to my own devices in my dark kingdom. I smiled once Madame Giry was out of sight.

"This shall be interesting"