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"Are you sure this will work?" Golden eyes looked up at the irritatingly sparkling blue eyes across from him. On the table was a beyond intricate design, three circles four squares and triangles and intricate archaic phrases. In the center was a 3-by-4 mirror on a chain.

"I believe so. If all of our math and equations are correct it should work." The blue eyes looked over to a third man, sitting closer to the on-edge golden eyes, this man had purple eyes.

"Indeed. All of our potions and the lines are correct. I also triple checked that the mirror was of the same make as the ones a hundred years ago. It will indubitably connect." He nodded is head to emphasize his point.

The young man with the golden eyes sighed. "Well..."

"All we can do is try, Edward." The man with the blue eyes pressed, leaning forward.

The man with the purple eyes blinked before frowning. "Albus, let him progress at his own pace. If it works he will finally see his family after twenty years. Patience. If it works then we can go on to the Philosophers stone."

Albus nodded, chastened by his mentor. "Yes, Master Flamel."

Without looking up Edward corrected Flamel. "Sorcerers Stone. Not philosophers stone. We will not be using human lives in your quest for immortality, Flamel, Albus. If you even thought of it..."

"Never, Edward. We would never even contemplate that." Flamel assured him calmly, Albus nodding along with him.

Sighing Edward nodded before clapping his hands and placing them on the circle. A light blue glow sparked, lightning flashed and arched upwards, stretching all the way to the ceiling. Outside the wind picked up, howling at the shuttered doors of the small wooden building they had decided to use, just in case there was a rebound. Neither Flamel or Albus wanted to chance ruining their home. Ed...just didn't care. He hasn't cared for twenty years.

Golden eyes widened and excitement highlighted his features as the mirror started to glow blue. When suddenly, it all went wrong. Purple and red over took the blue lightning. The wind started beating on the house in angry bursts. Realization dawned and Edward reacted on reflex. "ALBUS! FANEL! OUT NOW!" Not waiting for their response he grabbed each of their arms and forcibly removed them from the building. He had only just shoved them out the door when the eye appeared on the table and the long black kid-like hands started spreading around, wiggling around, trying to grab anything. They started heading for the door but Ed got in their way. "NO! It's my fault if we didn't notice any wrong equations! Not theirs! Leave them out of this!" His eyes were fanatic as the hands seemed to understand his orders and turned away from the door and instead went for him. The decomposition started when suddenly the door burst open and his two...friends? came rushing in. Flamel, with his Greying black hair, purple eyes, and dark blue rubes with black stars dusting them, and Albus, his apprentice, with his brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes, his blue silk pants and blue robe shirt. Both were out of breath and wide-eyed as they watched Edward being drawn into the eye, his body dissapearing. "EDWARD!" They both yelled out, desperately reaching for him. But, it was too late. He was gone.


"AH! Mister Alchemist! Long time no see!"

Ed's eyes opened and he blinked quickly at the bright whiteness surrounding him. "The Gate..." he slowly looked behind himself, only to see himself.And not just the white being said to be "all is one and one is all". It was like looking into a mirror it was that accurate. "W-what?" His eyes widened in disbelief as he turned fully to look at himself.

"Surprised?" he asked, though it wasn't just his voice, it was many voices. "Of course, I imagine anyone would be if i had their whole body!"

"Truth? It is you then? And I am in the gate? Is it over?" Ed asked, his expression hopeful.

Truth grinned, making his face look...demonic, was the only word Ed could think of. "Now, why would you want it to be 'over'? You've made friends in your new world, ones who believe you when you explained that you came from a different Earth! You have learned many new things, that i hadn't given ou the knowledge of! A new language, a new way of life. And yet you still weren't happy, were you?" Truth frowned, seemingly very disappointed. He folded his arms over his chest and sighed. "Why are you unhappy? Your brother and everyone else is alive and whole, just as our deal stated they would be. The flame alchemist is Furher. Your brother is married to the alckehesty user, Mei. Winry has her own shop in Central. Riza is married to the flame alchemist. It's been twenty years. Every one has moved on, and started new lives. Why haven't you?'

