After watching Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest with Andrew Bryniarski as Count Dracula I had to do a story with him for those who don't know who that is he played Thomas Brown Hewitt. Willow and Tara are NOT a couple in this story just friends.

The slayer's daughter

ch 1

"My name is Arminda. You may not know me, but you probably know my parents they brought me here to this graveyard to learn how to kill vampires for the million time." Mother will not let me hurt them by myself. She was 16 when she got chosen and I am 19 she still will not let me hunt them. We are waiting for a vampire to rise up. I moved the wooden stack in my hands to show that I was so bored.

"Will you stop that." mom asked. I looked at her and stopped. About ten mines later he rose from his grave. When he was out he looked at all three of us then looked at me and showed his vampire face at me.

"You can do it focus Arminda." mom said.

I twirled the wooden stake in my fingers ready to fight. I looked at mother and father to see if they would do something. They were taking too long. Then vampire ran to me and tackled me to the ground, fangs out to my neck. I close my eyes for a minute. I took the wooden stake in my hand and poked it into the vampire's chest missing his heart just barely. Before I had a chance to do anything, I opened my eyes in time to see Mother kicking the vampire off of me. The vampire fell on his back. The vampire got up fast and tackled my mom to the ground making her drop her wooden stake on the ground. I looked at father to see him running toward the vampire. The vampire hissed and jumped off of Mother and tackled father. I looked at the stake in my hand knowing it was my turn to fight.

When the vampire got to dad they started to fight when dad got throw to the ground. The vampire was over dad I grabbed the stake and stick it into the vampires back were the heart should have been. I watched as the vampire pulled away from dad shrieking. It turned and looked directly at me with its eyes wide open.

"You", it said in a haunting voice. "He'll come for you." I watched as the vampire turned to dust and watched as the dust floated into the wind. Dad got up from the ground and looked at me. I turned to look at mom and dad.

"What did he mean by, He'll come from me?" They looked at me with I don't know eyes.

"Come on hun let's go home. It's been a long night." Mom said. We walked home to the summer's house. I went upstairs to my room. I got my aunts old room. She moved out after high school with her boyfriend. I went to the window to look outside. There was a big tree in front of the house. I looked out to the dark street and seen a wolf looking at me. It can't be a wolf it has to be a dog. I looked at it again and it was gone. I walked back to my bed.

"That was wired." I then turned off my light and got in bed and went to sleep.