"Within The Confines Of Time"

Chapter 25 - "Forgiveness is a Beautiful Thing"

Author Notes: Just a little warning to the reader's, this chapter may show a darker side to Data's personality. A side that only Tasha can bring out when he is faced with the prospect of losing her. Sorry, but I couldn't really envision this chapter any other way. Let's just say, love can make us do some crazy things. And to all of you who reviewed, well, you guys are the reason the story is being continued. This chapter is dedicated to you guys!


His grip held her tightly to him as his forehead rested against hers. She could feel the anticipation in his breath, as he tried desperately to control the symptoms that the proximity of her body was causing him.

Once again her body struggled against him but to no avail.

Remembering his promises, she spat one back to him, mockingly. "Remember Data, it's your job not to cause me any stress!"

She tried desperately not to meet his eyes but her stubbornness rebelled against her, fiercely locking his gaze, dangerously so. It was a grave mistake!

The meaning behind his words had more power over her than the closeness of his body, all because she knew the man could back every word he spoke. She tried to suppress the chill that quickly spread throughout her body, a direct result to the intent behind his words, further proof of his spell over her.

"Believe me, Tasha, I fully intend on using the night to your advantage." He vowed with a smug grin.

His newly rendered promise only infuriated her. "Q turned you into one vain, selfish android, didn't he?"

The curtness of her words received the response she was hoping for. Immediately, the smirk dissipated from his face as his nostrils flared in anger. Suddenly, his grip tightened around her waist as he effortlessly lifted her body, walking her back till the air was knocked from her lungs, as her back was met the force of the wall. Data's hands released hers from the restraints that had previously locked them behind her back, only to pin them against the wall, one on each side of her face.

Tasha defiantly showed her resistance by glaring into his eyes, she watched in horror as his lips approached hers, that devilish smirk back on his face.

Data's lips tantalizingly brushed against hers, teasing her resolve.

She felt the warmth of his breath as he whispered against them. His eyes solely focused on her plush lips.

"You think me selfish..."

It wasn't a question but more a statement to her previous insult.

His lips softly made a fiery path up her cheek, momentarily stopping his assault to whisper his words of seduction.

"You think me vain and heartless..."

Another kiss...

"As if I do not live and breath you..."

His lips lightly played against her earlobe, slowly melting her resolve.

"You think because I am an android that I am devoid of short-comings. A perfect mate! One who can not make mistakes...A safe haven for someone who has experienced brutality for most of their life."

He sucked softly on her earlobe, causing a moan to fall from her lips.

"But you forget, that I am just like you...Imperfect! Amiss with various faults for those who are looking... I fail and I learn, I grow to better myself so that I may live up to your expectations of me."

He softly kissed the top of her ear, his breath causing shivers throughout her body.

And with one last fight, Tasha surprisingly caught him off guard as she was able to successfully free one hand. Data grabbed it with ease, slamming it back against the wall, his grip tightening as her punishment.

His lips moved back along her jaw line, continuing his seduction, as his body pinned her hard against the wall.

"Such fire..."

Another soft kiss down her cheek...

"Such passion..."

Another kiss...

"For a woman who has faced such opposition..."

His lips paused briefly above hers, his eyes locked to hers.

"One of the many reasons I fell in love with you."

And without a beat, he continued his onset of kisses as his lips leisurely brushed past hers, only to land on the patch of skin where her jaw line gave way to her neck. The act literally driving Tasha crazy, her body uncontrollably writhing beneath him. A motion that was easily silenced by the force of his body pushing into hers, stilling her altogether. Removing the only outlet she had left, other than vocalizing the pleasure he was causing her.

"You are a force to be reckoned with, Natasha Yar..."

His tongue softly flicked out against her neck, licking the skin beneath his lips.

"You fight against injustice. Not because it is morally wrong but because you were once a victim of it yourself. You were wrongfully incarcerated as a child, being dealt a life no one should experience, imprisoned by the injustices around you. A sentence that lasted well into your adult life and yet you do not run...you do not flinch in the face of danger but instead you fight to free others from such a fate."

His lips left her neck, his eyes locking against hers once more.

"Another reason I fell in love with you..."

Tasha watch helplessly as his eyes lingered and then slowly moved down to her lips. She could visually see what he was thinking and yet he denied himself that one desire. Instead, his lips landed at the base of her collarbone, eliciting a moan from her lips.

"So fearless..."

His right hand softly released her hand against the wall, running down the length of her arm, only to stop at the fabric that covered her collar. His fingers lightly dipped beneath the material, softly pulling it down as his lips continued to exploit her body. To his surprise, she did not try to escape but opted to run her hand along the back of his neck, digging her fingers into his hair. A sure sign of her surrender!

"So bold..."

He lightly pulled the material off of her shoulder as his lips hungrily descended back upon her.