Having finally learned what had happened after the Promised Day, Edwards shoulders relaxed. 'Every one is fine. Safe.' He had been so worried that truth had negated their deal for some seen wrong or some loop hole. He just couldn't forget his friends, his only family. There was no way he could move on. Ever. His whole life had revolved around them all. He had never done anything for nothing, always for them. To suddenly not have them, to be in a different world, with different people, not understanding anything they were saying or how things worked, he couldn't do it. He needed his friends and Alphonse.

"Really? That's the only reason? Is that also why you tried to create a mirror to see into that world? So you could know how everyone was? See it for yourself?" Truth's expression was disbelief.

"There was nothing in our deal saying i couldn't see them. Our deal was that i would never be with them again, in order to pay for Al's soul and Body. I would take Father's philosopher stone off of our earth, in my body, and go to a different world, never to be with my family and friends again. I can see them without being with them, and if the mirror was capable i could speak with them as well." Ed's face was stone cold as he recounted a shortened version of their deal. He had gone over it multiple times to make sure that if he did do it Truth couldn't take back Al's body and soul. No matter what he wanted, he wouldn't risk Al's body and soul for it. They had worked too hard for it to risk.

Truth's expression defied any one word. He was both impressed, shocked, dumbfounded, and full of pride. Shacking his head he grinned. "Ah, i see. So you just wanted to see them. Well then, what price will you pay for that?"

"I shouldn't have to pay any price. The equations we did and the potions we poured on the table, the mirror, everything was precise and perfect. It would easily be capable of making a small window to where Amestris is. The spells we placed on the mirror allow that all I would have to do is say their names and it would show me them." Edwards grin at Truth's reaction before made his words even more arrogant.

There was a pause as Truth closed his eyes and looked over the circle and the spells once more. "It appears you are correct in that everything is covered, except for one minor thing, Alchemist."

Frowning Edward tilted his head, "And what would that be?"

"How are you to see? Through thin air? What surface is your mirror to be on? How is that equated?" Truth seemed truly puzzled by that, his eyes remained closed and a concentrated expression arrested his features.

"Oh, that was hard." Edward admitted, grinning once again as he folded his arms. "We decided that i don't necessarily want to speak with them, only watch them, using the Hydrogen in the air would work fine. That's added on the outer circle. Also, we added a linking Carbon-dioxide to it, in case there is no Hydrogen. And also iron, seeing as there is a lot of iron in all of the buildings." Ed had raised a single finger for each of the elements, ending with three. His grin widening at Truths dumbfounded expression he nodded. "That's right, i knew it would never work to speak with them. i put those there for where the vision would be from."

Realization dawned, and Truth grinned. "Well done Alchemist!"

Ed was about to say something else when suddenly everything went black.


"I think he's waking up!"

'That's Albus's voice...' Ed's eyes flickered behind his eye-lids as he slowly came back to conciousness.

"I believe you are right, Albus. Go and fetch us some water. I do believe Edward will be needing it right now."

'And that's Flamel...' He squinted, trying to remember why he had lost conciousness. "Truth!" Jerking up he looked around quickly, making sure that everyone was okay, especially his new friends. Seeing his intent look Nicholas Flamel misunderstood its meaning. "We broke the Circle, as you have been told is necessary." Flamel nodded in assurance.

"Good." Clapping his hands Ed touched the mirror lightly, not bothering to correct mirror glowed white before Ed whispered Al's name in the Amestrian language. A flash of blue emenated from the mirror before a scene appeared. Gripping the mirror tightly Ed watched as Alphonse smiled and laughed before pointing at a building. "He's happy...He really is okay." Ed's face broke into a huge grin before he sprang up and gripped Nickolas and Albus tightly. "He's Fine! Perfectly happy!" His face was joyous as he turned and looked back into the mirror.

Nick and Albus both grinned at their friends excitement. "Alright!" Both looked up to see a new gleam in Edwards eyes. "Now that i know for a fact he is happy, lets get on to the end of our deal, shall we? Equivalent exchange, you taught me your 'magical' mirror art, and now i will finish by helping you create the Sorcerers Stone. Not the philosophers stone. So, this is what we will need-"

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