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"Get in the fucking car Roy!" Kyoya yelled impatiently as Roy walked a slow pace to the car in the packed school parking lot. It was after lunch and Kyoya decided that instead of going to school he would rather fuck Roy into his bed and home. "I'm coming Kyoya sama!" said Roy as he begin to jog to the car.

Roy was generally a shy boy that didn't like to talk much except to his best friends Will and Al, who he lived with, and he was exceptionally cute, thus making him a target and easy prey for a few boys in school lust for the boy. Unfortunately for Roy, Kyoya was one of those boys who couldn't resist Roy's looks with his: blue eyes, green hair, black t-shirt with a red vest over it along with his leather pants.

"Finally you got in the car!" Kyoya yelled. "I'm sorry Kyoya sama!" Roy cried as he sat in the passenger seat. "You know what, fuck it. You'll make it up to me once I get home." Kyoya said as he drove off to his house. The 20 minute ride seemed to only last 5 minutes for Roy but an hour for Kyoya. "We're finally here..." Kyoya signed. Roy went into his room and sat on his bed. "Wanna do homework?" Roy asked shyly looking down. "Home-" Kyoya was about to question why would he even wanna do homework when an idea came to mind creating a smirk upon his face. "Yes I do wanna do homework Roy..." Kyoya said suggestively. "In fact we can do our sex education homework..." Kyoya said. Roy was horrified as his plan didn't work at all. "Um... I don't have sex education." Roy said. "Well then you'll get a head start." Kyoya said as he jumped on the bed and pinned Roy. "Kyoya, nooo! Please!" Roy begged. "Begging will get you nowhere. I'm going to have my fun whether you like it or not." and he kissed Roy roughly inserting his tongue.


"Can you walk?" Kyoya asked a naked trembling Roy. "Not o-on m-my own." Roy stuttered. Kyoya sighed. "You can spend the night in my room then, and don't worry I won't touch you." Kyoya said. Roy looked at Kyoya in shock. Kyoya was not at all kind to Roy and usually let him limp home in pain or have even more rough sex with him if he let him stay. Deciding not to question it Roy closed his eyes and fell in a much needed sleep. Good thing it was Friday...

Roy woke up and saw it was 11:30 am. Geez he slept a long time... He looked over and saw Kyoya fast asleep. Roy quickly got up and ran out the house to his own house a few blocks down. He went inside panting from running and got a silk bathrobe and went to take a shower. Putting on the bath robe Roy went to his room to work on his homework.

After finishing his chronological essay about L-Drago's influence on the Beyblade world from when it was first created to after it lost to Pegasus Roy decided to go to the kitchen for a much needed lunch. "Want a grilled cheese sandwich Roy?" Will asked as he got another grilled cheese sandwich from the skillet and put it on the stack. Will wore a pink apron over his red t-shirt and black pants, his white hair in a ponytail. "Sure." Roy replied as he grabbed one. "Where were you yesterday? I never saw you." Will asked as he put the skillet in the sink and wash it and the spatula before grabbing a grilled cheese for himself. "At Kyoya's house." Roy mumbled. "You know I don't like you seeing him Roy. He's bad news and since you started hanging out with him you've been more drawn in and depressed." Will said taking a bite.

"But Will he's the only friend I have at school besides you and Al and Al isn't easy to talk to while your table at lunch is always full." Roy whined. "My table won't be full anymore since Ryuuga sits with Al and his friends now and Gingka is with Kenta and everyone save for Tsubasa, Yu, Tobio, Ryuutaro, and Reiji are with Doji training for dark nebula." Will said. "You can sit with us." Will said. "I accept your offer." Roy said happy he wouldn't sit with Kyoya and his mean friends.

"Smells good Will and man I'm starving!" Al said as he came down the stairs with his blue jeans on, a white t-shirt and some white tennis shoes. "It's my grilled cheese sandwiches, though I grilled a chicken breast for you to make a sandwich with. "Thanks Will." Al said as he picked up a slightly grilled cheese sandwich and put the grilled chicken breast on it. Al took a bite and closed his eyes as he moaned, " You can never disappoint Will." Al complimented as he wolfed down the sandwich. "Got another one?" Al asked. "No Al, you only need one." Will replied. "I'm a growing athlete Will." Al said flexing his muscles. "You'll be a fat one if you keep eating to much meat with no vegetables." Will muttered. Al lifted up his shirt and flexed his chest muscles to Will. "I'm not going to be fat, I'm just keeping up my six pack that everyone likes except you Will." Al grinned. "I'm not the only one, right Roy?" Will said turning to Roy.

"U-U-umm- Eee!" Roy shrieked as Al came behind him and hugged him. "You aren't like Will right Roy?" Al whispered in his ear his hand trailing on his skin going lower... "Al stop molesting Roy!" Will yelled as he ran over and pulled Roy away from Al's wondering hands. "Can you blame me Will? He's fucking-" "Yes I can blame you!" Will yelled cutting Al off.

"It's okay Will, I'm use to Al and he doesn't even mean it." Roy said. "Still isn't an excuse for him to molest you!" Will shouted glaring at a smirking Al with his piercing green eyes. "It's fine Will, really." Roy said trying to talk Will out of killing Al. "Well I'm about to go to the gym, see ya later Will and Roy." Al said winking at Roy and grabbing his black hoodie off the hanger. "Arrogant asshole..." Will muttered as he glared at Al's retreating form.


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