"Damn, the door's locked." Link huffed. He looked around the misty room. The whole water temple had been quite a pain, but he found this room exotic. There was a tree and, though it was dead, Link wondered how it had come to be in the first place. Did the Zora tribe go out of its way to place it here? "Maybe I missed something in another room." Link looked down at his map, rethinking each room. Not sure what he was missing he sighed and rolled the paper up. Looking back up Link froze. Leaning against the tree was a figure that had defiantly not been there before. An unbearably familiar figure that managed to place fear in the hero's heart, though he didn't dare show it.

"Well hello my lovely hero." The sadistic voice that rose from the shadow's mouth sent uncomfortable chills down Link's spine. Memories of an event that never should have happened came back. Feelings of helplessness and fear, ones that before only haunted his subconscious, bubbled to his surface. Shadow seemed to take notice of this, as a smile grew into his features. It showed teeth which might as well have been fangs with the beastly behavior of the demon.

"Are you hear to stop me?" Link asked. It was a stupid question, but out of all the options he had it was the only acceptable one.

"Silly boy, don't you know it's rude to ask questions you already know the answers to? The question should be what am I going to do with you once your subdued. You see, stop is such a plain word and leaves plenty of open ends and loop holes. Ganondorf isn't concerned so much for the death of you-"

"Could have fooled me."

Shadow frowned. The interruption hardly left him amused, "as for your inability to interrupt him. We can lop off your limbs and leave you alive, it's all the same to him."

With every passing second, Link felt himself getting less and less confident. His mind was running circles thinking of all the things Shadow could do to him. Of all the times to be overly creative, it had picked the worst time.

He was so lost in his own mind Link didn't even notice Shadow sneak up behind him until Navi yelled.

"Link watch out!" The hero jumped aside, Shadow laughing at his shocked face. "What's wrong with you Link?" Navi asked, deeply concerned. She was already picking up bad vibes. This was not going to end well, "You've got to keep your guard up!"

"Right." Link said, pulling the master sword. Shadow was nothing, he had to remember that. Last time he was lost, dizzy, had no weapons, and had been bound. He had the upper hand now, and he knew he could beat Shadow in a fair match.

Shadow growled. The hero was watching him again, judging him again. Link thought he was weak, he could tell. Ganondorf had always told Shadow his anger issues were his weakness, but he couldn't help it. Those eyes made him explode. "Do you know who let you out!" He yelled, "Who freed you? I mean, come on! It should be obvious. You weren't about to sleep walk out of there! It was me alright! So stop judging me!" Shadow pulled his own sword and charged Link.

At first Link thought Shadow was being serious, but with the attack he decided it must be a trick to throw him off. It didn't work though, as he was ready to deflect the first blow. While Shadow was coming back from the rebound Link swung at him. Shadow jumped into the air and landed nimbly onto the blade of Link's sword. He smiled down at the hero, suddenly happy again. With his bipolar emotions Link had no idea what type of a fighter he was.

Link swung his sword violently in attempt to shake Shadow off, but it wasn't working. Shadow ran down the length of his sword and kicked the hero in the face. Link stumbled backward, but didn't fall. He twisted his jaw around, readjusting it, glad that Shadow was off his blade.

"Link, come on!" Navi yelled, "You can do it. Be careful, he's mimicking all of your moves!" "You know, that fairy of yours is really annoying." Shadow sighed. His sword vanished, only to be replaced by a bow and arrow. He aimed for Navi, though when he fired Link deflected the blow.

"Leave her out of this." He said.

"Oh, testy are we?" Shadow laughed, "Fine then, I should be paying more attention to you anyway." Shadow sunk into the floor. "You know I wasn't lying." His voice echoed through the room, "I really am the one who freed you." "I don't believe you. Sheik probably saved me."

"Sheik? Hah, you give that boy way too much credit." Link swerved, pinpointing Shadow's voice behind him. He was standing uncomfortably close, but Link was unable to move. Paralyzed with fear, his muscles locked up. "This is what I like to see." Shadow confirmed, taking a step closer to Link and closing any gap between them.

"Stay back." Link ordered, but they both knew how hallow the threat was. Shadow merely snickered, running his hand along Link's arm. Surprisingly agile fingers gently brushed his skin, sending unwillingly pleasant vibrations through Link's body.

"The hero of courage, frozen with fear in my presence. I should feel honored." A simple touch.

That's all it took for Shadow to own him.

"Link snap out of it!" Navi yelled, "Come on, don't let him hypnotize you!" "Ignore the fairy." Shadow said. His tone was quiet but stern. His crimson eyes starred at Link with lust. At the moment they were particularly interested in the hero's lips. "If you listen to her, she'll be in the way, and I'm not kind to things that get in my way." At the end of his warning, Shadow kissed Link.

The sudden motion sparked Link's body to life again, so he grabbed Shadow's shoulders and pushed him away.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Shadow said. He snapped his fingers and the floor shook slightly. Chains burst from the ground, wrapping around Link's arms and legs. Link pulled at them, but they only constricted tighter. "I wouldn't struggle either." Shadow added.