"So beautiful..."

Data risked releasing her other hand, as he slowly began kneeling down before her. His hands sliding down her sides only to stop at her waist. His face inches from her stomach. He paused a moment, only to be comforted by the feel of her hands landing within his hair, urging him on.

"And I am so thankful to a god who saw it befitting enough to reserve you for me...who granted me a second chance to win your love..."

He softly kissed her stomach, mesmerized by their unborn children.

"So that I may dedicate my life to eradicating the injustices from yours..."

He continued kissing all over her abdomen, as Tasha rested her head back against the wall, fully taking in his confession.

And she got it! This man wasn't put off by her past. The rape gangs, her inability to trust because of it. An act that could have destroyed her ability to love as well but this man was promising not to allow it. He had made it his life's mission to break the barriers she had built up around herself. To dissolve the walls of protection she had bricked up around her heart by proving to her that he can love her beyond all of that.

And then when life handed her a break, she falls back into the same malicious routine by the hands of the Romulans. Another onslaught of injustices performed on her life. More rape, more betrayal, more brutality! And yet, here he was confessing not to love her in spite of those injustices but because of them...He marveled at her strength, her ability to overcome. He had often set humans in general as his model for growing but now he was confessing to her ability to overcome adversity as his example to develop into a better man. The man she needed him to be...

Data quietly rose to his feet, his eyes seeking hers. Tasha raised her head, meeting his gaze, his eyes hesitantly going from her lips to her eyes, seeking the permission he so desperately wanted.

Involuntarily, she nodded her approval.

Tasha watched, mesmerized by the act of his jaw clenching, the rise and fall of his chest in expectancy of what was to come, the softening of his eyes as they bore into hers.

"Forgive me..."

God she loved this man! If the truth was to be known, it was more her fault than his for setting a bar that was completely impossible for him to reach. He was prone to mistakes just as she was, the only difference was that he was willing to work through hers. A misdeed on her part that she was more than in need of correcting. He marveled at her strength but she marveled at his loyalty. She was not only an example to him but he was one to her as well. In more ways than one, they completed each other.

She silently nodded her head, as a smile crept along her lips, washing away all doubts.

Data resisted no longer as his lips descended upon hers. Their passion quickly rising to meet the occasion. His hands hurriedly ran down her back only to stop at her buttocks. A gentle nudge got his point across, as Tasha jumped, locking her legs around his waist. His hands easily holding her up as he kissed her intensely against the wall.

Tasha could feel his desire building, as he continued pushing himself into her. Her lips breaking free from his, as her head once again landed against the wall, moans of negated pleasure escaping her lips.

Data's lips immediately moved to her neck, kissing up and down the contours of it. As her hands moved to the buttons of his shirt, releasing them one by one. Tasha roughly pushed the material aside, exposing his chest, as her lips gave into the temptation to taste him.

The act caused Data to cease his expertise against her neck, as he moaned his approval. And he could literally feel the smile that crept along her lips, as he instinctively pushed himself hard into her, graced by a loud outcry of his name.

When Tasha opened her eyes, she was met with the intensity of his stare. She cocked her head to the side, slightly in question.

He quickly obliged. "I think it is only proper since the recent dissolution of our engagement that I ask again..."

For a moment, Tasha was still in a daze, not completely following him.

"Will you marry me...again?" He asked sincerely.

He was greeted with a full blown smile from the woman he had just for all intent and purposes - successfully seduced!

"Yes, I will..."

Data's grip tightened around her as his lips fiercely met hers once more. He slowly backed them away from the wall, as he carefully turned and made his way toward the bedroom.

She didn't need to ask of his intentions. She already knew he planned on making good on his previous promise, to use the night to her full advantage. He would melt away every worry with every stroke of his body against hers. And she would get exactly what she asked him so long ago...One fateful night when she confessed that all she wanted was gentleness, joy and love...from him. And he would spend the rest of his life delivering just that!


Author's Notes: Not sure if this is going to be the end or not. I may do an epilogue later on that will give you guys and insight to how their lives are progressing but we'll see...Right now, I got another fanfic stirring in my head about Data and Sela...So I have a question to ask you guys...Just curious as to if it would be something you would all find interesting enough to read before I start writing it. I have this thought of Data and Sela but I also want to feature Data's dad, a mid- fifties Noonian Soong and his wife, Juliana along with her boring husband Pran. I promise to make it all make sense and not be some shot in the dark, although I can't explain how because that would give the plot of the story away. Anyways the question is this, would you guys be interested in reading about Noonian and Julianna as well as Data and Sela? I have always been fascinated by those two as well as Data/Tasha. Of course, there are some secrets about Sela that Data has to find out but the story will solely be about them two, just with little side chapters involving his parents. So let me know...And thanks so much for all the reviews to the story, I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much!