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Erik POV

Alfred's body fell atop me, sending us tumbling to the floor, knocking over a flaming torch. I grabbed his face and roughly shoved him away. I quickly stood up, something warm trickling down my hand. Blood. I looked back at Alfred's head and saw a bullet sticking straight out of his forehead like a small horn. I quickly strode over to Arachna. The anger inside me slipping away and fear taking its grip. Alicia and Madame Giry rushed over to the stage and another bullet rang throughout the Opera House. Alicia shrieked as the bullet whizzed past her ear.

"Damnit" I heard a quiet mutter. I whipped around and saw the rugged man reloading his musket. I looked at Madame Giry.

"Please d-don't let her die" I said quietly. She nodded and quickly started tending to Arachna's wound. I ripped out my Punjab Lasso from inside my belt loop and stalked over to the rugged man. He clearly didn't see me coming and I smirked. I'll just take him by surprise. I looped the lasso around his dirty neck and tightened it before he had any chance to react. His face contorted to one of pain and fear as he gazed into my eyes.

"Do not waste your time in killing him. He will get what he derserves in the after life" A male voice whispered in air. I reluctantly loosened the lasso and the man dropped unconsciously to the floor.

"Look!" Someone from the audience shrieked. I heard screams and saw many people pointing up at the ceiling. The chandelier was dangerously swinging around. The torch had consumed chandeliers rope and the chains supporting it would give out any second now. I placed my hand on Meg's shoulder as she ran by, stopping her. She gasped and took a step back. I let go of her and pointed to the audience.

"Get everyone out of here" Meg nodded and scurried off. Meg consulted the policemen and guards to evacuate everyone out of the building immediately. I heard a loud groan and looked up.

"SNAP!" The chandelier snapped and came soaring down.

"Erik!" Alicia shouted. I tore my eyes away from horrific sight and spotted Arachna's pale form on the floor. I ran over to the girls and held Arachna's head in my lap. The sword lay off to the side in a pool of blood. Madame Giry was applying pressure to the wound with a clothe to try and stop the bleeding. I could feel the air getting heavier with each breath I took.

"We must leave now, Erik" Madame Giry commanded. I nodded and gently picked up Arachna. She was pale with blood here and there on her sweet angelic face. I detected her chest rising and falling very faintly. At least my Waffle Goddess is alive. For the moment.

"Hurry, Erik!" Alicia coughed. I looked around and noticed that seats had been set aflame. My poor Opera House. I looked down at Arachna just as her eyes shot open.

"Stop" I gave her a look, but stopped anyway.

"We must leave" I wheezed. Arachna just looked at me, her eyes strong and defiant.

"To the center of the stage" She commanded.

"Arachna, we must leave or-"

"Now" Arachna said slowly and dangerously. I gulped and walked over to the center of the stage. Hell hath no wrath like Arachna. I heard a creak and snap from over head. I looked up to see the catwalk falling down. Towards us. I jumped out of the way in the knick of time.

Arachna gasped and clutched my cravat weakly.

"Don't move" I grunted, sprinting out to the stage. The floor felt hot underneath my feet and I coughed as smoke invaded my lungs. Arachna's mouth opened and the most familiar of tunes rang out.

"Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses abandon their defenses

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender Turn your face away from the garish light of day Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light And listen to the music

of the night" Arachna sang, her voice weak, but beautiful and alluring.

I watched in awe as water doused the roaring flames. I looked closely and saw millions of insects of all sizes and colors helping to put out the flames. I smiled happily and looked down at Arachna. Her face was livelier had some color in it and she was looking fondly behind me. I turned around to see a man smiling at us. I pulled Arachna closer to me and eyed the man suspiciously. He was of average height and He wore a top hat and a burnt suit.

"Who is this man?" Arachna giggled and placed a small peck on my nose.

"That's my Real father" She put an emphasis on real. I had heard from Arachna that her father had disappeared shortly after her birth and her mother remarried the man that had sold Arachna. If I ever meet that man I will….Slap him with a waffle….or Punjab him…yes…

The man had brown curly bangs protruding from underneath his burnt top hat that covered a pair of curious brown eyes. He walked up to me and extended a hand.

"Hello, my name is Ludwig" He smiled. I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you I'm-"

"Erik, my daughter's future husband" He winked.

"Dad!" Arachna and I were both beet red by now. Ludwig smiled and looked around the theater with unreadable expression.

"Where is your mother" He asked, turning around with big puppy eyes. I guess that expression must run in the family. Arachna giggled and squirmed in my arms like a small child.

"She went home" Ludwig took in a deep breath and grinned.

"It's good to be back"

"Where exactly were you this whole time if you don't mind me asking" Ludwig looked at me and clapped me heartedly on the back.

"I was trapped, but your wonderful future wife" We blushed again and Ludwig winked at us "Since she was my offspring and she prevented the good people of France from being roasted alive" We all winced at that one. It was partly my fault. "I was set free and Arachna has been rewarded life as payment" Ludwig smiled softly at his daughter. Arachna took off the clothe that covered her wound and the only thing to be seen was a large amount of dried blood and a small red scar.

"Since this whole situation concerns Arachna I will not even ask about any this" I sighed. Only Arachna would have a magical father. Ludwig chuckled and tipped his hat.

"I must go with my long missed wife"

"Bye, Vati!"

"Oh and Erik?" He called over his shoulder.


"If you break my little daughter's heart I will have your head" Arachna giggled and I chuckled nervously. I had no intentions on breaking my angel's heart, but you had to admit. The prospect of Ludwig chopping off my head and doing what he pleases with it is slightly terrifying.

"I would never think of it!" I called back. Ludwig chuckled and walked out threw the doors.

"Let's go home" Arahnca turned around and looked up at me with loving eyes.

"OH MY WAFFLES! Madame giry and Alicia are probably worried sick and Moe will be so-" I pulled her close and shushed her by putting my lips to hers in a sweet kiss. I pulled away and Arachna giggled.

"I love you, Erik, my silly Waffle" She sighed, leaning her forehead against my masked cheek. My heart swelled with happiness.

"I love you too, Arachna, my Waffle Goddess" I smiled and pulled her even closer if that's even physically possible. And we stood there for some time. Just happy in each other's embrace. Never wanting to let go. Never wanting for time to go on. I guess me, the lonely Phantom of the opera, is not destined to be lonely after all. Arachna sighed contently and snuggled up into cheek further. I breathed in her deep lovely blueberries scent and let out a sigh of contentment.

I'm not so lonely after all.