"Are you unable to fight a fair battle?" Link asked, taking up his own daring tone.

"I do fight fair. If it is within my own ability to restrain you in attempt to stop any further hindrance, then it is not in any way cheating. Anyway, this isn't fighting, now is it?" he circled Link, stopping behind him. He slid his hands around Link's waist, resting his head on the hero's shoulder.

"Link." Navi fluttered around frantically, wondering what to do.

"Stay back." Link said, his voice filling with defeat, "Look away."

"Is this you admitting I've won?" Shadow practically squealed. Basking in the moment he continued, "You know, you're so well behaved this time. I think I'll be gentle."

His hands fumbled for a moment at Link's belt before it fell to the floor. From there one hand slipped up his shirt, and the other slid down.

Link bit back a moan. For the second time his body was plainly refusing him. It was being even more defiant this time as Shadow's motions caused pure pleasure. The lower hand groped him, teasing his member while the other teased his nipple. Shadow nipped at his neck, forcing a moan from Link. Navi was listening to Link's request, though she wanted to help. She whispered, "Link…"

"Are you getting hard already?" Shadow asked, feeling the length in his hands grow.

"I-It's rude to ask questions y-you already know the answers to." Link felt smug, but recoiled the feeling when Shadow purred. He felt his legs buckling. "Sh-Shadow." He breathed, regretting the noise.

"I understand." Shadow smiled. He gently pushed at Link's knees and helped him down. A sudden realization made Shadow blush. It could no longer be denied that, he some what cared for the hero. He walked around to face Link, dropping to his knees so they were eye-to-eye.

"I'm really not lying." Shadow said again, "Please believe me."

Link was taken aback. Here he was, chained to the floor, and Shadow was begging him. There was no point in that moment for his darker side to lie. "I believe you." he said finally.

Shadow smiled and kissed him. It was gentle this time. He slid a hand down again to stroke the hero's length.

"W-what are you doing?" Maybe it was foolish of him to think they could talk things out. However, Shadow pulled away.

"I thought you might still… you know… seeing as you're still…"

Link was hypersensitive at the moment. He couldn't hold a steady breath, "Fine…"

With permission, Shadow caressed Link. The chains disappeared and Link laid down on his back. Shadow crawled over him, kissing his lips and jaw line. "Don't worry Navi, I'm going to be kind to your hero." Shadow chuckled. Link blushed, the full realization his friend was still there hitting him. "Relax." Shadow whispered. He sat up on Link and put two fingers to his lips.

Link opened his mouth, letting them slide in. His tongue swirled around them, coating them in saliva. Shadow got caught up in the moment and let out a careless moan.

The sound made Link smile, but Shadow pulled his fingers away. "That'll be enough."

He gripped Link's pants, careful not to touch his fingers to anything, and pulled them down. Link helped squirm out of the cloths, stopping when they were past his knees.

Shadow didn't waste time after that. He shoved both fingers into Link, stretching him out. He'd become so tight again after last time. While readying Link, Shadow stroked a spot that made Link scream.

"S-Shadow." His back arched as the spot was touched again.

"Are you ready now?"


Shadow nodded and lined himself up at Link's entrance. As he pushed in he savored the sounds that escaped Link's lips. They weren't moans, but rather silent screams and gasps for air. The hero's head had turned to the side, and his eyes closed tight, though that didn't stop a few tears from sliding down his flushed cheeks.

Shadow leaned in, cupping Link's face with one hand and turning it back.

"Look at me." He said softly. When Link's eyes opened Shadow felt relived. There was no coldness behind those eyes. Even clouded by lust he could tell that under the mist there was an urge to understand. He couldn't say he wasn't chilled though. It wasn't a cold sensation however, but rather, an intense feeling of pleasure that made him shiver.

He slowly began rocking against Link, causing the hero to gasp with each thrust. He held his body close to Link's, and smiled to himself as he felt the hero's hands wrap around his back. Link buried his head into Shadow's shoulder, fighting back moans. He didn't know why he was fighting back now, it was as though some part of him still refused to show signs of weakness. Shadow stroked the spot inside of him again, and the only thing he could do not to scream was bite down.

Shadow yelped, then laughed as blood surfaced from the impact. Link hadn't let go though, and he almost wondered if the hero somewhat liked the taste of blood.

"Sorry." Link said against the warm flesh of his neck. The breath cooled the blood, which felt almost like ice against his skin.

He picked up his pace, having found a spot Link particularly liked, and knew he was close. It wasn't until Link came that he lost control though. Link arched his back, tightening around shadow as he came, causing shadow to release inside him.

Both of them panting, Shadow pulled away from Link and laid down next to him.

"Ganondorf will want… me dead… for this…" Shadow huffed.

"You're not the only one… he wants dead." Link reminded him between breaths. "Looks like… We'll have to stick this one out… together."


That's it. This chapter was pretty cheesy, went way to fast, and kinda doesn't make sense. Well to me anyway. Link gave in a little too easy, but I guess that's just cause he wants to see the good in people. Anyway, I didn't feel obligated to make this all a melodrama seeing as it only started as a one-shot with a chance to continue.

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